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Avatar f tn Could this be signs of std,HIv, or aids?
Avatar f tn One thing I want to emphasize to everyone is the the importance of a good audiologist. You may get cheap aids, or even good aids, but without a good audiologist to program them, they may not help. Another thing to think about are surgical options.
Avatar n tn HIV can't survive outside the body. Therefore you were at no risk from infection from toilet paper.
Avatar m tn The CDC focus national attention on developing and applying disease prevention and control (especially infectious diseases and foodborne pathogens and other microbial infections), environmental health, occupational safety and health, health promotion, injury prevention and education activities designed to improve the health of the people of the United States.
Avatar m tn I solved the problem but after surfing on net, I realized that there could be relation between HIV and ANUG. Please tell me what is the relation between them? this has really scared me.
Avatar m tn What are the chances of me being exposed to AIDs or HIV from using heroin IV? I'm going to a Free Health Clinic soon? I hope... I want to get tested to be safe. Ive done Heroin a handful of times since December of 09. Ive never shared a needle, and have always taken the necessary pre cautions.
Avatar n tn Acer, a dentist who was shared by the six patients and who died of complications of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). So how could a HIV postive dentist spread HIV to six people if HIV can't survive outside the body?? And the CDC said he didn't have sex or use drugs with any of these people. Do you guys have any insights?? Any help would be great thanks!!!
400867 tn?1371753094 aids in the management of their own health or in the health of their loved ones.
Avatar n tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Dental-Health/promotion-of-dental-health/show/1870427">promotion of dental health</a> was started.
Avatar f tn My risk was masturbating with a pen without going inside to my vagina but I was on my monthly habit with alot of blood on my sanitary napkin and after the orgasm I didnt change it till hours,
Avatar n tn My result by ELISA I got positive HIV retested 2 time at the same time same clinc then they sent my sample to the ministry of Health (HIV/AIDS department), the department where the AIDS is controlled in my coountry. so any positive should be sent to the ministry to confirmed. But after one day, i tested in different hospital with ELFA/ VIDAS (Apollo Medical Center it comes negative with .07 < .25 and they told me that your first ELISA was false, Now i feel happy.
Avatar n tn Hi, I met this boy one evening and later kissed him (open mouth kiss), he was acting very odd and called me the next day to tell me he had an Auto Immune Disease...immediatley I assumed AIDS, and then he swore up and down that he didn't have aids but an auto immune disease that he was born with that made him succeptable to sickness and he wanted to make sure the cut on my lip wasnt a cold sore (which it was, almost gone).....
Avatar f tn but i have heard that body fluid can enter the body through skin is it possible that can u have aids?
Avatar m tn Once this HIV fear is quelled, you will most likely develop a new one (as I and many other health anxiety sufferers have done.) I would suggest doing what you can to alleviate your anxiety for the moment, but I would definitely seek therapy. Good luck!
Avatar m tn Why would you link scabies and nail infection to HIV/AIDS? Probably 95% of people in India who have both scabies and nail infection don't have HIV. HIV test results always trump symptoms and your test result means that you fall into that 95%. This forum is not a substitute for professional mental health care. If you persist in linking everything that is going on with your body to HIV then you are beyond the scope of help that this forum can provide.
Avatar m tn before 3 months from now i have had severe pain in whole body, with sinus, white spots in mouth and purple blotches inside my mouth i couldnt figure it out what was going on ,is it possible if hiv not treated it can become aids? if it has become aids how can i know that is it aids or hiv, what test are available pls help DO ALL PATIENTS WHO HAVE AIDS HAVE HIV for instance until they die???can you hiv even after 3 years of developing aids???can aids patient test negative???
Avatar n tn im swettting and all stressd up by the time i started thinking abt it . please help me . i cant sleep becaouse i think of this risks . im not sure she is HIV positive . i used the condom .
Avatar f tn um I was with my bf for like a year anyways he left me about a month ago he just left didnt tell me he was leaving I think he may have hiv or aids and has infected me ive been feeling sick for a while off and on but I have not been tested in about a year anyways ive got this rly bad cough and sometimes I feel like its hard to breathe it been like tht for a couple weeks now I dont have insurance and ive been too much of a coward to go to the hospital because im by myself I cnt tell my family...