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Avatar f tn Statistics from HIV Aids council Australia,''of the 25,000+ people living in Australia with HIV 82% are men who have sex with men,10% hetro sexual community,8% iv drug users''.How is my statement incorrect??
Avatar m tn Does anyone know if the info is out there anywhere and if so where to find it? I want to find out what percentage of all hiv/aids cases are from males who have sex with women.
Avatar m tn those facts are useless some people live with HIV + PEOPLE and never get infected and some get infected from first time statistics with medical issues are useless just stay protected and that is the BEST you can do
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Avatar n tn The exposure that you describe was, as you already know from your research, low risk for acquisition of HIV. Your partner was not a high risk partner and you only had a single exposure. As for your symptoms, "dandruff" is sometimes caused by a common condition called seborrheic dermatitis which can be problematic for persons with advanced HIV.
Avatar m tn This is a community for those who have HIV/AIDS, and for family and friends impacted by it.
Avatar f tn 5. She assured me later she does not have HIV or any STD and she gets tested for hiv every 2-3 years and never had sex without condom after having her baby 19 months ago. With above facts and hiv infection statistics what are the chances of me getting infected. This is my first time ever sex with someone other than my steady loyal ex gf with whom i lost my virginity.
Avatar m tn Oral sex is "theoretically" a sincerely low risk; however, the risk is so close to zero that it cannot be calculated. This doesn't mean to go enjoy oral sex with someone bleeding from the gums while massaging your genitals with a cheese grater, but you shouldn't be too concerned. If you would like to know the statistics of HIV/AIDS based on gender, you can easily go Google "HIV Statistics.
Avatar n tn Visit a doctor or clinic and discuss your sexual activities and sympotms and have an HIV test. You can expect it to be negative.
Avatar m tn Everything that you said was what I figured and have read also. With the amount of oral that goes on, I too would excpect to see more if not some concretly confirmed cases (especially with so many youth having oral sex so often, freely and young).
Avatar m tn According to the ever-so popular and quite sickening myth, humans can get HIV and AIDS from dogs through bestiality. Do you beleive this to be true? Why? (supporting facts would be helpful) 4. The CDC, otherwise known as Center for Disease control, states that you cannot get HIV or AIDS from dogs. However, the CDC does not specify any means of viral transmition. Why do you think this is? 5. Over 80 percent of my findings on the internet state that you cannot get HIV/AIDS from dogs.
Avatar m tn Just don't do it and you won't become a statistic.
Avatar m tn An HIV test will not detect the presence of the HIV virus immediately after exposure. Statistics show that 96% (perhaps higher) of all infected individuals will test positive within 2 to 12 weeks. In some cases, this may take up to six months."
Avatar m tn Hello. Again. Why are you so worried? Because you have severe HIV ANXIETY, that's why. And since you won't believe what you've been told on the HIV Forum, what you've been told on various HIV/AIDS Hotlines, what I gave you to read and what I've told you numerous times, then it's time you got into therapy. You can only be given the FACTS just so many times before a line must be drawn. I will outline those facts once more and then, for ME, the line will be drawn.
Avatar m tn //, but also in other places on the internet such as free online med journals. The other worrisome statistic is to do with CSW's. Even though Dr. HHH, who is usually a fountain of knowledge says that CSW's have a lower chance of HIV, this is not the case. Whilst it may be true in Western countries, where Subtype-B is prevalent, this is not true in South East Asia.
Avatar m tn During these years, there will be no prominent symptoms of HIV/AIDS. One of the dangerous facts about AIDS is that although, during asymptomatic stage, there will be no symptoms, the virus can still be transferred from the infected person.
Avatar m tn Has anyone heard of this hiv like virus in china? If so please share FACTS with me! I'm hoping it's bs.!!
Avatar n tn Thnaks for your prompt reply. I am assuming she is HIV+ for a worse case scenario (other condoms breake as well), and gonorrhea has the smallest incubation period 5-7 days. I have never had such a feeling, and the days are about correct. I have done my maths and this is what I think. Getting HIV=1/500 (high risk)= 0,2% Rate of transmission with other STD 0,2%*5=1% PEP success =80% thus 20% falue So getting HIV =1% * 20% =0,2% (getting HIV * PEP falure) Does this seem sound?
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