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Avatar f tn Usually, I have bouts if I haven't been avoiding certain foods. I also have a Hiatal Hernia. There is no need for surgery in my case at this time. Have you had an Upper Endoscopy done to rule out Gastritis or Esophagitis? Wait and see what the results are; I wouldn't obsess about "what ifs" at this time. Meanwhile, I would recommend notifying your physician about your increasing pain, etc. and that you are not able to get any real relief.
Avatar n tn I am a 29 yr old male, 5'11, 190 lbs... very athletic. I do not smoke. In 1999, I had an EGD scope as the result of some reflux symptoms. The doctor discovered a hiatal hernia and "reflux esophagitis". He suggested surgery to me at that time, but I felt that was too agressive and opted to take 20mg Prilosec for awhile to see what it does. All of my GERD-related symptoms have disappeared since that time.
Avatar n tn so not like being in a ward...not sure they still have those, do they?..lol... Oh my, does he have a hiatal hernia? If he has a sliding one the drugs and meds used for surgery may be affecting him....see about this and if it is a sliding hernia they may be able to manually manipulate it .....also some probiotics may be helpful, talk to his drs. I hope u get answers on the hiccups.
Avatar n tn Could the `early` cramping and diarhoea symptoms be mistaken for colitis.I also have a hiatal hernia which appeared about the time as the vasomotor symptoms,and have been taking lanzoprazole for some time.I feel i had been having igg intolerance problems for many years leading up to this as the test proved,but the vasomotor symptoms were something else.Incidently the mannitol recovery rate of the test was within limits.
Avatar n tn where can i find out more about this hiatal hernia/vagas nerve problem?? i have similar problem but it only happens at nite. When i mentioned this to my gastro doc,he does not know what it is,he just think constipation could cause headache. how exactly does hiatal hernia cause pinched nerve??does the gas inside the stomach pinch the nerves??does it cause the stomach to expand??
Avatar n tn Your symptoms sound more like a bad case of gastric reflux, either due to acidity or lax esophageal sphincter or due to hiatal hernia (part of stomach forms a hernia into chest cavity). This can cause pain along throat, a feeling of something in the throat, phlegm, and pain in mouth/tongue/throat due to the chemical burn caused by acid from the stomach. Treatment is a combination of drugs to reduce the acid and lifestyle changes.
Avatar f tn Also had colonoscopy and endoscopy which revealed a lesion in my colon, which turned out benign and a 4cm hiatal hernia. So IBS was diagnosed but with hx of cancer in family, wants to keep an eye on. 1998 started bleeding all the time with bladder infections. One would end another started, Put me on cipro for over a year. Don't think that was so safe considering the antibiotic problems today. Went on cranberry juice which helped significantly. Was able to come off meds in time.
Avatar m tn ) DO u know the root cause of ur gerd...mine is a hiatal hernia...I need meds along with a modified diet,....I was able to go many yrs with no meds....but a flareup I do take meds and watch my diet...but it is possible. And if u have a hernia, there is a new treatment where a trained chiropractor can manipulate the hernia to help with the symptoms it causes. Keep a journal to learn all ur food triggers, they may be diff from the ones listed in the health pages. That can help u quit a bit....
Avatar m tn I too have a hiatal hernia, however mine does not slide.The fact u like the more holistic approach, have u looked into diff ways to manipulate ur hernia? I know not all agree with the method...but it may work for some....and may be worth the try...there r some chiropractors that can do manipulations to move the hernia so it is not as bothersome....I have no idea how long the manipulation lasts....but, if in a position to try it or have surgery, I would try it first....
Avatar f tn Based on symptoms alone, no tests, I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and acid reflux. I have a dull ache in the upper part of my abdomen under my breastbone and my stomach is tender to the touch from there down to my belly button. I've also been feeling a tightness in my chest up to my throat as well as my back aching slightly. I've been having stomach issues since back in August and had my gallbladder removed in December.
Avatar m tn It is time to see a GI dr. Yes, the hiatal hernia could cause a lot of your symptoms. However, the diarrhea really isn't one of them. You need the good ole scopes from both ends to help find the cause. You could also have an ulcer from the acid. If you are not seeing a GI dr, I would ask around and find someone who is recommended by a lot of people. It is really time to get to the bottom of your troubles.
1347273 tn?1317630738 Unless u find a chiro that knows how to manipulate the hiatal hernia so it is less of a bother.....not too many do this...so u have to check around. Do u know if ur thyroid issue is auto immune?..Hashimoto's is common with those of us with chiari so I wonder...Hashi's can go either way hyper or hypo..right now I am hypo...but over the yrs I had unexplained weight loss so that is when I must have gone hyper.....
Avatar n tn I have had endoscopy, stress test, echo and CT of my lung and so far all have come back normal except for my hiatal hernia. All the docs seem to think it is the source of my problem and am being treated for it now. I am a heavy weight lifter and now my heart rate zooms while doing heavy weights. I feel a burning sensation in my left pec which radiates into my lung feeling when I press on it. I am scared and that compounds my problem too........I will keep you posted.
