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283921 tn?1218529106 Most People in this country did not eat like that since childhood. If their cholesterol got high once they were adults it takes quite some time to get it down the natural way. I tried it for one year religiously and it only lowered mine 20 points. I still was walking around with a TC of 286 and an LDL of 231. Once your cholesterol is that high people like me cannot settle for a lowering of 20 points in one year despite exercise every day and healthy eating on top of it.
Avatar n tn I tried for ten years to lower my cholesterol with whole grains like Quaker Oats, I cut out most high cholesterol foods, exercised daily, etc. I got my total cholesterol down to about 200 from about 265. I thought that was good enough. However, at age 60 I had my first heart attack and stents, this year at age 65 I had two more heart attacks and more stents.
956292 tn?1334058469 HDL is considered good cholesterol. You want this number to be high. There is much argument as to how high is too high. I have heard that some doctors believe the higher the better with HDL. I don't know how true this is. LDL is the bad cholesterol. This is what causes all the problems with atherosclerosis, blood clots, etc. When I had to learn about all this stuff in school, one of my instructors told us how to keep it straight was to think of it this way.
119874 tn?1189759429 I was told that some HCV virus infected people often do have low cholesterol readings. Mine is also very low. Maybe because you cleared the virus now you are showing "normal" readings? Tx can affect the thyroid too. What did your doc say about it? My hubby had some high cholesterol issues but he altered his diet and it is fine now but the doc said if the diet changes didn't "fix" it, he would have to go on cholesterol lowering meds.
Avatar f tn My African mother 56 yrs, 80 kgs, pressure 170/80, cholesterol 232 and chest pain ((angina?). 2 different doctors give 2 different results and sadly even been taken off her pressure meds!!! She is on a large concoction of tabs. I have pictures of ECG chart but how do I attach it?
Avatar f tn But then some people have conditions where their neutrophils just go high periodically. A slightly high bilirubin can be high from slight liver damage, or from red blood cells getting destroyed in the blood stream, among other causes. Possibly the best thing is to see a hematologist, and be prepared for a long period of diagnosis. Or maybe everything originates in the gut. Why was the MRI done, the one that found the bulging disc?
Avatar m tn Do you have a high sugar, high sodium, or high cholesterol diet? Do you smoke, consume alcohol often or drink coffe or tea often? 5) How is your stress level? I'm wondering if stress is contributing to vessels breaking down from high blood pressure. 6) Did you have a migraine headache before your gray area appeared? I had a migraine headache the night before this happened, so that probably doesn't mean much. My name is Shawn by the way, please let me know whenever you get some free time.
Avatar f tn My FSH last time I checked was over 100 yet my estrogen was normal and my blood test came back normal only my cholesterol was high but I know its hereditary. I was been looking for natural ways of mediating my condition ever since. I have seen over 4 endocrinologist and gynos I haven't been to a fertility clinic but I plan on going. My advice is for you to try Acupuncture or look into it.
Avatar n tn Hello, your blood sugars are high. Because your body is used to being high you will feel low, even you aren't. B ut damage is happening so you need to bring your sugars down. I'll put my comments in capitals below Bed time Sugar 10.8 (194.4), took 20 units of Levimir (LONG ACTING) at 11pm. (WITH BLOOD SUGAR AT 158 YOU PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE TAKEN HUMALOG - YOU NEED TO WORK OUT THE APPROPRIATE CORRECTION DOSE TO CORRECT FOR THE HIGH). 2-20 am Sugar 8.8 (158.
Avatar n tn Slightly high blood prrssure from the pill, resting heart rate in high 50s. I recently joined the gym, expecting to be caught out on my rubbish fitness level, but was very surprised that my VO2 max was at an 'elite' level, apparently (on a polar watch mind you). This contradicts my actual performance in the gym - when i first started, walking at a steady pace on a small gradient bought my heart rate up to about 150bpm within 2 minutes - the trainer came back and looked slightly puzzled.
Avatar n tn This just happened again to my thumb after 10 years and my cardiologist prescribed high blood pressure meds...and I DON'T have high blood pressure, I've been running for 25 years! If anyone has a diagnosis please share...I know your frustration.
Avatar f tn -- red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body; -- white blood cells, which help fight infection; and, -- platelets, which stick together at the site of a cut or wound to form a clot to stop the bleeding. People who have thrombocytopenia don’t have enough platelets to form a blood clot, and so they may bleed excessively when they are cut. 2 -- How does thrombocytopenia occur?
Avatar n tn The Wobenzym acts to reduce hypercoagulation by reducing the surfeit of fibrin in the blood. This may increase blood circulation, but I don't know if it will help your knees. I'm not all that surprised that your liver enzymes are elevated. When the Lyme bacteria are killed, they release neurotoxins that cause a number of Lyme symptoms. The liver detoxifies the poisons that the body accumulates, including any alcohol you may drink and medications that you take.
