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Avatar f tn I am having surgery to repair a Hiatal Hernia. Has anyone had this done recently? What can I expect? Is it in and out surgery, how long were you out of work, what could you eat, etc.?
Avatar n tn I had double hiatia hernia surgery in Sept. 2006. My recovery was fine and within the year i lost 100 pounds and have kept it off. The other day I was sick and coughing a lot. All at once it felt like my somach ripped open inside. the pain was horrible for about 10 to 15 minutes. I couldn't stand up staight. Just as I called my husband home to take me to the hospital it started to loosen up and ease off.
Avatar n tn I am not aware of a direct connection between a hiatal hernia and PVCs. It may be possible that the symptoms from the hernia may exacerbate the PVCs. In order to evaluate the heart, I would suggest an echocardiogram to ensure there isn't any structural heart abnormalities. I would also consider an event monitor - which can measure your heart rhythm to ensure there is no arrhythmia present during the symptommatic periods. A thyroid test should also be obtained.
Avatar f tn Having hiatal hernia (Nissen) surgery in a few days. My questions are : How soon would it be safe to climb stairs? When can I resume exercising? Some say that sit ups would strengthen the abdomen. Is that true? if so when should I start that? Reading the blog, most people are complaining about not being able to eat. Is this a normal? Would it be better to do a liquid diet for awhile? If so, How long should it be?
Avatar n tn I'd take an inguinal hernia any day over a hiatal hernia.
Avatar f tn When I was searching the for answers based on my symptoms, I found 'hiatal hernia' - where a portion of the stomach pushes through the diaphrahm into the chest cavity. My symptoms match this diagnosis. I have struggled physically and mentally for the past 2 months due to the discomfort and pain and am experiencing feelings of panick whilst and after mild exercise such as walking. My main questions are: Could this condition have been caused by a strong physical movement such as the bundha's?
Avatar m tn Welcome to the gastroenterology community! How was your hiatal hernia diagnosed? Hiatal hernias are NOT inoperable. They almost never require surgery, but in severe cases, surgery can be done. Have you tried a GERD-friendly diet? Have you had pulmonary testing?
Avatar n tn 2 weeks ago I had a laproscopic nissen fundoplication for a 4cm hiatal hernia. I have recovered quickly from surgury and often feel normal, but still can only eat soft foods. It is difficult for anything, even liquids, to get past LES and often need to regurgitate as I sense food unable to pass LES (not vomiting, more like bending over and squeezing). While I was told 3 months recovery, I have not seen any improvement. Often sense need to belch small quantity of air- no problem belching.
Avatar f tn Twelve days ago I had fundoplication surgery to repair a hiatal hernia . My voice was fine when I went into surgery. I woke up with Velopharyngeal Insufficiency or deficiency . I have a hyper-nasally voice and if I drink or eat to quickly it comes out my nose. I have spoken with several doctors including my primary care surgeon and an ENT all have said they never saw this happen to anyone for no reason after a surgical procedure.
Avatar n tn i too am starting the process for laproscopic surgery for hiatal hernia and the valve in the esoph. that doesnt close to hold down food and acid etc.. the doctor has done this surg. 60 or so times..at least one evey othe week. i havent found a way to check on him or his credentials. i am so worried that i will have more trouble after the surgery. prilosec does not help any more and i have severe pain in chest(mostly left side) and upper stomach right below rib cage.
Avatar n tn I might go for a laparoscopic fundoplication surgery, for I have got hiatal hernia and severe GERD. Does anyone know what risks are involved, and what can happen to me afterwards? Will I have difficulty swallowing? And other things I have read about? If you have done this surgery, please tell me about it. Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn You will need to have a gastric emptying test to determine if this is what is going on. If it is Hiatal hernia or just reflux without known origin, the Nissen Fundoplication will work fine. I have had two of them and they work fine. From the sound of it, Sheila may have been able to avoid the surgery had she known about the gastroperesis before hand.
Avatar f tn Since the surgery all the pain that I had been having over the years is gone. The surgery was painfull for the first few days but the recovery went by quick. Now I still feel a little week but I am ok and for the first time pain free. It turns out my gallbladder was filled with stones and not working. How could the doctors mis diagnose me for that long. Over the years I must have taken a million antacids or thought I was having a heart attack a hundred times.
1118349 tn?1325503536 Remember, though, that this is MAJOR surgery, and the recovery process takes a really long time. My aquaintence expects to need help around the house for at least a year. She has other health issues, too, but the point is that this is a very big deal. The longer you can put off this surgery, the better off you'll be. Now that I know more about it myself, I prefer waiting and even doing everything I can to control my GERD with necessary dietary change and such.
