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Avatar f tn You can begin to help yourself by getting educated about HIV/AIDS. I would urge you to refrain from any form of sexual encounter until you understand how HIV is transmitted. Since you obviously don't know what does and what doesn't constitute safe sex, you should probably abstain until you learn how to protect both you and your partner. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but people KNOW there is a risk out there and yet they just keep on having sex and then freaking out.
Avatar n tn t knew he is a hiv positive but last june 2016, he died and they said due to aids. i only receive oral sex with him twice. there's no visible blood present in my penis and no sores in my penis nor on his mouth that time but i've been terrified for 2 months. i also researched in the internet if i was at risk or not but they answer "only in theory". my question is, do i have to rely on the facts that i was not at risk or do i need to take a test?
Avatar n tn Why does the hiv test is for antibodies and not for the virus??? what if you dont have any Antibodies if a person is close to his/her death, are there any cases where the antibodies where not found and the person dies from the disease i.e AIDS thank you.
Avatar m tn You have to have HIV to get AIDS. AIDS is a progression of HIV.
Avatar m tn If someone contracted HIV which over time tunred into AIDS, would the Home Access HIV test still be effective? I believe the at home tests look for HIV, but if the HIV turned into actual AIDS would the at home test be able to identify this? Thank you.
Avatar f tn You don't get tested for AIDS. AIDS is a progression of HIV. It's still HIV.
Avatar m tn During these years, there will be no prominent symptoms of HIV/AIDS. One of the dangerous facts about AIDS is that although, during asymptomatic stage, there will be no symptoms, the virus can still be transferred from the infected person.
Avatar m tn Has anyone heard of this hiv like virus in china? If so please share FACTS with me! I'm hoping it's bs.!!
Avatar f tn Can someone help me? When searching the web, wedmd and other sites regarding HIV. It states you can contract HIV or AIDS thru oral sex. I've been reading thru all the post from the experts on this site and they say no. Can someone please tell me real facts?? Thank you so much...
Avatar f tn So when people say autoimmune disorder they are not talking about HIV cause HIV is a immunodeficiency disorder correct??
Avatar m tn You never had a risk of contracting HIV. Oral sex does not transmit HIV. See your doctor if you are concerned about your signs and symptoms, they have nothing to do with HIV.
Avatar n tn You flooded me with PMs and it was all explained to you. Shingles is not a symptom of AIDS or those that have HIV. End of subject.
Avatar f tn You could get hepatitis C through contact with an infected person’s blood.
Avatar n tn You might want to do a little research, because just as HIV/AIDS, herpes antagonizes the immune system- thus weakening it overtime. Things that a normal immune system could fight off, such as yeast, it soon develops and inability to fight off efficiently, in some people. So you could very well have a yeast problem at the root related to some other STD such as HSV or it may be related to the pills you are taking.
Avatar n tn thanks for responding so quick teak. What about the other symptoms i describe? Could the be related to advanced hiv/aids? I have also had dry cough that lasts over 6 weeks 3 times since last sexual encounter in 2005.
Avatar m tn The quick folow-on from HIV to syphilis and the facts that both are blood tests done at the same time do not change my assessment or advice however. There is NO evidence that your non-specific findings are due to HIV and STRONG evidence that you do not. My assessment and advice is unchanged.