1273125 tn?1365081126 Yes my cholesterol is a little high. My blood pressure has always been good and has nothing to do with a statin. I guess if it had been bad then they would have tried to push another medication as well. I am just wondering why they are trying to push medications?
Avatar n tn html according to that site it can be Calcific Band Keratopathy , caused by several things , thay recommend a complete metabolic/chem20 blood test and a cholesterol panel to determine if it's a calcium issue, cholesterol or something else...
Avatar n tn Arcus is almost always age or high blood cholesterol. In any case cannot be removed. Yes color soft contacts might cover it.
Avatar m tn follow-up thank you for responding, my surgeon, is about to send me to a specialist she has worked with before . I am 57, diabetic, with high blood pressure. my last 2 a1c,was 6.4 & 6.3. before this down turn my bp was 120/82. this week it has been 155/95 . my cholesterol is in the normal range.
Avatar n tn 1. Have a general physical and have your MD draw a fasting lipid profile then discuss the results. 2. See an Eye MD ophthalmologist for a complete exam and to confirm this is a arcus. Find one near you at www.aao.
873804 tn?1242606308 Its just scary because My blood pressure gets so high sometimes and i cant get it down, and my chest hurts. Sometimes it feels like my head is going to pop off......He did mention something about having a blood disease that could also be causing this... but I was advised to lose weight and come back in three months.
483733 tn?1326802046 and stay relatively healthy, while someone who is my age, ethnic mix, height, weight and so forth, may have high cholesterol just from looking at pictures of butter. Medicine is a art, which is informed by science. We must all, therefore, be artistic in our approach...
Avatar f tn It is true that in younger people with high blood cholesterol that when medications are used to reduce the problem (statins) that the arcus can reduce or disappear.
469720 tn?1388149949 Many people with diabetes also have high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and are overweight. This increases their risk even more. While diabetes is treatable, the presence of the disease still increases your risk of stroke. Carotid or other artery disease - The carotid arteries in your neck supply blood to your brain. A carotid artery narrowed by fatty deposits from atherosclerosis (plaque buildups in artery walls) may become blocked by a blood clot.
725006 tn?1231150970 In a young person it can come from high blood cholesterol and lipids or it can come from age (greater than 60 years). MedHelp.org rules proclude a physician forum physcian from accepting letters, personal e mails, faxes, etc. If you want to post a picture I'll take a look. What is your age and have you had a blood lipid profile done in the last two years?
Avatar f tn I follow Dr Joel Fuhrman's diet and have reversed diabetes, high blood pressure, high and low cholesterol. Nutrition means everything to your health. You can make many friends here, on the adult or teen forum, and i hope that you find many supports here. You've come to the right place, to no feel alone during this time. God Speed.
Avatar f tn I had a Nuclear Test,Echocardiogram,Chemical Stress Test. I have High Blood Presure,High Cholesterol,Obesity, Pre Diabetes and a former smoker although it has been15 years smoke free.He said it showed a possible blockage and small hole a Patent Foramen Ovale. They did not think they would get any good pictures off a CT Scan. He said it was better to be safe then sorry. I want to know if these sound like bad problems with my heart?
Avatar m tn In addition, a couple of years after the MRI scan, due to the onset of high blood pressure, I was prescribed losartan 50 mg and also one of the statin drugs 10 mg to lower my cholesterol level. Well a year ago, I suffered torrential rectal bleeding as a result of diverticular disease. Then a total colectomy was performed.
1688079 tn?1305857713 First, to lower your blood pressure which works by doing the second reason to be on a beta blocker, to slow down your heart rate. This is a very common and effective drug. My guess is you had high blood pressure to go along with your high cholesterol levels which is why you are on the Pravastatin and a cadio healthy diet as well.
Avatar m tn Coronary calcium scans, also known as heart scans or CT angiography provide pictures of the coronary blood vessel (blood supply to the heart). They provide information regarding the presence of calcium in these arteries and in some cases, the degree of blockage within the vessel Doctors and researchers dispute whether the coronary calcium score is actually useful.
1070570 tn?1283439813 EBV Ab VCA, IgG was through the roof at 2092 U/mL (range 0-99). Cholesterol was also high (219 mg/dL), high LDL (147 mg/dL) and low HDL (39 mg/dL) at this point and has been ever since except once. I was on 50mcg until my TSH on Dec 28, 2007 was 9.81 uIU/mL (range 0.34- 4.82), so my dosage was increased to 75 mcg Levoxyl daily. Re-tested thyroid in October 2008 because I was feeling bad. FT4 was 1.06 ng/dL (range 0.71-1.85). TSH 2.02 (range 0.34-5.60).
Avatar f tn I've never been overweight, have no history of high blood pressure or diabetes or high cholesterol, and have never smoked. I have been recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea and have been using a CPAP machine for about 3 months. Although I use the CPAP every night, I have had problems adjusting to the pressure and I still feel extremely tired, weak, and sleepy during the daytime.