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Avatar m tn I just realized that the address is instead of now and the oral-hiv-tests is a broken link now. Either I am confused or they are switching these addresses.
Avatar f tn Get this straight Nobody ever gets HIV from the envrioment or from day to day activtives or contact with other people---only by sex and and needle sharing etc. in the 25 + history of the AIDS epidemic no household members of hiv infected people ever caught the virus (if they weret also sex or drug partners) despite years of sharing kitchens bathrooms eating utensls--in other wosrds avoiding HIV is a simple matter of sexual and drug use safety--nothing more than that.
Avatar m tn 8 cases per 100,000 which makes it .0068% that he or I have HIV. But those numbers may be wrong, and they are from 2008/2009 not 1995. Thank you for your time.
Avatar m tn // That explains why there are more HCV pos than HCV pos. My opinion and recollection for recent years since the above referenced ones. MSM HCV HIV co-infection new infection rate is increasing for the past 3 years. In the last couple of years new laws and enforcement have reduced the illicit supply of narcotic pain medications resulting in a huge increase in heron use.
1583226 tn?1297770275 Dear Friend Your words along with Toms have provided much calmness to my mind. I have had issue with HIV for years because its a phobia. As you are aware bro that us Desi have to clear! Because it is a taboo subject in our cultures. But its just that I have paranoia. Are you certain that I need not to worry about such incident? Regarding your issue. I say you have nothing to worry about, because the duo is 98% accurate at four weeks. But even then antibodies quickly develop.
Avatar m tn I always thought that HIV was so easy to catch. You have unprotected sex with someone who was HIV positive or AIDs and voila you are HIV. From what I learned in school and tv commercial it only takes one time to be exposure and get HIV. I guess not everybody knows a lot about HIV and how hard it can be to get it. Having sites like this really tells me more about HIV/AIDs. Theunfortunateguy,I hope you are practicing safe sex.
Avatar n tn // Clinic 275 275 North Terrace (1st Floor) ADELAIDE 5000 It may take 3 months for antibodies to develop after HIV first enters the body. Before 3 months, the test may give a negative result, even though HIV is present. This 3 month period is sometimes called the window period. This means that if you want to know if you were infected from a particular incident, you should have a test at least 3 months later.
Avatar n tn You are also right I did listed aids cases reports, but I did find between 2005-2009 that only ~156 case of HIV was reported in white women in Ky. That was in the same report.
Avatar m tn Even if we were to make the assumption that 1% had blood and 1 in 10,000 kisses with blood resulted in HIV(very conservative like oral statistics). We would have about 500-1000 cases of HIV from kisses per year. The reality is that it does not happen. Also if you are from the USA or another developed country or just one with a lower amount of HIV then you are at a lower risk even though the risk is pretty much zero. Please note that some of my numbers were either estimated or rounded.
Avatar f tn Hi so I un protected sex on two different occasions w two different male partners. I'm a female straight female .They both never ejaculated and only pre- came if ny they pulled out. Do I have a high risk? What are my chances!? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Acute HIV Infection Also known as primary HIV infection or acute retroviral syndrome (ARS). The period of rapid HIV replication that occurs 2 to 4 weeks after infection by HIV. Acute HIV infection is characterized by a drop in CD4 cell counts and an increase in HIV levels in the blood. Some, but not all, individuals experience flu-like symptoms during this period of infection.
1122973 tn?1269735728 I know that I tested past the window period for HIV, but that window period is based on statistics and I usually never fit into statistics and have a feeling this is no different. Also my appetite has not returned nor have I gained weight. Are such scabs/ringworm common in a person infected with HIV? I truly have no idea what is going on with my body anymore and my anxiety will never go away if my symptoms don't.
Avatar m tn My best friend was given 18 months to live after being diagnosed with HIV (due to transfusions) She has now had an AIDS diagnoses 3xs. Gues how long she's been alive for after her diagnoses...... 23 years!!!! Think about the 5 years again.
1782546 tn?1314736599 and should i tell my boyfriend so he can get checked out? is HPV anything like HIV or AIDS? i asked my doctor some simple questions but not any of these. What should i do and how i should i go about this? i have another app. for the colposopy on the 12th of sept.
Avatar m tn you have also to consider they are afraid of losing the hiv market because the lies behind the epidemy that never happened or aids deaths which are very low on people not taking antivirals is coming all nobels, even montagner the discoverer, has said hiv and aids are not correlated.i am afraid that they are trying to turn hbv in to another big seller like it was for hbv...but it is not easy because hbv doesn t make liver damage on all bt only on a minority...
