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480448 tn?1426952138 I want to discuss the great oral sex debate. This is probably THE most common topic we see on the HIV forum. We get criticized a lot for stating that oral sex is "no risk". What people fail to understand is HOW we came to that conclusion. You have to look at the SCIENTIFIC facts, along with the statistics. I'm going to try to explain them to you...
Avatar m tn 2 (Duo test), it uses ELISA technology and it's safe. The HIV antibody/p24 antigen Duo Test is an excellent, accurate and inexpensive HIV test that reliably detects HIV infection that occurred just 28 days prior to the test. This HIV test is known as the 'Duo' because it tests for both HIV antibodies as well as the 'HIV P24 antigen'.
Avatar n tn Most of the posters didn't have a risk like you. They just come here thinking they had a risk and have know knowledge of the facts of hiv transmission.
Avatar n tn Now let’s review facts and figures. 1. Odds that your partner, a heterosexual woman in North America, had HIV are less than 1 in 1000 and are probably closer to 1 in 10,000. 2. Risk of HIV from oral sex, most conservatively, 1 in 10,000. Thus based on these two figures alone your risk is between 1 in a million and 1 in 10 million 3. Night sweats are very non-specific and while present in the ARS, they are also caused by other viral infections, heartburn and many, many other causes. 4.
Avatar n tn For the last 6 months I have been getting tearing (look like paper cuts) in my vaginal area (1/4 to 1/2 inch long). I get the tears at least once or twice a week and they last from 2-4 days, go away for a few days and then come back. They continue to occur in the same locations; 1. Inside the vaginal lips on the sides almost always in the crease (between the labia minora and majora?) 2. Between the anus and vaginal opening (perineum) 3. Above the clitoris in the "hood" area.
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Avatar m tn Oral sex has a very small risk but finally a risk, there are a lot if variables that increse or reduce the risk, and there are a lot of studies, some said 0% risk others said 8% risk, but the CDC (by the way very conservative) says1 in 20000, in receiving oral sex an 1 in 10000 in giving oral sex (to man), that can be reduced with condoms, and increased if there is visible blood in the mouth or by eyaculating in the mouth, and the other variables are the viral load of the hiv + partner (high at
Avatar n tn HHH When you refer to 6-week HIV test being 99-100% conclusive, does this include testing with the OraQuick Advanced Oral test? Will both HIV-1 and HIV-2 produce antibodies at the same rate? Thus, does the 6-week timeline hold for both types of HIV? Many people mention a Generation 4 ELISA test. I have done a lot of hunting and have been hard pressed to come up with testing locations for this (including my own GP and the local STD hotline); can you recommend somebody who does these tests?
Avatar m tn I was unaware that there were different 'types' of HIV and that in Thailand the most common form is hiv type E which is the most easily transmitted among hetrosexuals. they say that the liklihood of catching HIV (type E) from a Thai Prostitute is 1 in 30-50!!!!!! This has made me feel really worried! Do you know anything about this? these different 'types' of HIV?
Avatar n tn 83.000.000 HIV / Aids infected 60.000 (50.000 male - 10.000 female) 75 % of HIV cases are in the group MSM, 12 % heterosexual, the remaining cases are IV drug users, immigrants from high risk countries Many questions are about sex with CSW and appropriate risk. I read an interresting article from the german department of desease controll (Robert Koch Institut).
Avatar f tn What you must be able to be however is to differentiate the fears of HIV infection from the scientific and biological realities of the HIV virus. Because you afraid of being infected with HIV does NOT change the modes by which HIV is able to infect. Additionally, HIV testing is EXTREMELY accurate these days. You will NOT be "THE" exception to the WINDOW PERIOD of modern testing ability not will you be infected with some MYSTERY STRAIN of HIV which is NONDECTABLE with testing.
Avatar n tn Hey Check out the website (HIV/AIDS specific site) for loads of facts on HIV. Anyway since you were not actively bleeding, I do not think your risk was that large.
Avatar m tn Let's all chill on the semantics, HIV backgrounds, etc etc. On MedHelp, we follow the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), test manufacturers, FDA, and our experts, Drs. HHH and Hook, and the experts in the HIV International Forum. It is this forum's position that oral sex by itself does not require testing. Lizzie, Teak, Vance, etc., all have some great quotes taken from our experts about the risks of oral sex and HIV, which I have included.
Avatar m tn For this reason you do not even need testing for HIV. However you can laways have a HIV Duo test now, which will be negative and will give you the peace of mind that you need. The rash that you describe is probably unrelated, but it might be worth being tested for syphilis, just incase, as there is certainly a risk of this through oral sex.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr HHH, It is nice to see expert opinions based on research rather than the usual 'copy and pasted' facts on HIV Testing on several government sponsored web sites. I have been tested negative for HIV antibodies just a bit over 12 weeks following possible exposure (through heterosexual intercourse). I come from the UK and the person I was with had several unprotected sexual encounters with partners overseas (mostly Europe). Naturally I was a bit concerned when I later discovered this.
