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Avatar m tn No incident HIV infections among MSM who practice exclusively oral sex. Int Conf AIDS 2004 Jul 11-16; 15:(abstract no. WePpC2072)??Balls JE, Evans JL, Dilley J, Osmond D, Shiboski S, Shiboski C, Klausner J, McFarland W, Greenspan D, Page-Shafer K?University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, United States Oral transmission of HIV, reality or fiction?
Avatar m tn Human beings should be able to live normal lives without the risk of HIV/AIDS, its been 30 to 40 years since the virus was detected and documented and still nothing has been done to cure it. Instead pharmaceutical companies get millions of dollars to create a toxic drug that only prolongs life for about 10-20 years if your lucky. Why should we as american citizens sit back and allow the lives of our friends and family of today perish because of the greed of others.
480448 tn?1426952138 I want to discuss the great oral sex debate. This is probably THE most common topic we see on the HIV forum. We get criticized a lot for stating that oral sex is "no risk". What people fail to understand is HOW we came to that conclusion. You have to look at the SCIENTIFIC facts, along with the statistics. I'm going to try to explain them to you...
475555 tn?1469307939 went to a presentation by a Hep doctor who treats AIDS patients also and he confirmed it .. and here I was at 46 years and 23+ years of the disease. I took those odds on the cure over those odds that I wouldn't get worse too quickly. Decided I had a helluva lot of control over my today when it comes to treatment...and not a helluvalot of control over my tomorrow when it comes to treatment. And well you know how the story ends cause tomorrow is start of Week 16 for me.
Avatar n tn I wonder why HIV/AIDS is affecting the black community in that manner. Being that I am bi-racial and sleep with black men. IT really scares me...really.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know if the info is out there anywhere and if so where to find it? I want to find out what percentage of all hiv/aids cases are from males who have sex with women.
Avatar n tn People want facts. They don't want "odds and statistics form a WW that doesn't know anything about HIV or AIDS. People don't like to be baffled with inconsistencies and numbers that are worthless to people that have a risk or worried that they are infected. You have nothing to offer the people here. You have no experience with dealing with anyone with HIV or AIDS. You would like for these people to leave because they don't agree with you?
Avatar m tn I see a UCLA study that states that alcohol and increase risk of HIV from oral sex. There's a UCLA study of HIV patients feeling stigmatized. A UCLA study for demand for PEP. UCLA study for anal cancer rates in homosexual men. Here's a UCLA scientist saying Antiretroviral drugs can eradicate AIDS epidemic. Hmmm.. wonder why that one hasn't come to pass yet.
Avatar n tn Testing does not give a person HIV but it does give them the power to know what is going on and whether or not they have the infection. Most tests are negative and if you were so unfortunate as to have HIV, the test would allow you to seek treatment sooner. There is no reason to delay or avoid HIV testing. I hope my comments are helpful.
Avatar f tn Statistics from HIV Aids council Australia,''of the 25,000+ people living in Australia with HIV 82% are men who have sex with men,10% hetro sexual community,8% iv drug users''.How is my statement incorrect??
Avatar n tn Your exposure was very low risk and the chances you actually contracted HIV from this exposure are minimal at best. Read the posts on the HIV forum for more on statistics (the previous poster is right) and for Dr. Handsfield's comments on similar situations. However, I doubt you'll find any of it reassuring, because I think the real issue is your guilt. You're *torturing* yourself over one teeny encounter. My suggestion would be to get off the internet and seek counseling.
Avatar n tn I also masterbated and ejaculated; mostly to clean out my urethra. I got tested for various STDs and HIV and I get the results tomorrow. No matter what the result is of the HIV test I plan to be tested again in about two months and again three months after that. I can deal with any other STD, but I can't deal with HIV. What do ya'll think about all of this???? Any opinions, advice, probabilities....anything would be helpful and infinitely appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn CRF A/E is prevalent in south-east Asia, but originated in central Africa. Subtype B is major contributor to HIV epidemic in USA and Europe. Subtype C is largely predominant in southern and eastern Africa, India and Nepal.
Avatar m tn I have heard some people lived with HIV+ partners and never contacted HIV. Then I read someone had it once and got infected. So like someone said it's a gamble.
Avatar m tn i am writing this to understand better how transmission works i was reading the stats and it says a man can have sex with an infected woman for 1000 and not get aids not just female to male other forms of sex have relativly low stats too why is that? does he get exposed to the virus and his immune system is somehow able to fight it off? is it that he doesnt get exposed at all cause the body fluid doesnt have much viral density on it?
