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Avatar n tn Charting the fasting glucose is the way to go now. A reading of over 126 of course wouldn't require a challenge test anyhow, the diagnosis of diabetes would be obvious. No endocrinologist worth his money, is watching a patients fasting glucose continue rising between 100-126, without sounding the alarm bells. This is the window of opportunity, often lasting a number of years,during which the ship can get around with diet and exersise.
Avatar m tn PLEAS READ MY MESSAGE AND IF YOU HAVE SIMILAR OR THE SAME PROBLEM PLEASE WRITE TO ME.... Since 1 year I've livingAdvanced care directives with Hiv/Aids symptoms like-Headaches, nausea,fell very weak,all the time coated tongueTongue tie-white,blurredVision problems and distorted vision,stiff neckCervical spondylosis Head and neck glands Herpes zoster (shingles) on the neck and cheek Irritated seborrheic kerotosis - neck Lymph tissue in the head and neck.
Avatar n tn One thing is for sure. Looking at the pictures of the people with AIDS will make people think twice before having sex. I worked with burned patients in a hospital and I have a strong stomach, but that grossed me out.
Avatar n tn If they were to say 6 weeks is 100% and one out of 1,000,000,000,000 people got HIV, someone would be suing the CDC for misinformation. Based on statistical data, 6 weeks is 99%+ reliable. The CDC isnt up to any type of conspiracy, relax! You should be afraid of catching STDs/HIV. Fear, in this instance, causes one to take precautionary measures (ie. umaking one use protection).
Avatar m tn ’ And then BOOM, towards the end of the commercial you find out it’s promoting the RED hiv/aids effort. I freaked, again and now I’m here posting. It’s unbelievable how it keeps happening. Am I losing my mind? At what point do these stop becoming coincidences? I tell myself, ‘How can I be worried when my last test was negative and my last episode wasn’t even a risk’, but the mentions and signs kill that logic.
Avatar m tn And so far, none of them is able to help with my problems. I have spoke to two HIV specialists (from different countries), both are the head of their respective NRCs (NRC = National Reference Centrum for HIV). This is what they told me based on my symptoms and testing history: Specialist 1: Dear Mr XXXX from what you tell me it seems unlikely that you have received an HIV -infection at this past event.
Avatar n tn is meeting people with herpes easier than it sounds? i heard 1 out of 5 people have it. i see there are dating websites for people with stds. the only catch is the money it costs to join and if you browse through there, nobody really puts their pictures up. i am not sure if i have herpes, but if i do than i really feel that dating and being with women again is a part of my life i will forever have to part with.
Avatar m tn And, for last, could somebody tell me how to find detailed pictures or descriptions of the Primary HIV Infection rash on the net? Thank you very much for your help and informations, thank you. Take care.
Avatar n tn htm pay attention to section 3 Clinical, while it is seen in patients with HIV it is not a symptom of HIV. it is mostly seen in people who drink a lot of tea or coffee or use tobacco products.
936016 tn?1332769204 Equally, concurrent infection with herpes 2 virus in the genital tract of either of the individuals will make HIV acquisition much more likely for a previously HIV negative partner. Gonorrhoea, syphilis, chlamydia and herpes in the previously HIV negative individual engaging in unprotected penetrative sex with an HIV positive individual will markedly increase the chances of new HIV infection.
20817617 tn?1521532028 to test me for candida and fungus, he said that Western medicine doesn’t believe into that unless HIV patient has CD4 count under 200 and is dying. Does CD4 count of 405 excludes possibility of having candidiasis or any other opportunistic (fungal) infection? Is it possible to have candida without oral thrush? How can be someone tested for candida?
Avatar n tn It is a bit off topic, but allows me to make an important point -- mostly for the worried well who might misinterpret the implications of the present question and my reply. I well remember the first AIDS patient I saw personally, in consultation (first diagnosed by another doc), who at the time was Seattle's first known AIDS case -- although a few months later we learned there had been another case a couple months earlier. My own first HIV/AIDS patient came a few months later.
Avatar m tn and when MC does appear in such locations in association with HIV, it is only in people with very advanced AIDS. If that's what you had, you and your partner would be deathly ill, with a large number of other symptoms. In addition, HIV test results always overrule symptoms, exposure history, or anything else. It isn't possible to have HIV with the negative tests you had at 37 and 42 days. In other words, your results prove you don't have HIV.
Avatar f tn I can also recall the time I was in this same social networking site and notice everyone was paying homage to an icon that passed away due to HIV/AIDs and all of a sudden at that very moment I spotted the post a tv show said something referring to HIV. I also spotted the three letter word again on the news. I WATCH THE NEWS ALL THE TIME AND ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY TALK ABOUT HIV INFECTION! ! Like really the news rarely ever talk about HIV/AIDs.
