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Avatar f tn There are books written for kids on this if you are interested in some titles. Not just back to school anxiety but general anxiety kids may have. The jumping to noises is a classic sign of anxiety. That he is afraid to be alone, clingy, and not wanting to do his usual things all sound like a bit of mental health struggle going on since it is new. One other question.
Avatar n tn I agree w/nygirl that AD's really help. From reading here on the threads all the sx's to expect, I had my Doc start me on Lexapro a month before starting tx due to the anxiety I was having pre tx. Had a lil anxiety after starting tx but a lil "mothers helper" would help with that. The Lexapro really helped. I have been very fortuvnate not to have the Ccharley horses galloping thru my bed so far 24/24. Mostly joint and muscle pain.
Avatar m tn The odd part is, i only began to experience them after my medical ethics class watched a documentary called the modern holocaust (all about HIV AIDS). After that We watched the movie on a monday and by wednesday I was experiencing symptoms or a cold. I had also been looking up symptoms related to HIV infection after watching that horrific movie.
Avatar m tn anyway March 10 i was so gripped by fear that i was HIV positive that i had a rapid blood test done and it came back negative 6 weeks after my last act and just over 8 weeks after the unprotected oral it was negative , anyway i slept with my partner and now i have this demented notion that i have infected her and it is causing strain in our relationship again , everytime i watch tv and a programme comes on about aids or even that aids is mentioned i think it`s the universe sending me a message
Avatar f tn I'm almost at a loss here. I'm sixteen, and I've been having anxiety issues since I was 12, and I don't know how to handle it anymore.. In the beginning, if I just kind of let it play out, it would be done in a minute or so. It was quick. Now..? It just lingers there. Before and everything, it would generally only hit me if I was alone or something.. But since around last year, I started getting anxiety attacks when I was just hanging out with friends or at school. It's like I'm not me.
Avatar n tn As of about a month ago, I started having these gay thoughts pop into my head at random times, just thinking about a movie I watched and go...man, George Clooney is good looking...things like that. These are VERY unwanted, and I've never had them before. When I was younger, my good friend and I would talk about girls, our penises, normal guy stuff. And throughout the years we've hung out a few times, and watched porn together, and seen each other.
Avatar m tn Your lucky you only get that with anxiety as I get constant shortness of breath everyday 24/7 just try to relax and take it easy my mom is just like that.
Avatar f tn Over the 2 year span of me not having super high anxiety ( still had a little) I worked very had at a job so I wouldnt concentrate on health issues, I worked out hard in the gym ( to not worry about people causing physical confrontation) and most importantly I did daily pray and meditation ( maybe twice a day for each). These methods helped alotta because they seemed to handle the problem on all 3 levels (Spiritual, Mental and Physical).
774736 tn?1311334985 I've been to the ER several times since I was first diagnosed with anxiety and have not been able to stop worrying about my heart. I am a young guy with no family history of heart problems yet I still manage to conjure up some ridiculous reason to go to the Emergency Room everytime I have the slightest pain or discomfort in my chest region. I've had doctors tell me I'm fine and that it's all attributed to anxiety and this is after extensive testing such as Chest X-ray, EKG, Blood tests etc...
16685927 tn?1450573095 At this point I almost have anxiety over the anxiety haha. Thanks again for reading all of this and I wish everyone the best of luck with life and finding who “YOU” are as a human being. As I sure am struggling with it. One last thing I was wondering is what type of therapy should I seek out PTSD therapy for anxiety, an Anxiety coach, Psychologist? What would benefit me all together?
Avatar n tn Hi all, I'm 40 and had a bout of anxiety back during the high tech crisis while I was living in Boston and went through the whole Celexa, Effexor, Paxil, Trazadone regiment. I found that after 10 months of the anti-depressants that it overcame the anxiety but added another realm of difficulties like feeling disconnected, brain sparks (when you feel something like a shock in your head).
Avatar m tn I definately spend more time driving than others because I take side streets and avoid major roads and freeways. It ***** and my anxiety spikes really high in the morning thinking about the day ahead. Trouble is, I drive for a living inspecting houses so I kind of have to! In the winter, I got so bad that my husband had to drive me to do my jobs and take the kids to school, etc. I sucked! The more I didn't drive, the more foreign it became to me and to worse it was.
Avatar n tn Continue working on anxiety / stress reduction techniques( meditation, music, having fun, watching a movie, etc. etc.
Avatar f tn Hi all for the last 2 days I have been feeling lightheaded,muscle tension in arms,shoulder blades,neck,chest pain on and off.now and again hot flashes and headache.I have high blood pressure but it is normal,on medication for it.I'm 39years 1.82m and 111kg.I am currently unemployed so do have a lot of stress.
Avatar m tn for the past 2 months ive been having heavy anxiety about hiv the last girl i was with was towards the end of july of 2009 the sex didnt last long i would say bout 2 to 3 mins we were inturrupted any ways she ended up pregnant but she aborted it well in early october of 09 i had got a flu high temps i didnt have a sore throat or swollen lymph nodes that i could tell of i got better a couple of days later i did lose weight during the flu well i didnt think of nothing jus that i got sick because a
Avatar n tn Im 25 suffer from very high levels of anxiety have constant arm and chest pain always feel dizzy ,ive been to the doctor had ecg and holter moniters done everything was fine doc said its anxiety. anxiety is taking over my life i have 4 kids who i cant do thing wit because i constantly feel down i hate feeling like this.
