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Avatar f tn You can begin to help yourself by getting educated about HIV/AIDS. I would urge you to refrain from any form of sexual encounter until you understand how HIV is transmitted. Since you obviously don't know what does and what doesn't constitute safe sex, you should probably abstain until you learn how to protect both you and your partner. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but people KNOW there is a risk out there and yet they just keep on having sex and then freaking out.
Avatar m tn Has anyone heard of this hiv like virus in china? If so please share FACTS with me! I'm hoping it's bs.!!
Avatar m tn During these years, there will be no prominent symptoms of HIV/AIDS. One of the dangerous facts about AIDS is that although, during asymptomatic stage, there will be no symptoms, the virus can still be transferred from the infected person.
Avatar f tn Can someone help me? When searching the web, wedmd and other sites regarding HIV. It states you can contract HIV or AIDS thru oral sex. I've been reading thru all the post from the experts on this site and they say no. Can someone please tell me real facts?? Thank you so much...
Avatar n tn You flooded me with PMs and it was all explained to you. Shingles is not a symptom of AIDS or those that have HIV. End of subject.
Avatar f tn You could get hepatitis C through contact with an infected person’s blood.
Avatar n tn You might want to do a little research, because just as HIV/AIDS, herpes antagonizes the immune system- thus weakening it overtime. Things that a normal immune system could fight off, such as yeast, it soon develops and inability to fight off efficiently, in some people. So you could very well have a yeast problem at the root related to some other STD such as HSV or it may be related to the pills you are taking.
Avatar f tn //www.amfar.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know if the info is out there anywhere and if so where to find it? I want to find out what percentage of all hiv/aids cases are from males who have sex with women.
Avatar n tn The only accurate HIV forums are Medhelp & Aids meds because both forums present the facts.
Avatar m tn You have to have HIV to get AIDS. AIDS is a progression of HIV.
Avatar m tn Hello. Again. Why are you so worried? Because you have severe HIV ANXIETY, that's why. And since you won't believe what you've been told on the HIV Forum, what you've been told on various HIV/AIDS Hotlines, what I gave you to read and what I've told you numerous times, then it's time you got into therapy. You can only be given the FACTS just so many times before a line must be drawn. I will outline those facts once more and then, for ME, the line will be drawn.
Avatar f tn They are normally anxiety driven and have nothing to do with HIV facts. It has probably been shared with you how someone gets HIV. Adults get HIV from unprotected vaginal or anal sex where penetration occurred or sharing of IV drug needles. Transmission only takes place inside the host or body. Air inactivates the virus. You can not get HIV from a surface or a razor. Since some countries are sorely lacking in education, we give you this information for you to internalize.
Avatar f tn Statistics from HIV Aids council Australia,''of the 25,000+ people living in Australia with HIV 82% are men who have sex with men,10% hetro sexual community,8% iv drug users''.How is my statement incorrect??
Avatar f tn my mean half brother tried to scare me the other day by telling me that after blood has dried if you wet it again with a little bit of water or something that if it was hiv positive that it could reactivate the virus...i know it is a dumb question but is it true i just cant find an answer anywhere.
Avatar f tn You need to seek help for your HIV anxiety via a psychologist, learn the facts, and move on with your life. Trust me, I know...I spent many a lunch hour sitting in an AIDS clinic to get over my own HIV anxiety.