Avatar m tn illnesses, but ALL negative tests, can one ever be given a diagnosis of HIV/ AIDS?  If so, what type of tests/criteria do they use? Meaning, is it ever a diagnosis of exclusion? 4)now that I have tested this far out, is there any other tests to do that I or my doctor is failing to utilize, that could show differently?  (I am still waiting on ABBOTT REAL-TIME HIV-1).
Avatar n tn I think the most likely mode of transmission was still not sexual....people eat monkeys, lots of people eat lots of monkeys, and skinning them out.....dull knives.....
Avatar n tn i have worried myself SICK over this and yes i have made an appointment to get tested but until then all i do is google everything i can about HIV/AIDS, syphilis, statisitics on the two and how they are linked, pictures ect. the only symptoms i had was i got a few bumps about 7 months ago (about 6 months after we broke up, 9 months after we started dating).
Avatar n tn So while studies suggest those of us with HCV as a whole may have a higher incidence of some of the symptons, on an individual basis it's very hard to know whether what you have is being caused by the virus or whether you'd be that way anyway. Hope this helps and btw there are no doctors here.
Avatar m tn kaposi's sarcoma only happens end stage aids. you wouldn't get kaposi's sarcoma right after an hiv exposure. if you're worried about hiv get tested 3 months after exposure and it will be conclusive.
Avatar f tn You can't diagnose HIV by symptoms. Half of the people infected with HIV didn't have symtoms and won't unless they are not on medication.
1191262 tn?1366766621 Asthma and osteoporosis included in gcmaf effective tretament Immune Function is the Ultimate Key to Autism, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, Asthma, Allergies, Arthritis, Diabetes, Cancer and even Heart Disease MARCH 29, 2011 BY DR BRADSTREET 6 COMMENTS If you want to know what ails mankind in the last 100 years its immune dysfunction. I know and believe for many of these disorders we have the tools necessary to treat and prevent them. But what if an individual already has cancer, or autism, or HIV?
Avatar f tn OMG i swear it was only a one time in vegas thing (bachelor party) even tho i did a small amount in the past i got crust of coke on the same edge but never sore or blood this time i did about half an 8 ball (teener) its red and open sore around the edge bottom of my right nostril hey thanks you realy have assured me its nothing ive been looking at pictures of people with bad std's online and its not making my concience any better i want to get this heeled so i can move on with my life
Avatar n tn I'm 32 years old I have sexy before 10 years and cut sexy fore 10 years because I afraid HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmission disease. I watch porn sometimes and masturbation less than two times weekly. I have no girl friend till today but I find. When I get girl I can't make sexy because of erection problem. maybe if I make one time in one night which shame for me. "that is why one in one night is not sufficient ".I want to get girl friend to marry but how?
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Avatar n tn Of course - anyone that has risky sexual contact who then develops any type of symptoms, will start to come across all sorts of pictures, quotes, stories, symptoms that are highlighted in relation to HIV online. Because we have come to trust the internet, we start to assume they must be correct. It's like a smoker finding an ulcer on their lip and assuming the worst - when, it is just an ulcer.
429155 tn?1205676864 I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
Avatar n tn click on 'the body hiv/aids resource.' Click on 'ask the experts.' you will see pictures of 20 people, 4 rows of 5. In the bottom row, in the middle, is Dr Barb McGovern. Send her an email with your test result. She will know the answer. Dr M is really great.
Avatar f tn You don't have to have HIV or AIDS to get these symptoms... just be immunocompromised for whatever reason. It's NOT AN STD although it can be transmitted that way. PLEASE STOP CALLING MOLLUSCUM AN STD because you can catch it from the pool or gym... or from school or the playground or from kids who caught it from school or the playground. It's terrifying when you don't know what is going on!! I know... i've been there. It takes over your life. It's all you can think about.
Avatar m tn I test negative 4 months after but i have a white fury white tungue -confirmed by the doc which is the number 1 sign of hiv and means i will soon be going towards being at the AIDS stage.My mind is about to blow up with stress and im at the verge of loosing my job.
Avatar n tn APRICOT is a study for those co-infected with HIV and this is a completely different set of circumstances that moninfected people face. I wouldn't take the conclusions for those with HIV and apply them to someone with HCV only. And we haven't even begun to get into gender specific issues, and extrahepatic HCV disease (for which there is mounting evidence, some conclusive) This is information given by Jay Hoofnagel to the FDA during the approval hearing for Pegasys.