Avatar m tn The thing that led me to quit was that for some reason my whole perception of life changed at one point and things honestly led me to believe that I was hopeless. Then I began noticing this lingering feeling of constant anxiety that I can't really seem to shake off. I thought I would eventually just move past it over time but it's been bothering me for awhile now and I hope its not permanent. It's been complicating my social life greatly and thats pretty much why I'm here.
Avatar f tn So I stopped smoking in all and haven't touched it since. When I was high I felt that terrible pain and started thinkikg about God and demons again. I was arguing with myself in my head again none stop it was. The fear went down again but after that I always had these voices in my head telling me what to do and make choices for me. It's a mental thing I don't really hear them. They tell me bad things are coming my way and don't do this else this will happen.
Avatar f tn The problem I'm having now is that I'm not really getting full blown panic attacks but mini ones they will come out of nowhere. I went and saw a horror movie tonight I never really go see horror movies and I'm not really a fan but halfway through the movie I started feeling really weird and really agitated lasted for two and a half hours.
358304 tn?1409713092 I was just curious to see if anyone else can relate. =) I suffer from health anxiety, however, for the past 5-6 months I have been anxiety and Med FREE. =) Amen. However, I do have a bottle of ativan for those just incase moments of anxiety, which I have taken some the past few days to help stop myself from going into full blown anxiety mode. Last Thursday night, I was attending an Awards Ceremony for a movie I made. My wife and I and friends and family all came to support me.
Avatar m tn Anxiety can definately cause Tachycardia, however there are other illnesses that will too. Have you ever had your thyroid checked??? Is this your only symptom. I suggest that you google "hyperthyroism checklist" and see if any symptoms that you experience are there. If all else is ruled out, it can possibly be an Anxiety disorder and you can also do a checklist for that condition as well. Self education is the key.
Avatar m tn I recently have had a lot of pressure and anxiety the past two, three weeks due to exams and trouble with friendships, relationships etc. I have smoked cannabis a couple of times before, feeling hardly any effects, maybe enhanced happiness but that's it. I smoked it again at the weekend, Saturday to be precise and had the worst experience of my life.
Avatar m tn From that moment on I have felt in a constant mental fog. The first few days after the incident I had really high blood pressure 190/90, I felt really uneasy and was really worried. The next few months I suffered through 3 or so small panic attacks and started to feel depressed as I constantly had half the energy I used to, didn't feel as mentally sharp and started to feel disconnected from reality.
Avatar n tn It was prescribed for General Social Anxiety and School Phobia. It was successful, and we have made the choice based on research and other goals to now wean off the Paxil by gradual reduction in doseage over a 6 month period. He's been on Paxil CR 25MG, 1 tablet per day. Then he went to 3/4 the dose for a month. As of 9/24/04, we went to 1/2 the dose. He'd been taking 37.5 MG of Effexor for depression and the weaning off Paxil thereapy.
Avatar n tn After studying psychology for many years I find that people suffering from anxiety are very smart people. We are slightly gullible and believe in our dreams. We are a team. We are all connected. I love all of you. I mean that. Now get ready for the real cause of anxiety. It is a lack of trust in mankind. People are greedy and sickening so why should we trust them? We should not. Please try and relax when you are feeling these attacks. It is definitely not weird. You are smart. You are fun.
Avatar n tn Yep, A familiar set of tales, I had my first PA whilst watching a movie, and movie theatres have the potential to set them off some 8 years later. They peak at times of stress in your life even positive things like getting married or having a baby, the fact that they tend to come on when you actually slow down makes sense when I just read on this site that they mostly originate in the right brain, which is our creative side and is more easily accessed when we're relaxed!
Avatar n tn 2 Yrs ago I was diagnosed with having panic attacks and anxiety disorder. I took Zoloft for a few months, but didnt like the side effects. I've been off of it for almost a year, and anxiety/panic attack free. Once in awhile, I would feel a flutter in my chest when doing low-grade exercise (Loading laundry, brushing teeth, etc). I usually dismissed it as no worry, and within a day or two it would go away. When doing high-grade exercise, I'd always feel my heartbeat, but with no abnormal rhythm.
Avatar m tn Sounds like a movie title.. But can you have anxiety and not know what is causing it? I mean do people get the feelings of anxiety and not know where they are coming from? I understand some people get anxiety when they fly in an airplane (like me). Some get it when storms are coming. Some when they have to give a speech etc.. But can you have it, and not have a known cause?
Avatar m tn In the recent year or so, I have noticed that I have had a lot of anxiety episodes. For awhile I thought it was too much caffeine or nervousness, but it seem to get worse when I drank. It made for a lot of worry. I obsess about everything. Diease, health, dying, ect. I'm newly married and my wife thinks I am a big worrier and overly obsessed with negative things. I Have had ups and downs with alcohol in the last year and a half.
Avatar m tn In the recent year or so, I have noticed that I have had a lot of anxiety episodes. For awhile I thought it was too much caffeine or nervousness, but it seem to get worse when I drank. It made for a lot of worry. I obsess about everything. Diease, health, dying, ect. I'm newly married and my wife thinks I am a big worrier and overly obsessed with negative things. I Have had ups and downs with alcohol in the last year and a half.