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Avatar f tn You have to have contracted HIV before you progress to AIDS and you've never put yourself at risk of contracting HIV.
Avatar n tn I've seen varying claims of just how effective condoms are. "Norman Hearst, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, has spent 20 years researching HIV/AIDS in developing countries. In a 2003 report funded by UNAIDS, he concluded that condoms were effective 90 percent of the time based on an aggregate study of all studies done on condom effectiveness.
Avatar m tn I have never heard of this test kit and have no idea of it's reliability. This does NOT mean it's NOT reliable, but in the US, we recommend only the home testing kits which have been approved by the FDA. "Fujibio" was not on that list. I wish I knew of a link for you to research this kit, but if there are HIV/AIDS clinics in the Philippines, that's where I would start. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Avatar m tn // Sir, I am asian Male from Malaysia and 2 years ago i was exposed unprotected vagina sex less than a minute a massage parlour from Indonesia. I did 3 tests on 4 week, 12 weeks and 24 weeks and return negative result using rapid test ez-trust rapid test from global nexus. It is a 3rd generation hiv test using blood sample from your finger prick.
Avatar n tn I had the same questions myself when I took the home testing kits, I had doubts of their accuracy. After researching it, and actually calling an HIV/AIDS hotline for my state that I live in, I received plenty of reassurance that they are indeed very accurate, and are the same kits used in clinics to test people. So yes, they are reliable.
Avatar m tn For severe illnessess like hiv/aids and cancer, we always recommend to visit a physician or general practitioner. For hiv/aids we would like to emphasize the possibility of anonymous and free of charge testing at several health care facilities. Especially in case you have performed a test and do not trust the outcome, we recommend you have the test repeated by a physician. Hopefully, this information has answered your questions.
Avatar n tn In some cases, as with the highly publicized 2004 recall of “Discreet” HIV Test Kits, it is possible for the kits to completely fail to detect infection. According to the Federal Trade Commission, “Kits advertised as 99.4% accurate had error rates of 59.3%” So the rapid tests are not reliable?
Avatar n tn There are no rapid HIV testing kits approved in the US. There is one Home Collection Kit approved in the US.
Avatar m tn We don't have over the counter test kits for HIV in Australia,we don't even have rapid tests except for a few clinics in sydney.
Avatar m tn It is said by some experts that CMV, EBV and HPV and some STDS can change HIV testing results because standard HIV tests only detects antibodies (e.g ELISA). Also other diseases such as LUPUS can change these results. U have no concerns though, Take care!
Avatar f tn I waited 3 months and took a rapid Insti hiv test at a free aids clinic. Then my OCD came back a day later .. Having thought like was the tesr kit contiminated .. Lancet of pipette was dirty.. What if the tester in the free clinic was trying to infect me? It is a free testing facility is there a risk? So I'm 5 weeks after getting tested I am still worried. I always Google transmission risk of a lancet and everybody says there not reusae. It's like my mind won't believe it.
Avatar n tn The answer to this questions is also no. If you had HIV you would produce antibodies. Further testing of any type, PCR, more antibody tests, etc will show the same answer that you already have- you did not get HIV from your exposure over a year ago. You need to believe you tests. If you cannot, I urge you to seek the help of a counselor o mental health professional who can help you to sort his out. For you to continue to worry about HIV is irrational.
Avatar m tn If you do not seek help for will continue on this endless cycle of worry-testing-worry-testing indefinitely. Who wants to live like that. Quit searching the net....stop getting tested, you are conclusively negative...and get some help with your anxiety!
Avatar f tn I just found out about 12 years ago my mate was unfaithful and i have gotten tested recently with an third generation eia antibody test hiv1/2 with reflexes, a rapid blood test, 4 oraquick home tests and all came back negative. But ive read ur post that some people with aids antibodies wont show on those tests. Im very scared that im in that stage and the tests i took arent sufficient enough to know for sure.
Avatar m tn All you need to know is here. " but I read a lot of other people's posts" so you should stop asking the same questions when you have read the answers numerous times. Consider therapy because your hiv fixation is wasting too much of your life.
Avatar m tn thanks guys.. im looking forward to testing.. and im just waiting for 12th week to get conclusive result.. again thanks guys and God bless...
Avatar m tn I am not sure what i am dealing with is Anxiety or HIV or AIDs symptoms. at first i started out with Diaherra for about 7 months on and off. then i started to get headahce on top and behind my eyes. then recently i have gotten a few rashes on my arm and pain my joints. I have posted before but if you can please answer my question that way i will have an idea what i should do ...