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Avatar f tn i tell him doctors are there for that reason they wont report him because its not HIV?Aids! But I'll ask my doctor..He know's we're not having sex untill he gets treated..Guess he doesnt care??
Avatar f tn I'm also wondering if there's some website that might tell me where the various candidates stand in their past support of HIV, since I figure that if they have a good history with supporting HIV/AIDS research that they might care about HCV. Anyway, any info would be appreciated. I hope that this will not end up being a debate because that's not what I'm looking for. Happy Holidays everyone.
Avatar n tn If we had issues with people re-infecting themselves, HIV patients who were formerly SVR would be dropping like flies. They have the worst immune systems around. Who is it, and I'm asking because I honestly don't know, who hasn't resolved this question, which scientists? And do they still feel that way in light of Virginia's research last year?