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Avatar f tn I told my surgeon that it felt like more scar tissue. He did surgery and lo and behold. The scar ran from my galbladder to my stomach causing my stomach to fold over and twist. So if all else fails....insist that your doctor consider that it just may be scar tissue. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Doc also referred me to a surgeon because it may be scar tissue from undescended testicle surgery when I was a kid. Could it be that my bladder is pushing on the scar tissue? How do I know for sure it isn't a hernia? Any other ideas?
Avatar n tn Baseball size scar tissue? Doubtful. Sounds like another hernia. Think you need a different doctor/surgeon. Are you doing too much too soon after surgery? Something's not right.
Avatar f tn A ct did not show anything abnormal but i am still in a great deal of pain and its very hard for me to sit up straight or drive a car. He thinks it might be small hernia or scar tissue pressing on a nerve from the previous surgery . He has now give me the choice of waiting and seeing if it gets better or having a surgery to see if they can find anything . I have no idea what to do . I do know the pain is not getting better its getting worse and i cant keep up my daily life with this pain .
Avatar n tn I had a surgeon explain it to me like this ,,they go in try to clean up as much scar tissue as posible and their goal is that you or any patient would be 75% less scar tissue. A general surgeon could do this , as could your gyno or even a cosmetic surgeon which may be a good one to atlest interview..
Avatar f tn I am sorry to hear you have a hernia but at least you finally have answers to the pain you've been experiencing. I have not had a hernia (or don't think that is the cause of my occasional twinges of pain/discomfort) so cannot answer any questions about surgery. Hope all goes well!
Avatar n tn You will see the picture of the scar tissue and area. He will be undergoing a surgery to remove the scar tissue and close the hernia. Is it possible that his bowel, by now, may have grown into the surrounding scar tissue? And if it is possible, whats the likelihood that his bowel will be completely or irreversibly damaged in the surgery? It already had its own scar tissue, so im curious if they damage one area if they can just repair it on the side or area is re-damaged..
Avatar n tn I'm now wondering do you think this lump could be scar tissue that has grown a lot or could it be a hernia in there. My stomach is always sticking out too and the gyn has always commented on the weird shape that I have in my naval area. Can you let me know if you have any idea of what this problem could be.
Avatar f tn Maybe even a hernia behind scar tissue. Ugh. Either way he said he will take it out and we'll just see what it us when we get in there. I can't tell if it's related to my cycle bc I have mirena, all I can say is it hurts every couple weeks or so fur a few days to a week. It is a sharp, pinching/stabbing pain right at the bump, and I have a lot of dull aching and tight feeling in my pelvis.I've never had pain like this where NOTHING relieves it! What's your guess? Also, any surgical in put?
Avatar n tn To be honest with you, I was apprehensive about the scar factor before my first surgery. It was a bikini cut which was followed up a few months later with a vertical one. I've subsequently had several more surgeries, all of them abdominal except for 2 shoulder procedures. I finally took the perspective of...the abdominal scars are there, they took care of business and are for limited viewing (know what I mean?).
Avatar f tn I do have issues with internal scar tissues froma mastectomy and i know how damaging it can be fro surounding tissue. Can my problem with my periformus and SI be from internal scar tissue from my hernia surgery!!!! Please,if anyone has any information on this i would love to hear from you. I have been trhu everything tryng to releive this pain and no one wants to listen to this suggestion!!!!!
Avatar f tn 13 days ago I got laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery with mesh on each side. Pain has been awful but nothing compared to the first 7 days. My left side pain has been manageable, on the other hand my right side hurts and shooting pains/ black and blue down to my testes and so on.
Avatar f tn Could this indeed be scar tissue? Or is there a chance that another tumor has growninthishosr tperiod of time, or while I was on chemo treatments? When I stretch, the muscles are taught and the "nodule" seems to protrude. Thank you once again for listening to our questions. God Bless.
Avatar n tn For the past few months, I've been having some difficulty breathing. It's hard to explain- it doesn't seem to get much worse with exertion- it's just a general labored breathing, even in a rested state. It's not even that bad- it's just bad enough that I notice myself breathing and have to make a little bit of a conscious effort to get more air, and usually have to breath through my mouth to get enough (though I've always had to breath through my mouth a bit).
Avatar f tn Is it normal to fell abrasive pain 3 months post hernia surgery all along upper inner thigh
Avatar m tn I'm haven surgery for the ingruinal hernia and I'm a football player and I wanted to know will every thing change about how I workouttrain and perform all around?
Avatar m tn I felt a small lump at the top but thought that was just scar tissue. Today my belly button is quite painful and slightly swollen. It is also starting to get red around the belly button. Anyone have this happen to them a month or longer past surgery? Could this be an infection or hernia? I put a call into the doctor but they won't get back to me until tomorrow. Just wanted to see if this had happened to anyone else. Thanks!
Avatar m tn In your case, if you see a swelling, I am suspecting it most probably to be an incisional hernia, where the abdominal contents protrude through an opening in the incision. But if you don't see a swelling then the pain may be due to scar tissue that forms post surgery. But when in doubt best to have it checked. Please consult your primary care physician for further evaluation. Regards.
Avatar n tn but it could also be hernia, chronic lowgrade infection, etc. The way to find out, and to learn if anything can be or ought to be done is to be seen by a surgeon.
Avatar f tn Had a gall bladder surgery and this being my 3rd kids in 3 1/2 years it caused the scar tissue to rip open. I have to have surgery after the baby is born. I do believe m most umbilical hernias self correct though. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I've had 2 infections since then and a CT scan done with inconclusive results if there is a new hernia or just scar tissue at the site. I've been cleared to pick up my 25lb daughter and was wondering what are signs that I've overworked or injured the site....i have what looks like a dark blood blister that hasn't swelled our popped up at the very bottom of the surgical incision that just showed up today. Thanks for any advice given.
272338 tn?1252284004 It has developed right beside my surgery scar. Has anybody else had this experience? If so will it go away by itself, or will I eventually have to have something done about it. Will ask my onc next week but I was just curious until then.
Avatar m tn Sometimes the mesh can get tangled in your lower intestines, or the scar tissue can also cause you to have pain. Do not give up. Keep going to the doctor to find out about your problem. I hope you can find your answers.
Avatar f tn In 2009, I ended up with an abscess on top of the hernia scar tissue. I spent three days in emergency where they did nothing untill three days after. The started cutting the abscess open and I had to insist on the stopping and giving me a narcotic before they went any further. A few hours after this I had to follow up for a cycstoscopy that had been booked prior to me having these problems.
Avatar n tn Is there a permanent cure? Will surgery guarantee that the hiatal hernia is cured? Or is surgery not a permanent cure? I do not take acidic food and also avoid caffeine. I also take Mosapride tablets. Please advise the best course of action to get cured.
Avatar f tn Female dogs can also develop perineal hernias. If the hernia is small, sometimes scar tissue or fatty deposits can seal it off without having to have surgery done, but usually surgery is necessary to correct the defect. The danger with a hernia of this type is the risk of a loop of intestine slipping through and becoming trapped in the hole and strangulating.
Avatar m tn I quickly said no that this didn't seem logical as the problem existed on my left side and I thought maybe scar tissue had attached to the side of the penile muscle causing it to anchor at one side causing the bend or scar tissue is not allowing the skin to stretch enough on my left side causing it to pull from the left causing the bend?