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Avatar m tn I tested before breakfast at 143, 2 hours after breakfast I tested at 251, 2 hours later after excersize I tested at 086. Are these types of spikes something that is normal? I really don't understand yet what to expect. Thanks in advance.
4275750 tn?1376004759 Try oatmeal, plain or with cinnamon and nuts. An artificial sweetener to sweeten things up but use in moderation; Stevia, Stevita, Succralose.
Avatar n tn If your blood glucose was 61 an hour or two after breakfast, especially if your breakfast was fairly high carb (such as cereal, bread, etc) you might have a specific type of hypoglycemia called reactive hypoglycemia which is people who have low blood sugar after a meal high in carbs. I would suggest seeing your doctor and getting tested to see what type of hypoglycemia you have and to make sure you aren't pre-diabetes.
Avatar m tn Check your glucose level in the middle of the night (around 3 AM). If your blood sugar is high, you are probably experiencing Dawn Phenomenon. One thing to try is not to snack 2-3 hours before bedtime. Carbs will raise glucose levels during the night.
Avatar n tn You are normal. After meal ranges are <180 mg/dl while some doctors want to see <140 mg/dl. [< means less than].
Avatar f tn Two months ago, I learned that I was reactive hypoglycemic after a 5 hour glucose fasting test.Glucose after one hour was 188. After two was 114. After three was 128 and after four 63. My doctor told me that my glucose fasting score of 96 on a scale of 70-100 was nothing to worry about, but just bought a one touch and have noticed that in the morning before breakfast so far, I'm at between 96-113 and about 118 an hour after eating. How do I respond to these scores?
Avatar m tn fasting, two hours after breakfast, 2 after lunch, 2 after dinner. That way you can get a sampling of where you're at different times of day. Also testing two hours after meals is a good way of seeing how different foods affect your blood glucose and knowing then what is good and not so good for you to eat. So bottom line is there is no absolute time you have to test but it does provide you with important information about managing your diabetes.
Avatar f tn I am unable to understand the reason behind getting fasting glucose levels at borderline that ususally comes 5.2. After breakfast it is toally controlled (<6.2-6.8) though 1h after lunch I ususally get readings <7.2-7.8. Another thing I also notice if the blood drop flows freely results are good as well as when you work little hard to get a big drop it fails with erratic and high readings.
Avatar n tn I compensate by testing a couple of hours after my first sip of coffee and compensating with a tiny bit of insulin if glucose levels are rising. I believe that in my case, my body starts producing adrenalin when the caffeine kicks in. And adrenalin can make sugars rise. So I suspect that this effect is different for different people. Just check often while drinking coffee so you can catch it and compensate if glucose levels rise.
Avatar m tn How soon after breakfast did you check your blood sugar? Bread is a simple carb and spikes the blood sugar pretty quickly. If your body is producing adequate insulin, it would bring the blood sugar down pretty quickly. You should wait 2 hrs after a meal to test blood sugar, so it's unlikely that you have diabetes. If in doubt, have your doctor do a Hemoglobin A1c test and/or a glucose tolerance test.
Avatar f tn t believe I have it, with my bs readings they seem within the norm non diabetic range... My lowest first thing in morning is 4.9 before breakfast.. Going upto 7.3 2hrs after eating breakfast... Confused!
Avatar m tn BUT I CHECK MY BLOOD SUGAR, BEFORE MY BREAKFAST RESULT IS 5.44mmol/L, 98mg/dl, AFTER BREAKFAST 9.38mmol/L, 169mg/dl. Can u say, what is it?
Avatar f tn Ugh! This morning my doctor called me to let me know that my Glucose test came up high....He said the would like to see it under 140 and mine was 170...I was so bummed. I was hoping it was cause i ate before the test but the doctor told me too. He said I could have breakfast like two eggs and so i did maybe that made my test high.....Now I have to make an appt. for the 3hour glucose test.....I hope I don't have gestational diabetes that scares me....
Avatar m tn Two hours after eating breakfast my glucose levels were 161. Right after a brisk 1 hour walk they were 104. I ate a small sandwich and checked (2) hours after eating. My glucose wat 181. What's up with this. Right now my waking numbers average about 150. Do these seem right?
180395 tn?1287493997 " Are these levels normal?" First, I'm glad you posted for the chance of diabetes are greater when the parents have it. What you need to do today is change doctors and find one that will listen to you, offer advice, and not ignore your health. Unfortunately not all doctors follow their "hippocrates oath" and it appears yours is in this category. Ask your doctor to test your glucose (blood sugar) with an OGTT (oral fasting glucose and an A1c test.
Avatar m tn After eating breakfast I often feel rather weak and have to sit in my recliner for an hour or so. I am discovering I am having a "sugar drop" of as much as 25 points. What is causing this sugar drop?
Avatar n tn Are you on a restricted diet? I'm on a high protein/high fat diet (Atkins revised diet). It's working for me to drop glucose and pounds. I hate working out so I go to low impact classes which are actually fun.
Avatar f tn When I took my glucose test I was 90 when fasting and 126 after a large breakfast. 140 was the cutoff for gestational diabetes in my test, so 126 was a little high they said.
1456043 tn?1285362531 M (i.e 2 hours after breakfast) for blood and urine test. Not knowing what to do for two hours, I sat at some isolated chair in the clinic and did 20 minutes silent laughter exercise. (BTW now i am very much can do laughter yoga by myself alone). Samples were taken as per schedule.
Avatar f tn 00) and it is relatively high (this week, it stayed in the 180 range). I am getting mixed information. I was told on many occasions that although it is high, there is no need to get alarmed. On the other hand, a doctor actually told me that I need to discuss with my primary physician about getting on insulin because my glucose levels should not be that high when I wake up. I have noticed though that when I check it after exercise, it is in a normal range.