Avatar n tn , because of the liability and I dont think HIV is a science that is totaly understood. I have known many friends who have HIV and or Aids. Both female and male. Several had originaly reported there risks where hetero type stuff, but as the years passed other truths came about. My 2 Female cousins did actually get it from there husbands who where IV drug users. But the all males had lied about there risk. Later to find out they had much more higher risks than male female sex.
Avatar n tn Less than 10% of commercial sex workers in Singapore have HIV. The higher priced and more organized the setting in which you located your partner the lower the risk of HIV. It will be difficult to be more precise than this short of getting your partner tested for HIV. The risk of a single genital sexual exposure to an infected partner is less than 1 in 1,000.
Avatar m tn In that case - why are experts always say everything with a drawback? Are they fully sure? Why is there no expert willing to sign his/hers name to "have only oral sex, it is fully hiv safe" and also say it is ok to have it with hiv positive individuals? Also, why is it that the mouth is the only orfice that hiv can not be contracted through? Why having your penis in an anus for about 20 seconds much riskier than let's say having it in a mouth for an hour?
Avatar n tn Good, starting backing up your claims with scientific facts and studies. You continue to make HIV look like it's a common cold and all is well and I'll continue to educate people with the facts of how to protect themselves and testing. Yes, what you state is your "opinion" what I state is "FACT." So let's see if you do your part and post scientific facts.
264121 tn?1313033056 Go through that list and delete all HIV trials that are completed,terminated,not recruiting, suspended,ancillary studies, and for co-infection and you won't have that many trials for HIV/AIDS left. And if you go through the remainder and delete all that are not trials for new drugs there will only be a handful left. Because of its global prevalence and ease of infection HIV/AIDS poses a potentially serious national security issue.
Avatar n tn Naturally, we don't compromise anything less than zero when it comes to our own life, and especially in my part of the world, HIV/AIDS is still a horrible life threatening disease due to, lack of quality medical care, non-availability of proper nutrition to everyone and limited accessibility to HAART. So in our part of the world, we focus more on abstinence and monogamy, purely under the influence of local environment and conditions, which may not be that applicable in the developed world.
Avatar n tn The original poster's exposure was in Thailand and not in the US. The US based hetero and homo based transmission facts and statistics simply do not apply for a Thai encounter. If you are going to call a hetero encounter outside developed world as the same risk as U.S, it will be comparing oranges and apples. Other subtypes might have a role to play in this and that is why I started the thread about clades. Even Dr. H's responses are more suited to U.S exposures and may not apply worldwide.
Avatar n tn I'll quote Gerald Perone, one of the leading HIV specialists in the US, who leads an HIV forum on, MD, AIDS Research and Treatment Centre of the Treasury Coast: "Bi-directional transmission of HIV infection between men and women has been established based on a mountain of observational data. Heterosexual men are at risk for acquiring STDs and HIV in both the developed and developing world. Granted, men do transmit HIV infection more efficiently to women than the converse.
Avatar n tn It's really sad in a way that people are not truly honest about how they actually contracted HIV .... it gives us false hope and untrue figures. He really gave me quite a scare and made me doubt everyones ability and information here on Medhelp and Aidsmeds. Basically what you're saying Teak is that there is no reason for me to pursue this matter any longer as my risk for contracting HIV from one sexual encounter with another woman is not risky at all and no need for me to test?
Avatar n tn at which point I thought I had an std so I went and got tested for aids,claumitia,goneria,sypilis,herpes but I didn't have any of the above. (and other doctors treated me for a yeast infection which apparently it wasn't) after that they decided i should see a uroligist, and he tested my kidneys,blatter,and urinary track (which casted me a total of700 dollars) and he told me he didn't see ANYthing wrong with me,...
Avatar f tn I would think that since 50% of the HIV/AIDS deaths are co-infected with HCV (which makes me wonder what the real cause of death is for those folks) and is less curable in those of African descent might make this a cause which many of the afore organizations might readily embrace because of their current campaigns and involvement with HIV/AIDS awareness and/or treatment, particularily in the African nations which seem to have been hit the hardest by HIV/AIDS.
Avatar f tn Hepatitis C must be addressed separately and apart from HIV and must not be paired with HIV and STD. A recent, 10 year study has confirmed, Hepatitis C is not a STD. In the act, the recommendations and guidelines of the National Hepatitis C Prevention Strategy "provide a framework for Hepatitis C prevention, control, research, and medical management referral programs.
Avatar m tn Now let's talk about what a lot of people thing when you say the word STD... HIV/AIDS... Herpes isn't like the other STD's. Think about HIV for a second. You get HIV you know that your immune system will suffer and your risk death from such a virus. That virus is a life ender. Herpes isn't HIV. Herpes is a skin condition. It is no different then when you had pimples as a teenager. The difference is that Herpes is lifelong.