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Avatar m tn Does anyone have legit info. or websites that deal with the timeline of the HIV/AIDS onset to diagnosis? I have seen that seems a legit source. They state that 3 weeks (or 21 days) is the "average" time for seroconversion. Are there other websites that would refute this? Understanding that not all persons infected with HIV would undergo ARS, if those that do, do indeed go through ARS and have symptoms, what is that timeline?
229411 tn?1189759425 Of course the VERY FIRST ONE gave people with my type of SLE just 5 years to live. It wasn't until I bothered to buy the actual research paper that I found that the sample consisted of 25 Danish men in their LATE SEVENTIES. See what I mean? Confounds are everywhere. Simply take it day by day and don't get overwhelmed by numbers. As Orion said, medicine in constantly evolving. Many things that are inconveniences today would have killed us 30 or 40 years ago.
Avatar n tn I would check an HIV/AIDS support forum. This here's for HCV folk. Please excuse me if you do have HCV, just wasn't sure by the sounds of your post. But as was mentioned above, candida (yeast) is the cause of oral thrush most...all?... of the time, so maybe you should check that out. Good luck finding your answers!
29837 tn?1414538248 The recommendation to avoid cannabis is especially important in patients who are coinfected with HCV/HIV since the progression of fibrosis is already greater in these patients. "Hepatitis C is a major public health concern and the number of patients developing complications of chronic disease is on the rise," according to Norah Terrault, MD, MPH, from the University of California, San Francisco and lead investigator of the study.
Avatar m tn Volume 16(17) 22 November 2002 pp 2350-2352 Risk of HIV infection attributable to oral sex among men who have sex with men and in the population of men who have sex with men Page-Shafer, Kimberlya,b; Shiboski, Caroline Hb; Osmond, Dennis Hc; Dilley, Jamesd; McFarland, Willie; Shiboski, Steve Cc; Klausner, Jeffrey De; Balls, Joycea; Greenspan, Deborahb; Greenspan Page-Shafer K, Veugelers PJ, Moss AR, Strathdee S, Kaldor JM, van Griensven GJ.
Avatar n tn tw The results of a recent analysis of chimpanzee genes may be helpful in developing cures for hepatitis B and C, as well as AIDS and Alzheimer's disease, sources at Taiwan's National Health Research Institutes said on Thursday. The research paper was published online in November by the scientific journal Genome Research.
181575 tn?1250202386 I am reposting articles / summaries on the treatment management of chronic HepB. "cajim" located these articles which are quite informative. I thought about putting them on a seaprate Health Page but didn't think it was appropriate since we didn't write them. Let's make this a sort of "Unofficial Research Thread" or "URT" for this type of information. Let's keep this URT free of comments.
480448 tn?1426952138 I am very honored to be a regular contributor on the HIV Prevention Forum here at MH. The forum is very busy, and we often get the same inquiries over and over. I figured that putting together a journal entry covering the most popular topics, and just laying out the facts may be helpful. I also invite Lizzie Lou and Teak to share their thoughts, and to cover anything I may have missed.
Avatar f tn So, I've had a difficult past year, after getting tonsilitis twice in the same year (I'd never been sick before!) I freaked out, and my usual fear of HIV kicked in.
Avatar m tn - but recently, I've been plagued by severe HIV anxiety. It all started when I read an article in the paper about local HIV/AIDs rates in my home state. I've lived an extremely safe life - only two sex partners in long-term, monogamous relationships - but I did engage in unsafe sex a few times with my ex-girlfriend. The chance of having HIV - however miniscule - played on my mind.
Avatar f tn Ask your friends to get their "research paper" published in some medical journal. It is a wonderful discovery in medical science,,,,,,,,,,,,, If you or anyone feels he is at risk due to any valid reason, don't spend time on symptoms because they are misleading and confusing.
Avatar n tn You might want to do a little research, because just as HIV/AIDS, herpes antagonizes the immune system- thus weakening it overtime. Things that a normal immune system could fight off, such as yeast, it soon develops and inability to fight off efficiently, in some people. So you could very well have a yeast problem at the root related to some other STD such as HSV or it may be related to the pills you are taking.
Avatar n tn Dogs and cats are both being used in studies relating to the control or cure of HIV but these studies do not involve infection of dogs or cats with the HIV virus. They relate to things like immunosuppression of T cells with cyclosporin or similar treatments that are studied in dogs or cats in the hope that the information will apply to human patients who actually are infected with HIV. You can search for information on HIV at the PubMed site: http://www.ncbi.nlm.
Avatar n tn So, why did the HIV turn into AIDS in your case? You obviously were heavily medicated during the 20+ years. What does it mean to have AIDS now, health wise? Is it completely downhill from this point on?
Avatar n tn Dear doctor, The IDC specialist informed me (Sep 25) that I had HIV false positive diagnosis, but I find it very hard to believe. Something doesn’t make sense. The reason I asked for my first in 07 HIV test just out of curiosity during my first medical exam in 5 years. Below is the summary of the two tests that been done to me: May 25, 07-> HIV 1 ELISA positive HIV 1 WB indeterminate with gp41 (+-) and gp40 (+-). (+- means a weak band) HIV 2 ELISA/WB negative.
