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Avatar n tn The stereotype that only gay men catch the virus and spread the virus is very immature - contrary to popular belief that isn't how AIDS came to be as new research just out has shown. Although that theory was believed for many years. Take all precautions and if worried at all don't engage, that's your choice.
Avatar m tn Volume 16(17) 22 November 2002 pp 2350-2352 Risk of HIV infection attributable to oral sex among men who have sex with men and in the population of men who have sex with men Page-Shafer, Kimberlya,b; Shiboski, Caroline Hb; Osmond, Dennis Hc; Dilley, Jamesd; McFarland, Willie; Shiboski, Steve Cc; Klausner, Jeffrey De; Balls, Joycea; Greenspan, Deborahb; Greenspan Page-Shafer K, Veugelers PJ, Moss AR, Strathdee S, Kaldor JM, van Griensven GJ.
997730 tn?1254281976 From Janis and Friends: HIV/AIDS drug puzzle cracked LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists say they have solved a crucial puzzle about the AIDS virus after 20 years of research and that their findings could lead to better treatments for HIV. British and U.S. researchers said they had grown a crystal that enabled them to see the structure of an enzyme called integrase, which is found in retroviruses like HIV and is a target for some of the newest HIV medicines.
Avatar f tn Lyme compared to HIV/AIDS By a well known Lyme specialist---- Dr. J. in Washington D.C.---- in his remarks read to the North Carolina Medical Board during his final appearance before them on July 20, 2006. "Most of my HIV patients used to die ... now most don't ... Some still do, of course. My Lyme patients, the sickest ones, want to die but they can't. That's right, they want to die but they can't. The most common cause of death in Lyme disease is suicide.
Avatar m tn Basic Overview & Information on AIDS & HIV AIDS - acquired immunodeficiency syndrome - was first reported in the United States in 1981 and has since become a major worldwide epidemic. AIDS is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). By killing or damaging cells of the body's immune system, HIV progressively destroys the body's ability to fight infections and certain cancers.
Avatar m tn I never had any ARS symptoms and have been HIV positive for 28 years.
1297646 tn?1275465752 A new way to combat HIV/AIDS 11-30-2010 For almost three decades, science and medical researchers have struggled to find a vaccine or cure for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. However, a researcher in Beijing hopes to use an unconventional approach which may snuff out the infection before it breaks through the body's defenses. Shen Le has that story. Professor Xu Yuanyong is one of the few pioneers in complementology.
Avatar m tn Viral Genetics, Inc. Invited to Present New Model, Initial Findings of Lyme Disease Study at Prestigious ILADS Conference Wednesday October 8, 3:12 pm ET Study Group Beginning Further Research, Which it Hopes Will Unlock Mysteries, Reconcile Debate Over Lyme Treatment, Offer Answers to Other Immune Based Diseases AZUSA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Viral Genetics, Inc.
936016 tn?1332769204 Aids medication linked to dementia Researchers at the University of California say they have found a link between antiretroviral medication used to treat patients with HIV and brain impairments such as dementia. Data collected from HIV negative people, HIV positive people and AIDS patients between 1990 and 1995, when antiretroviral treatment was unavailable, was compared with data from different people in the same groups collected between 2000 and 2007 when the medications were available.
Avatar m tn There are several questions to enquire: 1、According to the latest research on what is the conclusion, most new AIDS window period?? 2、Detection of the same in 5 weeks time, the three generation detection certainly less than the four generation?
Avatar m tn Just wanted to share this in the event any party on this site with hiv/aids or not, may not know this exciting medical information. Now that Bush is gone, let's hope Obama takes the lid off the jar and opens the kitchen for stem cell research. Any thoughts about this article, please commnet. http://www.msnbc.msn.
Avatar m tn Volume 16(17) 22 November 2002 pp 2350-2352 Risk of HIV infection attributable to oral sex among men who have sex with men and in the population of men who have sex with men Page-Shafer, Kimberlya,b; Shiboski, Caroline Hb; Osmond, Dennis Hc; Dilley, Jamesd; McFarland, Willie; Shiboski, Steve Cc; Klausner, Jeffrey De; Balls, Joycea; Greenspan, Deborahb; Greenspan Page-Shafer K, Veugelers PJ, Moss AR, Strathdee S, Kaldor JM, van Griensven GJ.