Avatar n tn I have recently been through a ton of testing, including Blood/urine tests (all normal) EKG(all well there), x-rays (all good), ultrasound of the gallbladder and pancreas(also fine), ct scan with and without contrast( showed a thickening of the stomach lining, had an EGD (Have a hiatal hernia everything else including biopsies were normal there Doc saw no thickening) so I have been taking Nexium which relieved some of the acid reflux which wasn
Avatar n tn My surgery was a little different than these other people. I also had a hernia repaired during the same surgery! My symptoms started during my pregnancy with twins which was six years ago(1994) . I had frequent lose bowel movements and cramping with each meal. I pretty much lived with the symptoms thinking that I just had a change in my bowels since having the twins, not knowing that this was abnormal. My attacks got worse until I finally went to see a Doctor(1999).
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors! Welcome to Part 53. This thread is full of helpful and kind people who want to help you get off this terrible drug. Please snuggle in and make yourself comfy. I know you can do it!
790421 tn?1341233731 he did the egd and showed me the pics of my stomach. saying i have a hiatal hernia in my lower esophagus and suggested that surgery is needed,what process do they do for this and what is the recovery time.also is this an overnight procedure or a outpatient process.any feedback would be helpful........thank you............................
Avatar n tn Could the `early` cramping and diarhoea symptoms be mistaken for colitis.I also have a hiatal hernia which appeared about the time as the vasomotor symptoms,and have been taking lanzoprazole for some time.I feel i had been having igg intolerance problems for many years leading up to this as the test proved,but the vasomotor symptoms were something else.Incidently the mannitol recovery rate of the test was within limits.
1666825 tn?1303256259 I disagree with selmaS on this issue, I tried a chiropractor with a strong pitch that he could help with a hiatal hernia, and it was just money thrown down the rat hole. I had surgery to correct the procedure and it was completely a success, I haven't taken an antacid since I had the surgery. However, I developed Barrett's Esophagus so I have to have an endoscopy every year to make sure this pre-cancerous condition remains benign..
Avatar m tn I have to ask how bad is ur GERD u feel the need to have this surgery?I have a hiatal hernia and just wondered at what point people seek this option.
Avatar m tn Hi. I'm a 38 f. who last year was diagnosed with sliding hiatal hernia (which was told it was no big deal) GERD/Reflux. I was put on prevacid 60 mil. this never controled my constant burping but made life liveable until this Nov. I had a huge change...lower right under rib abdominal pain that wrapped around my back. I ate cashews and was doubled over in pain felt like a horse was kicking me.GI doc did another Endoscopy clear- Ultrasound clear-Bloodwork- clear and HIDA.
Avatar n tn I had a hiatal hernia so none of the suggested relief methods were working for me. The surgery recovery was tough to say the least and 2.5 years later I was still having the exact problems mentioned (post op), especially running to the bathroom after EVERY meal. In Dec 02 my husband and I started on the Atkins low carb diet.
Avatar n tn I have been scoped at least twice and have been noted to have a significant Hiatal hernia that has caused some mild as well as severe symptoms over the years. Twice I have been to the E.D. with left shoulder, jaw and chest pain (in retrospect, following a few hours of outdoor chores that included much bending over) and have subsequently been cardiac cathed each time.
Avatar m tn vomiting, weight gain (right after surgery) severe stomach pain, is all of this related to hiatal hernia or GERD. I have not found any information for either.
1684237 tn?1305221344 I actually only came here today looking for some ideas for what I might eat post-surgery. I love my food, and the diet following the surgery is really been on my mind. I have dealt with GERD for so long, it's hard for me to even remember when it started. I will take a wild guess and say approximately 30 years. I've actively been very sick with it about 8 years now. about a year ago I had a scope because it was becoming intolerable.
Avatar m tn - Hiatal hernia (3cm-4cm); - Esophagitis grade 4. I’ve began the treatment with Domperidone and Esomeprazole. I’ve repeat the endoscopy in March and no improvements where noted. The doctor changed the treatment to domperidone and pantoprazole (60mg/day). Yesterday I made a new endoscopy. Conclusions: Barret esophagus. The gastroenterologist took some tissues to analysis (I’m still waiting for the results). Is this evolution normal (from esophagitis grade 4 to BE in 6 months?).
Avatar f tn He has lost 30 pounds in the last 5 months (since it began). Had an endoscopy a couple months ago that showed gastritis and a hiatal hernia. He has GERD. Was on rx-strength Zantac until 9/12/09 when had first GB attack. Has tried every GERD med under the sun. Is now on Kapidex, which helps somewhat with the lump in throat. He has already stopped the painkillers/stool softeners given by the hospital. Ultra sound showed a fatty liver. Liver enzyme levels are fine. Not diabetic.
Avatar f tn If it was then there's no alarm no infection no need to stress.. somehow someway you got a hiatus hernia or hiatal hernia is the protrusion (or herniation) of the upper part of the stomach into the thorax through a tear or weakness in the diaphragm. In most cases, sufferers experience no discomfort and no treatment is required. However, when the hiatal hernia is large, or is of the paraesophageal type, it is likely to cause esophageal stricture and discomfort.