Avatar f tn Viral hepatitis (VH) is grossly underfunded by the CDC yet, like HIV, it is largely preventable. CDC funding for HIV/AIDS Domestic and Research in 2008 was $691 million vs. $17.5 million for VH despite similar mortality levels.
Avatar m tn Actually, unlike HIV/AIDs, hep c can live outside the body for up to 4 days. However it's not an STD and there has to be blood to blood transmission with an infected party to contract the virus.
Avatar f tn just got done writing to them. when you get to the sight and the very bottom of the page is a contact link. click on it and do a request. if you have any problem just pm me and i will guide you through it. hope this works. if anyone hears that they are going to do a story let me know when.
Avatar m tn org/conditions-associated-with-hhv-6 Now considering my Infectious Disease Dr, Dr Jemsek, who has been treating Immunesuppressed/Immunedysfunctional patients for 30 years and helped write the guidelines on treating HIV/AIDS/ Immunsuppressed patients for the CDC/IDSA. He also has been treating and diagnosing Lymes disease through clinical symptoms, genetic markers, pertinant lab results with and without a Erythmia Migrans rash (20-40% never get the rash as per the CDC).
Avatar f tn Hep runs rampant in Africa,India,Brazil and the list goes on. Aids another one, how do we control that one. We have to find the root causes, like stopping the access to pandora's box, and proper punishment for those that benifit. This can only be done by changing the views of what is acceptable, then the Governments will follow.
Avatar m tn James L. Mills, a senior investigator in the NICHD division of epidemiology, statistics and prevention research, went further, recommending all women of childbearing age always consume the daily recommended amount of vitamin B12 and at least 400 micrograms of folic acid. More information The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has more about having a healthy pregnancy. -- Kevin McKeever SOURCE: U.S.
29837 tn?1414538248 The FDA has to look at the scope and magnitude of this drug and our situation and factor that into their timetable. Speaking of HIV and AIDS. That group of infected people really shook things up. They got some media attention, they wrote letters, petitions, their congressmen and they took to the streets. ...........And the government acted. Then there is us with HCV; the SILENT KILLER. It's true. The disease takes many people because they wait until it's too late to act.
683664 tn?1330969924 In fact, in 2007 there were 15,000 deaths related to hepatitis C, higher than previous estimates - and surpassing the nearly 13,000 deaths caused by the better-known AIDS virus. Perhaps more surprising, three-fourths of the hepatitis deaths occurred in the middle-aged, people 45 to 64, researchers reported in Annals of Internal Medicine.
Avatar n tn yes that would be the best option, CFS researcher made the same thing since many governments are trying to hide XMRV virus which is actually more spread than hiv and a real cause of aids. by the way is rep9ac compound public, if there is apatent it should be?if so any advanced biolab can make it like it happened for gcmaf, especially where there is no patent coverage.
Avatar m tn I went on this website because I am scheduled to begin treatment on 1-8-2009. I am a trial lawyer and have blocked out every Friday for the next 6 months so I can take the shot of Pegays Thursday night and then the pills 2 times a day. I have read some of the threads on this site and am now both terrified and confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was diagnosed in 1994 during insurance physical.
17568 tn?1424977159 I don't spend much time studying alternative or mainstream medicine but simply can't see the harm in other members discussing and debating Dr. Berkson, who was the keynote speaker at the recent 2009 Low Dose Naltrexone Conference held in Bethesda, Md at the National Institute of Health. There, he gave a two hour presentation ( detailing his treatments of various disorders, including liver cancer and cirrhosis.
1199040 tn?1265239024 This disease mirrors the Aids epedemic, I truely believe this will be worse, because most are asytematic, till years later. I had elevated liver functions for 30 years ,I finally got through to my primary care person to do further tests that resulted in fining my Hep-C.
181575 tn?1250202386 Notes from "Chronic Hepatitis B: Preventing, Detecting, and Managing Viral Resistance" by Keeffe, Emmet B., Dieterich, Douglas T., Pawlotsky, Jean-Michael, and Benhamou, Yves in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2008;6:268-274. Full paper in 1. Monotherapy using lamivudine has the longest history of use and shows highest rate of resistance.
Avatar n tn Do not believe the statistics when it comes to Lyme disease in your state. It is under reported. There are at least three people I know of in my state who have Lyme disease, yet last year there were only .8 cases of Lyme in my state. Wow, not even a whole person had Lyme disease, just 1/8th of a person according to the CDC. That isn't flawed at all, haha! Look up the movie trailer Under Our Skin and visit ILADS for more information on Lyme.