167426 tn?1254089835 FDA-approved naltrexone, in a low dose (previously 3mg, optimal adult dose has been raised to 4.5mg), can boost the immune system, helping those with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. LDN is currently under experimental use for many conditions. Preliminary results are very encouraging: Naltrexone increases the body's production of the beta and metenkephalin endorphins and blood tests have indicated that it can double or even triple the activity of natural killer cells.
Avatar m tn How did he know that he got HIV? Did he get the HIV test after he found out she died of AIDS? Did he put his wife at risk of HIV?
Avatar n tn I would check an HIV/AIDS support forum. This here's for HCV folk. Please excuse me if you do have HCV, just wasn't sure by the sounds of your post. But as was mentioned above, candida (yeast) is the cause of oral thrush most...all?... of the time, so maybe you should check that out. Good luck finding your answers!
Avatar m tn All these things I am feeling have popped up at one point in time during my HIV symptoms research. I know I maybe a hypochondriac of sorts, but I guess this is what I am asking. Symptoms, can they be mild? Or for those 30 to 50% who actually have a HIV Acute Infection, have very bad to horrible Symptoms? Or can it even be gauged? I think for some this could help.
29837 tn?1414538248 The recommendation to avoid cannabis is especially important in patients who are coinfected with HCV/HIV since the progression of fibrosis is already greater in these patients. "Hepatitis C is a major public health concern and the number of patients developing complications of chronic disease is on the rise," according to Norah Terrault, MD, MPH, from the University of California, San Francisco and lead investigator of the study.
169942 tn?1383616900 That is why the idea of changing all DNA in your body to cure a genetic disease is still more science fiction than reality. But new research claims that some form of DNA editing might help us get immune to AIDS. That is possible because HIV does not infect any cell in your body, but a specific kind of white cell (called a T-cell) that lives in your blood. White blood cells are one of the main building blocks of your immune system.
Avatar f tn you get HIV, after few years develop AIDS, no? So if you don't develop AIDS, you don't die early, right? I'm asking because from what I read here, you seem to know this stuff. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hi again, thanks for all your great work my question is this, now I know saliva carries small amounts of hiv but that the saliva inhibits it and its basically impossible to transmit HIV that way BUT I was out at a gogo bar and this gogo dancer spit in my mouth, not a small amount but a LARGE AMOUNT, it was almost like drinking soda or water , like a quarter cup. what are my chances of contracting HIV in this case. I am very concerned and losing sleep here and cant think straight. Thanks again.
Avatar f tn Dear Vance,teak,howardh,nursegirl and all the experts of the forum few days ago i was having a normal discussion over the HIV topic with few of the medical representatives and they were saying that now a days medical science is so advance that a cure for hiv and AIDS is there but medicine giants are not issuing it out just because a huge amount of money they have invested in treatment of HIV and AIDS so they are restricted to reveal it for the public interest whereas few were saying that cure o
Avatar m tn I haven't had any symptoms or anything, but I still am freaking out as if I may have HIV... There wasn't any blood present, and the oral penetration was far from full... As I told you.. just five seconds, and even less. What is the chance I might be infected?
Avatar n tn I did a search of clinical trials and did not find any specific research for 1a and 1b. It seems to me that the research is HCV in general and a lot of the emphasis becomes focused on the fantastic results that the current tx standard creates for the very small minority of those in the USA with non 1a or non 1b HCV which is currently less than 50% SVR. The 2's enjoy a 85% response rate.
Avatar n tn What i'm worried is.. if she actually has HIV... without her knowing it... According to my research she comes from a country where the AIDs/ HIV cases are only a mere 0.04% of the entire population. But still i am afraid as i do not know her entire sexual history. I have not been able to sleep well, nor eat well.. and i am in upmost anxiety in the day time.. This is taking a toll on my studies and mental health...
Avatar f tn No incident HIV infections among MSM who practice exclusively oral sex. Int Conf AIDS 2004 Jul 11-16; 15:(abstract no. WePpC2072)??Balls JE, Evans JL, Dilley J, Osmond D, Shiboski S, Shiboski C, Klausner J, McFarland W, Greenspan D, Page-Shafer K?University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, United States Oral transmission of HIV, reality or fiction?