Avatar n tn While I agree with everyone on this thread who expressed outrage over the seeming racism of the white South African's comments, I can't see much difference between his reasoning and the general reasoning of the advice on this forum, when people are told that gay and bi men are innately at greater risk of HIV, merely by *being* gay and bi.
Avatar m tn MY advice is based on direct medical knowledge, and direct experience with HIV/AIDS patients, Teak's advice is based on living with it and being an HIV educator, Lizzie Lous's advice is as result of her having a son living with it....your advice is based solely on posts you have read from Dr. Hook and Dr. HHH. That forum already exists for people to read....this forum is a way that posters can receive ADDITIONAL advice based on posters with real life experiences. Anyone can post here....
Avatar n tn You can find the local stats for cities by googling say, Ottawa HIV statistics. In my city, there are ~1200 total HIV/AIDS cases since 1985. Only about 200 are women and unfortunately most are either native or from endemic countries. I am glad someone finally took the time to actually look at the surveillance data instead of jumping n the bandwagon to yell it is an epidemic that will wipe us all off the planet when it is far from it. Worry about Ebola if it makes it here.
Avatar m tn Lizzie provide numerous quotes from Dr. Handsfield and me which summarize the facts- there are no credible reports of HIV being spread by oral sex- none, zero, never. Repeating the question will not change the answer. Does that mean that is might happen sometime for some bizarre reason, no- things happen but your risk of HIV is lower than your risk of being hit by a meteorite while reading my reply." Dr.Hook Delete Report 580755_tn?
Avatar m tn hi, monkeyflower well, I have been a very keen reader of this forum for the last three or so months even though I would prefer to never have gotten myself into the situation that led me here. Sure, i am anxious but to some extent my anxiety is fuelled by the conflicting info. This forum is probably still among the most consistent ones and I have had the most comfort and information in what Dr HHH is saying and the way he is saying things.
Avatar n tn My regular physician knows NOTHING about HIV. She just says "come back in December for a 6 month test." I asked her if they see many HIV/AIDS patients and she just said "the AIDS epidemic is rising" and then didnt answer my question. I have never felt so alone as I did when I tried to talk about HIV with my doctor.
Avatar n tn I'm amazed in 2007 how many people think, that only gays and bisexual men get HIV and transmit it. That is one of the biggest myths about HIV that there is today.
Avatar m tn These symptoms and their timing seem to line up with the symtoms and timing of early HIV. I'm worried. I also don't want to pass it on to future partners, assuming that I do have it. What are the chances that I'm HIV positive?
Avatar m tn I live the real world of HIV and AIDS and have for 26 years. Just look at all the people that have been prosecuted for non disclosure, then you come back and tell me people tell their status.
1583226 tn?1297770275 I confronted the girl and she got upset that I think she has AIDS, and she said ''look my mouth wasn’t bleeding or anything'', she goes she is healthy and there is no way she has AIDs. But my paranoia doesn’t let me listen to her! She said she doesn’t need testing because she knows she’s clear! She isn’t a girl to **** any one or everyone! But I am still in doubt because I just don’t like chances. She is adamant that she didn’t have any cuts or bleeding gums in her mouth!
Avatar n tn ) given that some statistics rate the risk of a hetrosexual male HIV+ infecting a female HIV- partner through vaginal sex at 1 in 100,000 chance and an HIV+ female infecting a male HIV- partner at 1 in 200,000 (and thats with full penetrative sex with ejaculation!), your situation? to be honest, practically no risk.
12743456 tn?1429594514 I'm not scared to stand up to my stupid mistake and continue with my life, but I'm due to get married soon and if I'm HIV positive I will be deported and everything will be a huge mess. I have had no sexual contact since and I guess I deserve this for my mistake. I will retest at 2 and 3 then 6 months but the wait will haunt me. I have read through many other questions like mine but I guess I'm just looking for some helpful words or perhaps reassurance.
Avatar n tn Most of the posters didn't have a risk like you. They just come here thinking they had a risk and have know knowledge of the facts of hiv transmission.
Avatar n tn 1. I am a 30 year old man and performed insertive anal sex on another man, who I think was hispanic. I have no idea whether he was HIV positive. 2. The anal sex lasted for no more than 2-3 minutes. 3. I did *** inside him 4. I did not see any blood. 5. The sex was not hard, i.e. he was well lubricated, and I noticed nothing on my penis afterwards. 6. There had been no fisting, etc. 7. There were no sores (or the like) on my penis before or afterwards. 8.
Avatar m tn Wow, that's harrible (in the NJ mother accent). Seriously. That puts any of our doings to complete shame. Surprised we don't see her here asking if she's at risk for HIV from this...