Avatar m tn In Addition 5 weeks and 4 days after the exposure I took another test ( i don't know if it is a 4th generation test) the result was also negative and on the result paper it is mentioned that the search for HIV antibodies and p24 Ag using MEIA technique is negative. Therefore can you please doctor assess my situation if I need to go for further testing 1024580_tn?1322570979 Dr.
Avatar m tn No incident HIV infections among MSM who practice exclusively oral sex. Int Conf AIDS 2004 Jul 11-16; 15:(abstract no. WePpC2072)??Balls JE, Evans JL, Dilley J, Osmond D, Shiboski S, Shiboski C, Klausner J, McFarland W, Greenspan D, Page-Shafer K?University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, United States Oral transmission of HIV, reality or fiction?
Avatar n tn I think I would trust the paper you saw more than someone running around saying she has AIDS. The mind is powerful. If you look to be sick it WILL make u sick.
Avatar n tn 1) UCSD is among the top of all HIV/AIDS research institutions worldwide. I'm surenthey know much more about HIV and it's diagnosis than i do. However, I agree with what they told you. Follw their advice about additional antibody testing. 2) I agree exactly. Almost everybody has 1-2 nodes that can be felt imn the groin with careful examination. 3) If you have a positive syphilis blood test result that the STD clinic has diagnosed as false, I'm sure you can believe it.
Avatar n tn I am glad you posted the information. I like to see different opinions on HIV for discussion and also research paper conclusions. "the time frame of testing can't be reduced by degrees based on risk level. If you're going to get tested, you have to go through the full cycle or else you can never reach the point of certainty." This is the first time I have seen this, including at site.
Avatar m tn I don't wish to go into details but rather stupidly I ended up in bed with a worker and performed oral sex on her for about 10 mins. I had a small paper cut in my lower lip from a napkin a few hrs beforehand.
Avatar n tn Queen Latifah is coming out with a movie- her character is an hiv women. On the commercials Trojan has commercials about HIV and the red phone percent of sales goes to AIDS in Africa. Maybe it's just me but it makes me more scared and nervous while waiting for my test result. Am I experiencing anxiety?
Avatar m tn If you are reading this, you are probably obsessing over the possibility of having contracted HIV and/or are dreading getting an HIV test. However, it is my aim to teach you that you really have nothing to worry about concerning such an exposure. First, HIV is a very difficult virus to transmit sexually.
Avatar n tn // This is a very few list and lots of available on internet again I am totally not interested in any debate and respect Teak but with such lots of available sources I am being cautious. Teak when Dr HHH and Dr Hook and Dr Sean says that Duo test is conclusive then you don't agree but here you agree. On Hiv test you agree on CDC guideline but don't agree on their guideline about oral sex and risk?
Avatar f tn Is it possible that some vaginal fluid(from taking off the condom) could have gone from her hands to the toilet paper and into my wound ? I called up an AIDS helpline in India and they told me it was possible to transmit HIV through such a contact.I also did some research over the net it said if a mucous membrane,in this case urethral opening, or an open wound comes in contactwith HIV infection or bodily fluids of HIV person it is possible to transmit HIV.
Avatar n tn Thanks. I don't know that paper (and don't regularly read that [obscure?] journal--in fact never heard of it). And I have only glanced at the abstract, so it would be unfair to comment on the validity of the paper as a whole. But I would point out that 1) it is a hypothesis only; and 2) that the notion of casual transmission apparently has not be raised by other investigators in response to that paper or any other--i.e.
Avatar m tn I have donated some funds to several HIV research sites and hope that a cure is forthcoming. There is reason for optimism. These references are listed alphabetically. The Loutfy Canadian and Benn UK studies were the most informative and useful to me, but all were good. Benn, P., Fischer, M., & Kulasegaram, R. (2011). UK guideline for the use of post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV following sexual exposure (2011). In International Journal of STD & AIDS (Vol. 22, pp. 695-708).
Avatar m tn No incident HIV infections among MSM who practice exclusively oral sex. Int Conf AIDS 2004 Jul 11-16; 15:(abstract no. WePpC2072)??Balls JE, Evans JL, Dilley J, Osmond D, Shiboski S, Shiboski C, Klausner J, McFarland W, Greenspan D, Page-Shafer K?University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, United States Oral transmission of HIV, reality or fiction?
Avatar m tn a rare risk factor for HIV transmission Text sizing:A A A AIDS: 28 February 2006 - Volume 20 - Issue 4 - p 631-632 doi: 10.1097/01.aids.0000210621.13825.75 Correspondence Human bites: a rare risk factor for HIV transmission Bartholomew, Courtenay F; Jones, Avion M Free Access Article Outline Author Information The Medical Research Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago, 7 Queen's Park East, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies.