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Avatar m tn I had open mesh left inguinal hernia surgery 8 days ago. My testicles have been dark purple ever since, but seem like they may FINALLY be beginning to improve a bit. I haven't had much testicular swelling, just tender and sensitive, but my left spermatic cord seems to be a bit swollen, and my testicles seem to be hanging in sort of a strange way.
Avatar m tn Could be a hernia who knows best thing you could do at this point is GET TESTED And I have a problem with you saying you cant confirm if he used a condom or not ALWAYS be safe ALWAYS no matter what sex last a few minutes HIV is a life time
Avatar m tn 00 pm I noticed that my testicles had a dull ache in them , and about 7:00 that night I got a head ache, but it went away in about two hours or so , after I took a head ache pill for it . Today on sunday my testicles still ache and my head hurts just a little. Also I don’t know if this is important but I have had a small bump on my right testicles for around two years now .What could this be ?
Avatar n tn my son has a swollen left testicle 3 times the size of the other, he is now saying he has abdominal pain to the left side of his belly button we went to the urologist who had no answers for us and gave us antibotics and pain meds and said we just needed to give it time they say it is not torsion according to the ultrasounds I just want him to be back to his normal active self....
Avatar m tn When I went in for surgery to have an inguinal hernia repaired, after the procedure started the surgeon found that my right testicle had become enlarged. I had checked myself only a couple of days before the procedure and both testicles appeared normal at that time. My question(s) are: What likely caused the testicle to enlarge, and will it probably return to normal on its own? The surgeon explained some of this to my wife, but not to me.
Avatar n tn (Did no good) The uroligist checked me out and said it was from the hernia repair surgery, more pain meds. I don't want no more pain meds - Just fix me!!!! The PAIN is bad, a dull pain on the right side in between my testicles and leg, bad pushing pain when I deficate and inscruciating pain in my testicles. I don't know where to go or what to do!!!!!
Avatar n tn His problem is that every few months he gets a pain in his testicles and they get red and swollen. He gets really cold and has the chills. his testicles then begin to secrete some kind of liquid and its very difficult for him to move. My boyfriend has been to the hospital for it and they found he had a hernia.he just had the surgery in may and we thought that was the problem. unfortunatley a couple of weeks ago it came back. his doctor said it wasnt the hernia but cant tell him what it is.
Avatar f tn A close relative is suffering from hepatitis C in and for a few months he has a problem of hernia. Hernia problem has grown bigger. His body is swollen around that area. Doctors say he can not be operated because of his condition of hepatitis C as the bleeding will not stop. Water also accumulates in his body. What treatment should he get. Thanks for you advice and help.
Avatar m tn Since then I have been having a dull ache/light pain in both testicles. Sometimes the pain is on lower shaft of penis and sometime (rarely) is on upper goin/leg area. I have been checked for all STIs 10 days and also 3 months after - all clear. I only have pain in testciles, they are NOT painfull to touch, and are not swollen. I do NOT have any pain or burning when I urinate and no discharge at all. I have noticed althogh have off days it is getting less frequent but still there.
Avatar m tn I went to walk in clinic three weeks later as i began getting a pain in my goin on the right side. It seemed to stick out a little more than the left. The doctor said it could be hernia or a swollen lymph node which would make more sense with a genital infection present. He sent me for an ultrasound to confirm the lump.
Avatar n tn I had a vasectomy 5 years ago. Since then I will occasionally develop pain in my testicles. I thought I had a hernia and have been to the emergency room, pcp, and a urologist. All over the course of the last 5 years. Never found a problem.. My urologist thought perhaps that I had nerve damage, but that was about all. 3 weeks ago I started to get the pain again. This time however my testicles seemed to swell. It really only seems to be the right one, or the right side.
Avatar m tn My husband has had pain like this since his surgery 3 months ago. It has recently subsided some. But his feet and ankles have been swollen since three wks after surgery when he got a bladder infection,and nothing helps. We have seen a couple of dr.s for the lower back thing,but they can't find anything. He even went to the emergency room b/c of the pain at the beginning of this. Diagnosed with the bladder infection,checked for leg clots,etc.....
Avatar m tn I just had double hernia surgery and i am worried about my condition. I just want to know if my testicles are suppose to be swollen and bruised?
Avatar m tn I went to a general surgeon for the hernia and didn't feel it and my testicles weren't swollen any longer, he said we should set up surgery if I wanted to and I decided to wait. Could this be something else for example, Prostatitis or Testicular cancer? I haven't noticed any change in urination and there is no burning while urinating.
Avatar f tn (he has a language disorder). We checked him out and nothing was swollen or black and blue. We asked exactly where it hurt and he pointed to the RIGHT testicular area/sac. He would sporadically say he was in pain. We took him to his Dr. and he said he could feel "something" possibly an inguinal hernia on RIGHT side. He referred us to a surgeon. She said she could definately feel some weakness on his "right side".
