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Avatar f tn I am sorry to question you again and again but because I called up an AIDs/HIV helpline and they say it is possible.And please dont feel offended but are you a qualified doctor??
Avatar m tn I called a Belgian Aids-helpline and they say that even if she has HIV/Aids, that i could never be infected by unsafe oral sex? Would you agree with that? I do not know the condition of her mouth, except that i saw she was missing one tooth and it was replaced with something like a metal piece. I do not see any blood on my penis after the unprotected oral sex. I hope someone can answer my question because i'm really scared.... I hope my English was somewhat clear yo you..
Avatar m tn s just say that there is a high chance she had one of those STDs, is it likely that i have one now? I called a Belgian Aids-helpline and they say that even if she has HIV/Aids, that i could never be infected by unsafe oral sex? Would you agree with that? And what are my chances for other STDs given she has those STDs? I hope someone can answer my question because i'm really scared.... I hope my English was somewhat clear yo you.. I try really hard.
Avatar n tn However (CATIE, Canadian Aids Treatment Information Exchange) the governing body for HIV research in Canada says a duo test is conclusive at 28 days or anytime after. I personally spoke with the medical director and she stated the window period is 4 weeks for the Duo test. That information is also stated by HIV experts such as Dr. Handsfield and Dr. Hook (World reknowned HIV experts) based on numerous seroconversion panel studies. The 90 day window period refers strictly to Antibody only tests.
Avatar m tn should i have to worried .......and i also call helpline for aids.......and tell them whole thing and they said that i should worried about it because the test was negetive and that i should stop thing about it????
Avatar m tn result was negative. but still have some symptoms. so i worried about it. i tried call hiv helpline they all said 3 month is conclusive. still i am worried. i dont know what should i do next? plz help i inected?
Avatar n tn // Hope this reply from Stephanie AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer should give you relief.
Avatar f tn the result will no change ...if you are from india you can call 1097 aids helpline and ask about window period....kindly take it easy and move......if your wish take a test at 6months although the result will not change ....i also planned to take at 6 months to remove additional fears....
Avatar m tn Is it possible for a test to be 4th gen without the p24 antigen?i've just contacted aids helpine and they told my that the test at hospitals in greece is a 4th gen test but they don't look for the antigen unless it's for blood I asked them...if the test was 3rd gen..and they said it possible to have 4th gen reactors and choose not to examine for the p24?
Avatar f tn Please help me and let me know what you think and if this is just my anxiety? Also I recently posted this on a HIV helpline where u ask questions and the volunteer responded and marked my question as HIGH RISK category and basically said that being poked by a needle is high risk and the situation I described that I should get testing or PEP and now I'm freaked out because deep down I know I'm being ridiculous.
Avatar m tn No risk, which you have been advised repeatedly on both this forum and the expert forum.
Avatar n tn Sorry My paranoia is in overdrive. Because i read according to aids@vancouver helpline there was a potential risk when sharing sex toys even when toys were exposed to air outside human tissue? How come the helpline states there is a risk? I am just afraid that the virus woukd still have survive. Sorry for the trouble but could you advice.
Avatar m tn I know that my test is not conclusive...but the helpline for aids here in greece told me that i'm even now....
Avatar f tn From the people I have spoken to - Terrence Higgins Trust in the UK, National Aids Helpline UK and a G.U.M clinic at a hospital - both parties would need to have a pretty serious mouth trauma with bleeding for infection to occur Listen to the Drs on the HIV forum they know what they are talking about, unless you have a serious mouth trauma and are incredibly unlucky, the risks of getting HIV from oral sex alone are vanishingly small.
Avatar f tn Can i continue relation with my wife without any confirmation??
Avatar m tn especially who say that oral sex is NO risk and that no one has ever got hiv from oral sex in the history of hiv/aids... huh?
Avatar f tn I called up an AIDS helpline in India and they told me it was possible to transmit HIV through such a contact.I also did some research over the net it said if a mucous membrane,in this case urethral opening, or an open wound comes in contactwith HIV infection or bodily fluids of HIV person it is possible to transmit HIV. Does an open wound have to be in direct contact with bodily fluids or such a contact can also transmit HIV.Is there any minimum amount of virus required to transmit HIV?
Avatar m tn The doc that admin my test said i was v v low risk and didnt expect my test to come back + I also rang The national aids helpline and the man I spoke too actually said he wouldn't even bother getting tested for hiv if he was me and I should just do a std check.
Avatar m tn Sorry to have to go through the detail but I understand that you can answer easier if I give you as much info as possible. I recently got drunk at a mates stag night had a lap dance from a Hungarian sex worker - there was no penetration. She stripped me to my underpants and then performed a naked lap dance on me - rubbing her body over me and gyrating her crotch into my pants until I ejaculated. At that point I freaked and got the hell out of the place.