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Avatar m tn but later on i can see white patch on my penis, slowly slowly it started getting inside it and now i can see that there is white color fluid (in hindi pus ) coming out of that is that a regular infection or do i have to take a medical check up. and is this is a sign of AIDS ... please help me in details...
Avatar m tn Many many people world wide die each day from an AIDS related complex yet they tested negative for HIV and the cause of death gets written off in the medical report as something other than AIDS when in reality it was a form of AIDS which caused the break down in the immunity system. I recommend you read the free book on the Internet entitled: "Full Disclosure the Truth About the AIDS Epidemic" by Gary L. Glum who happens to be the #1 authority on this subject matter.
Avatar m tn I disagree with you, why vagina should not be licked? I think living in India, you better read original hindi version of Kama Sutra and you will find how wonderful it is.
Avatar n tn its my first time with him but he may sex with many peoples. Do I have chance to get HIV/Aids in one time Sex ? if yes then please recommend me what i have to do to avoid HIV.
1097960 tn?1257437375 Oriented material in this forum. It is NOT heplful in our mission to accurately educate our posters in a safe, nonjudgemental manner. HIV is a very REAL disease that does NOT discriminate. ANYONE regardless of their faith, sexual preference or race can become HIV infected.
Avatar m tn does hiv transmit through razor cut or through alum soap used in barbershopif yes than hiv comb kit test at ictc center in india after 8 week is sufficient which comes negative,does hiv rash comes 2 week after fever
Avatar f tn I read on your forum dr Hunter had said in the 1990s they would diagnose people with AIDS even without a positive HIV test! I am panicking so much right now.
Avatar m tn Das First of all you cant take the HIV test result conclusive. Because theoretically HIV can reactivate in human even after 10 years. I assume that you had enough reason to suspect the escort having HIV. Even the escort did not have active HIV you dont know whether he was inactive infection or not. so what you might do was to take anti retroviral prophylaxis which definitely would prevented you. But now not even PCR can tell when you will turn into HIV positive. This is very hard truth.
Avatar n tn Current tests will detect HIV within 3 months, often sooner. I don't know about any specific cases in Kenya, but 5 years is not true at all today, if ever. Let's not panic needlessly.
Avatar f tn Hello, Can u kindly explain me how many stages are involved in HIV positive? Can get AIDS as soon as being suffered for HIV?? Can HIV person be recovered like a normal person if taking a medicine regularly and obeying doc's suggestion properly??
Avatar m tn I just feels better discussing matter with people who have seen several mails in the past. Just for information, the article I was refering to was on that says that female-male transmission is rare due to anatomical reasons.
Avatar m tn // You do not have an HIV concern but you are clearly in need of mental help so I suggest you find one to talk with about your irrational phobias.
Avatar f tn Hi I am a man and had oral sex from a hooker last night could I get hiv aids, please help
Avatar m tn this is one of the ways hbv hijakcs immune system for persistance liposomal vitamin c (livon labs) at 50-100g throughoutdaily can stop flu immediately, every bag of liposomal vitamin c is 1g but thru liposoms you get in the blood the same amount as 10g of normal vitamin c vitamic at these high doses increase interferon production and it is free of sides another way to get this high vitamin c is IV, the tablets you buy at pharmacy are useless because only a very tiny amount can get absorbed
Avatar m tn HIV can be transmitted due to sharing needles, this is because the blood interact. Unfortunately, there is no cure for HIV (note that HIV isn't the same as AIDS) but treatment for this virus is really advanced. There are medications that permit people live a completely normal life with HIV without developing AIDS. I hope everything is ok, post your results. Personally, I think you didn't involve in high risk. This virus is very fragile and die easily at normal temperature.
Avatar f tn For the most part, the rates of HIV are substantially lower in rural than urban areas. However, HIV/AIDS certainly is not absent in less populated areas of the US, and in some geographic areas the rates may be nearly as high as in urban areas. The rate may be higher in certain rural areas of the southeast than in urban areas in many urban areas.
Avatar m tn They must do the tests in the UAE at a government medical facility, not a private one. Results from tests done in other countries are not accepted. If an HIV/AIDS medical screening test is positive then the residence visa application is denied and the person is deported. Other positive test results might result in a combination of treatment, quarantine, deportation, or a combination.
Avatar m tn Is that true no fever in 2-4 weeks after high-risk certainly not infected with AIDS
Avatar f tn Once blood or fluids are released out of the body. How long could HIV or AIDS live on towel, soap or surface. For example say someone who does not have HIV or AIDS uses the towel of someone who has the virus. The towel has blood or fluids on the towel. Is that person in any risk?
Avatar m tn Still, it has accurate information about how HIV is transmitted -- and most important for many users of this forum, how it is NOT transmitted, e.g. by kissing, body contact, exposure to most body fluids, and so on.
Avatar m tn That information is not really correct, first you can't catch AIDs, you develop it after you catch HIV, old needles aren’t a high risk for HIV as HIV has been exposed to the environment for some time and is rendered inactive, the situation where HIV is spread through needles is in the healthcare sector or through the sharing of needles through drug use, as the blood is relatively fresh.
Avatar m tn Red or purple in color,not raised,doesn't itch and usually located on the torso and limbs.
Avatar f tn Confusing information on internet can lead to falsely constructed ideas/information about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.I understand that being misinformed about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases can lead to a lot of frustration! Let me clarify, that there is no risk in the situation you have described.
Avatar m tn im currently working in a government agency as an outsourced personnel....malapit na akong maging regular sa sa work ko but i need to go for medical procedure...if they found out na infected ako ng hbv pwede ba nila akong hindi i-hire kahit na ako ay healthy carrier...i need an answer pls..
Avatar m tn paisal, ang hepa b kapag chronic mahirap magnegative, hindi ung basta sabihin mong uminum nang gamot at magnegative ka na, hindi ganun kadali.. Mas magandang alamin mo ang status ng liver mo at ng hep b mo, magpa hepa b profile ka o kahit ung importanteng test lng.. Magbackread ka sa mga thread dto at marami kang mapupulot na information.. Naiintindihan namin ang ganyan na sitwasyon dahil napagdadaanan ng karamihan dito. pero mas importante alamin at aralin mo ang status mo..
Avatar m tn I am also aware that HIV is not diagnosed on the basis of symptoms, but I was wondering whether face fat loss and redistribution of fat is caused by early HIV infection, anti-retro viral medications or long-term HIV infection that has progressed to AIDS?