Avatar n tn since the surgery I can eat something and blow up with gas that makes the hernia worse than before the operation (minus the heartburn) I cannot burp to releive this gas. I cannot vomit at all. I had the flu and for a week I needed to vomit and could not. The surgeon who preformed the procedure said that I would not have to take any medication again. Since I was getting the same symptons my gastro.
Avatar n tn In 2000 my doctor found I had a large hiatal hernia. I had laproscopic surgery to correct my hernia. I no longer have any heartburn but still have the cough and mucus. I did notice that when I eat ketchup or some type of acidic food I get the cough and mucus but sometimes even drinking sweetened ice tea will give it to me. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn It could also be hiatal hernia. Treatment is a combination of drugs to reduce the acid and lifestyle changes. You will need to take a combination of medications (under medical supervision) like a proton pump inhibitor such as omeprazole, lansoprazole or pantoprazole empty stomach in the morning and an antacid gel after meals for complete relief. Possibility of H pylori infection too should be looked into by a carbon urea breath test and a combination antibiotic tried.
Avatar m tn H2H have much less side effects than PPI, but feeling that you need the H2H i believe is due to hiatal hernia, i confused these aches and pains of gastitis and haital hernia with a stomach acid problem for a long time. Try weaning yourself off Zantac slowly, and just take an alka seltzer on a bad day if the acids start to reflux into your esophagus.
222011 tn?1265475648 I did have this problem periodically before the surgery, but it seems to have gotten worse since the surgery. I am going back to my doctor on Thursday of this week, but he is away and I will have to see the PA. I am glad that I found this site and to know that it's not all just in my head. I have been under a lot of stress in the last 3 or 4 years, and I still am, and my mother tells me that it's probably stress related, but I'm beginning to think it's more than that.
Avatar f tn I have DDD, spinal stinosis, a Hiatal hernia, acid reflux, Ehlers -Danlos, tethered cord and Hashimoto's thyroiditis....I think that all of em....lol.... I hope u can get ur symptoms under control...I do understand ur frustration.
Avatar n tn allll these are similar to my symptoms- I went to a holistic doctor bc I developed a hiatal hernia and just kept getting worse on acid reflux meds-they tried to give me anxiety meds as needed and then tried to put me on daily ones after reading side effects I refused-look up Medical Medium-its an amazing book and it details EBV reactivating in your life due to certain factors and what it can do to your health in four stages.
Avatar f tn I was wearing a smaller size than I ever have in my adult life---and I have had 9 children. this happened during the year before I needed the carpal tunnel surgery, that ended up getting me sent to an endo. I also have times when my badder "flushes" similar to diabetes insipitus----this is another thing that makes me suspect a pituitary problem----besides the fact that I have had low cortisol and low ACTH and a failed stim test---but then had levels that were normal later.
Avatar n tn I do belch and hiccup. Any time regardless whether you ate or not. I think it has to do with hiatal hernia. I do deep breathing excercises every day. I noticed that I belch and hiccup less.
Avatar m tn After having testings (Bravo PH test) we realized my reflux was so high and off the charts I had no other choice but to have a Lap Nissen Fundoplacation Surgery w/Hernia Repair. I had the surgery on 1/4/2012. One week post op I was borderline Pneumonia, then got better for a few days, then the following Monday (2 weeks post op) I woke up and shot straight up and drove myself to the hospital. I never left. I was in so much pain nothing can describe it.
Avatar n tn I was told it is probably from reflux or hiatal hernia. But I have no heart burn whatsoever. I went to the doctor who told me I have ashtma. I have no symptoms of asthma. The doctor put me on an expensive Advair type inhaler for $120 a month which just made me cough more. Other inhalers did no good either. Some days I clear my throat all day long and try to cough something up. It's like there is something down there that just won't come all the way up.
Avatar n tn - probiotics Manage Stress - yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, exercise Check for Hiatal Hernia PH of your body - get it checked and it needs to be alkaline, NOT acidic. Lots of water, with a PH higher than 7.5 Fast - it does make you feel better - I think the body is toxic which is a factor Do a cleanse - followed by probiotics. I am soo glad we are all here to help each other.
Avatar n tn I am so glad to find this page and to see others with the same symptoms as me. I had an endoscopy the other month, and I also have a "hiatus hernia" in my stomach - no idea if that is linked to my condition or not but thought it worth mentioning.
Avatar n tn I had tonsilectomy 2 weeks prior the click started and I feel that this click is the after cause of the surgery. Of course ENT will say that everything is fine, because he is the one that did the surgery... I keep touching my wind tunnel and pushing it with my fingers to the right, something clicks, then after I swallow next few times there is no click and then it comes back again. Very tired of this clicking sound... Don't know if it ever will go away.
Avatar n tn Shen then told me that I had a hiatal hernia, and maybe a high percentage of acid that could cause my pains. In April, I went out and had two drinks with my husband. I wound up in the bathroom with diahrea (like water), and vomiting, and stomache pains that went right through me. I was in sooo much pain! I then had another attack about a week ago right after I ate a meal and it lasted about 45 min then I was fine!