Avatar m tn I went to a general surgeon for the hernia and didn't feel it and my testicles weren't swollen any longer, he said we should set up surgery if I wanted to and I decided to wait. Could this be something else for example, Prostatitis or Testicular cancer?
Avatar m tn I went to a general surgeon for the hernia and didn't feel it and my testicles weren't swollen any longer, he said we should set up surgery if I wanted to and I decided to wait. Could this be something else for example, Prostatitis or Testicular cancer?
Avatar m tn I would get swollen testicles and a dull throbbing ache in the scrotum and lower abdomen. I eventually needed surgery. The only way you can be sure is see a doctor.
Avatar f tn The swelling occured today and the scrotum appears to have swollen to the size of a grapefruit. The testicles are completely unaffected, I am just unsure of my condition for I am only 16 years old If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me how to recover properly.
Avatar m tn I have a situation that I am not quite sure about, about a month ago I noticed that while going to the restroom that one of my testicles (right side) had swollen about 2 to 3 times the size of the left. Before I noticed this problem, I did not experience any strenuous activity (no heavy lifting), no injury, or any other noticeable activity that would have caused this.
Avatar m tn I went to a general surgeon for the hernia and didn't feel it and my testicles weren't swollen any longer, he said we should set up surgery if I wanted to and I decided to wait. Could this be something else for example, Prostatitis or Testicular cancer? I haven't had any change in urination.
Avatar m tn I had surgery for an inigual hernia on my right side ,open surgery. on january of 2007, soon after the surgery i started getting pain in my right testicle and severe cramping in my stomach area and extreme pain. I have seen 2 surgeons since the first surgery, the first surgeon thought it might be caused by the inigual nerve. On january 2008 i had surgery to have the nerve cut. It did not help and the pain in my testicle and groin area, as well as my abdomain has been getting worse.
Avatar m tn Lately i have been having a sharp pain in my left testicle, inner thigh, and sometimes even my foot after exercising. I do not notice any lumps or abnormal things with my testicles. What could this be?
Avatar n tn I had an endoscopic herina repair a few years ago and i have two inguinal hernias with fat pads that have decended into the testicles. Now.. I have and may have had due to the surgery a thrombosed vein running along the spermatic cord. The swelling and pain is unbareable. Two Urologists and one surgeon and a GP all said that they did not know what do to though the ultrasound showed the thrombus and the fat pads on the CT..
Avatar m tn Above each testicle there seems to be veins or something that feel as if they are what connect my testicles to the rest of my body. Above the one that hurts, it seems one of these "veins" is enlarged, firm and maybe even swollen. This is where the pain is located. And, when I feel around and apply a little pressure, it causes more pain that goes into my stomach. Same sort of pain when youre kicked there and I should add that the pain is not constant but happens very often.
Avatar n tn Hello, This groin pain can be due to epidiymitis( which is inflammation of the epididymis), hernia, kidney stones( ruled out in your case), orchitis( infection of the testicles), testicular torsion, superficial skin infection or pinched spinal nerve. I suggest you to consult a urologist and get evaluated for these causes specifically. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar m tn In 2006 I suddenly came down with a right inguinal incarcerated hernia. I was in for an emergency surgery. The surgeon informed me that I should be prepared to loose my remaining testicle. I refused to sign forms and the surgeon then told me that a urologist would be present. I insisted to leave things the way they were if the testicle was involved. After I woke up from the surgery I was very pleased to learn that the hernia was repaired and that the testicle was saved.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am 22 and I got a swollen left testicle 2yrs back and at that time the doctor said its fileria and I will be ok in a few months (which did'nt happen). Now, for a few months, I am having pain most of time in my left testicle along with my abdomen till my left knees.Very days back I was ill and when I vomited, my testicles pained like hell. My left testicle's size has became significantly smaller and the chord above it is little swollen.
737151 tn?1232303376 The pain will not subside unless the testicle is manipulated into the correct position with surgery, which needs to be done within an hour or irreversible damage to the testicle can occur. Also a hernia, could cause pain in testicles accompanied by discomfort in the lower abdomen, but this does not develop suddenly. It could most probably be infection, a urine analysis with culture would determine the organism causing this.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had a vasectomy in 2000 in the hope of not getting infections in the testicles as I used to. I too had the testes retract when cold or nervous. I went ahead with the vasectomy thinking that all would be fine. The first day everything looked OK and I had no pain. About a day later trouble started. Second day the stitches on the left came loose. I went to see a locum doctor and was sent home stitched up. The following day my scrotum was purple and the size of an orange.