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Avatar m tn I am awaiting a retrovirus test result. Tested negative on standard tests but CD4 is 320, suffer from constant lower back pain and oral thrush.
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Business man2 How do I transfer my current prescriptions of about 12 from my small pharmacy to Walgreens?
Avatar f tn .5 mg Ambien, 100 mg of Tramadol & 750 mg Robaxin - Slept soundly & through most of the night!!!! Took the other .5 mg Ambien after using bathroom and letting the dogs out. Slept well - yahoo!
Avatar m tn This blog will discuss effective ways of using new media tools in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Each week the blog will cover a different new media topic, some posts will focus on specific tools (podcasts, mobile applications, blogs, wikis), while others will be broader in scope, such as 508 compliance and accessibility.
Avatar m tn That information is false and he never contracted Hiv that way.In 30 years of Hiv/AIDS,no one has ever contracted Hiv in this manner.Please stop googling bogus websites that will just confuse you and fuel your anxiety.
Avatar n tn s bull ****, proven science shows that HIV causes AIDS. Do you know the difference between HIV and AIDS? Did you know that if HIV were that easily transmitted then all of San Francisco would have it from breathing the air? Any other questions I can answer? Oh yeah don't believe that woman she's on a crusade against gay people.
1519485 tn?1318867173 last Wednesday I was on the bus and a car pulled out the same time as we did and of course the bus slammed on the brakes as soon as he had accelerated. I flew unto my back and then proceeded to slide 20 or so feet to the front of the bus and smash into the change machine at the front. So embarrassed. plus I didn't was to explain I was HIV+ so I left. so much pain now.
Avatar f tn 4 million people around the world were living with HIV/AIDS and more then 60 million people have been infected with HIV since the pandemic began. In 2000, HIV- and AIDS-associated illnesses caused deaths of an estimated 3 million people, including 500,000 children under the age of 15.
Avatar m tn After a foolhardy encouter with a prostitute in down town pretoria SA on the morning of the 25th October 2009 I thought nothing of it -what drove me to this was more of frustration at 32 I was sexually inexperienced and did not understand women.I spent most of my life studing and getting degrees at the expense of socialisation.It also was my dream to get married to a beautiful inteligent woman a virgin.But later thought interacting with a prostitute would improve my confidence with women.
Avatar f tn My labs from my hiv test indicate I am only 2 points from being considered aids not just HIV positive So..natually you can imagine how that news affected me. 7. I foundout after I came home that my hubby and daughter inlaw were planning my furneral as th doctors had told them I could go either way. 8. I remember nothing and am trying to piece together what people tell me. The worse part is my feeling of time lost that I can never get back, It is like something is missing.
720609 tn?1328779596 On this forum, it is noted that oral sex carries no risk of HIV transmission. The study that supports this claim can be found in the AIDS journal in the November 22, 2002 issue. If you go to the AIDS journal website, you can search for it in the archives. From the study: "239 (98%) were men, whose median age was 39 years, and all were MSM. Four women were dropped from the analysis.
Avatar m tn I am scared out of my mind. I asked yahoo answers and I got answers that it was AIDS... I am a virgin but sometimes I masturbate. Please help me.
Avatar m tn based on scientific evidence. Do the most experts in aids agree that sucking a +hiv woman breast is at no risk. Please excuse me as long as i am in a situation that make me so worried. Excuse me also as i may not express well in English as long as my native laguage is not English. I like all the expert people answer my qustion because i can not made a test as i live in a conservative community. If i do that many social problems will occure.
Avatar m tn Researchers are saying a pair of HIV-positive men from Boston, thought to have been cured of the disease after undergoing bone marrow transplants, has since seen the reappearance of the virus that causes AIDS in their bloodstream. The Boston Globe reports a team led by Dr. Timothy Henrich, an infectious disease specialist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, revealed the disappointing findings on Friday at a Florida conference on HIV.
Avatar m tn Yes it means you've developed AIDS. Once you are classified as having AIDS you will always have the classification no matter what your numbers do.
Avatar m tn Basic Overview & Information on AIDS & HIV AIDS - acquired immunodeficiency syndrome - was first reported in the United States in 1981 and has since become a major worldwide epidemic. AIDS is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). By killing or damaging cells of the body's immune system, HIV progressively destroys the body's ability to fight infections and certain cancers.
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1390055 tn?1365615055 m a sufferer from persistent and constant geographic tongue, and I have had it going on for more than 2 years (at the time of writing, September 2010). My HIV test in August 2010 was negative. I have had several other tests before that. I'm not HIV positive. Geographic tongue is usually called "Benign Migratory Glossitis". According to Google Health, Benign Migratory Glossitis is a harmless condition, but it can be persistent and uncomfortable.
Avatar m tn It is what it is. I deserve what is coming to me. I need to keep on living, instead of worrying over something that may be nothing.
Avatar n tn ok dont fink any1s there bt if u r plz say smethin cuz theres no doc on the site, n im feeling pretty scared bt dnt want 2 worry any1 mayb 1 of u cn help if u no wot is plz plz :)
1625195 tn?1332178662 So, my sister gave me her newish / old laptop and I had it for a short while before it took a **** on me, but then after spending two days working on it, I finally FIXED IT! All by myself! I was like all hyped up once I got the internet working on it and then moved all my data back to the hdd. I was all nerdy but I don't care cause I was just feeling awesome with a great sense of accomplishment!
Avatar n tn I typed in "HIV" on Yahoo Answers just to see what kind of questions people have asked about it. Man, any idiot can answer a question over there, even if they have no idea what the hell they're talking about. One guy posted a question saying that he had received oral sex with a condom, and now he's scared about HIV and wondering if he can get it that way. A bunch of people responded saying "Yes, you can get it that way.
Avatar f tn Lyme compared to HIV/AIDS By a well known Lyme specialist---- Dr. J. in Washington D.C.---- in his remarks read to the North Carolina Medical Board during his final appearance before them on July 20, 2006. "Most of my HIV patients used to die ... now most don't ... Some still do, of course. My Lyme patients, the sickest ones, want to die but they can't. That's right, they want to die but they can't. The most common cause of death in Lyme disease is suicide.
Avatar m tn im just worried because i read on yahoo answers it is possible if the blood on ciggratte contacts the lips which has a cut or sore?
Avatar m tn I dont know what is going on here, but my body is not having a good time lately. In July, I weighed over 200lbs. Today, I weigh 183lbs. Last week I weighed 191lbs. I have a pronounced, but very manageable, pain in my lower back area where my kidneys are. My nose bleeds often, even if I dont blow it or pick it. My appetite hasnt really changed much. I still eat pretty good. I am also having pains in my pelvic area, deep behind my groin. This pain feels internal.
Avatar f tn I am getting for educated on hiv everyday and now i am just more and more interested by it I guess out of my own fear but the more I learn the less I fear. Bty what is your take on the window period for hiv apex11? What is your take on hiv in the hetrosexual comuninity?
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