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4283963 tn?1352197377 about a year ago i had a doublr hernia opperation and was told i had lots of small hernias around the stomach lining for the last 3 weeks ive been getting stomach pain that wont go away and ive noticed a small <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>lump</span> in my stomach could these <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span>,s have got worse please help as my stomach is really painfull
415684 tn?1257332918 My mother had a mesh put during her initial debulking surgery and not due to a <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span> problem. She developed a nodule at the site from which they drained fluid to diagnose her OVC. She is now 4 months post op but still feels lot of stretch internally at the mesh site. Other than that she has had no problems. She was even able to take IP chemo with this mesh inside.
Avatar n tn Hello - I had an 8cm endometriosis removed along with my left ovary through laparotomy (vertical incision) at the beginning of January. It was my first surgery too, and while I was nervous about it, I must say having that monster out of my body was worth it. I was in the hospital overnight, went home the next day and was in quite a lot of pain during the first week...it took a lot of coaxing from my mom to get me to stand and walk, but everyday was significantly better than the one before.
Avatar f tn I was diagnoised in 1997 w/ breast cancer, bilateral masectomy/saline implants. I've had to have several implant replaced over the years along w/ surgeon dissatisfaction, so I was ref. to new surgeon & suggested tram surgery.
Avatar m tn My question is what will the <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>recovery</span> be like. I looked up the <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>recovery</span> for a gallbladder surgery and <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>recovery</span> for hiatal hernia repair and I think I am in for a lot of pain and weight loss. the weight loss I can take. But the pain I am not looking forward to. I will be home during the day by myself. Would I be able to take care of myself and what will the recovery be like. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Anyway, I remember when I was young being very upset when I noticed one of my testicles appearing to be lower than the other, my dad told me it was normal so I ignored it and presumed it was normal, however when I got a bit older and learnt a bit more I kind of realised that it might not be so normal having a large lump of tissue behind my left testicle (painless and squishy).
Avatar n tn I have been told I have a belly button <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span> what is the surgery and <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>recovery</span> time is this a simple general surgery outpatient operation concerned roy
Avatar f tn My neck to shoulder area has had a <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>lump</span> like a tight muscle on it since b4 surgery and it is still there...one reason I would love to get a massage...but in going into a theater I sit on the left so I can look to the right...otherwise I get a HA. I am sure there r many reasons y this is going on...but I do know, a blockage on one side can affect u on just one side....I wish I could say it with all the terms, but...I do not know them....
478868 tn?1209035305 I thought it was all due to the surgery. Guess not, she thinks I have an incisional <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span>. I see my surgeon Thursday for further evaluation. Has anyone ever had this? I thought after the hysterectomy, removal of the malignant tumor, I was well on the road to recovery. What am I in for now?
Avatar n tn (Did no good) The uroligist checked me out and said it was from the <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span> repair surgery, more pain meds. I don't want no more pain meds - Just fix me!!!! The PAIN is bad, a dull pain on the right side in between my testicles and leg, bad pushing pain when I deficate and inscruciating pain in my testicles. I don't know where to go or what to do!!!!!
Avatar n tn My 5 y.o. Jack Russell Terrier (runt, about 8-10 pounds max) has a lump on her back/bum right at the base of her tail, to the left side and is about the size of a half dollar. It protrudes about a 1/2 inch if not more. It is soft, not hard and not causing her any pain. It disappears into her pelvis when pressing on it and will return in a very short amount of time (30 seconds - 1 minute or so). It seems to bulge farther when barking.
Avatar f tn Hi. I think the question of <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>recovery</span> from the surgery is best answered by the doctor who is treating you, since he can actually examine you and tell you what else you need to do to hasten your recovery. In general, the speed of recovery would depend on how strong the patient's body is prior to the surgery, and the presence of any other chronic illnesses (e.g. heart disease, diabetes, COPD) which may hamper full recovery.
Avatar f tn She will have to have more surgery and has been referred to see a <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span> specialist to remove significant scar tissue. Carrie has had to cut back her work hours to 3 days per week, due to chronic pain that her doctor attributes to nerve damage. "I don't like to miss work. It's not easy. I can't lift because of the pain. And if I get bumped there, or if I sneeze, I almost pass out." "My kids know I'm in pain on that side and 'don't touch me on that side.
677876 tn?1236555567 I had an inguinal hernia repair about 8 months ago.. Started noticing another <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>lump</span> forming about a month after surgery and by 2 months after surgery the seroma had pushed through completely into my inguinal area - looked as though the hernia was back. Had 2 ultrasounds, 1 cat scan and 3 drainages done... Each time it was drained they got more and more out, however it has never completely gone away.
Avatar m tn Also, information found in medical literature has consistently demonstrated a reduced hernia recurrence rate when surgical mesh is used to repair the <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span> compared to <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span> repair without surgical mesh. For example, inguinal hernia recurrence is higher with open repair using sutures (primary closure) than with mesh repair. So, if the defect is large you may need a mesh, please discuss the options with your doctor. Regards.
Avatar f tn I had an EGD done. He said the <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span> was large enough to do the operation. So three weeks post surgery, I'm on here looking for answers. The surgery took about an hour and a half. I hurt so bad coming to. A Gallbladder surgery was nothing compared to the NF. I had them frequently give me pain meds through my IV, which I think was Demerol. I don't think it worked very well, I was in a lot of pain, but I don't think they were giving me very much, if any, I just don't know.
Avatar n tn Hello - I recently had an open inguinal <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span> repair on 11/19. They did not use mesh because my tissue was so healthy, so it was repaired strictly with sutures. I'm going on my third week and feeling almost back to normal: I run a dog sitting/training business and am back to regularly walking and working with dogs (the ones that don't jump :). Yesterday I was walking two dogs down a hallway and they pulled after a cat.
Avatar m tn The presence of a hernia after endoscopic surgery is a known side effect. Walking after surgery is an important aspect of <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>recovery</span> and to prevent deep vein thrombosis. Ashutosh (Ash) K. Tewari, MD www.cornellroboticprostate.org This forum is for information only.
Avatar f tn I had complications rsulting in open surgery in May of 1997 (the wrap had slipped up into my chest and an accompanying paraesophegeal <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span> resulted. I am currently having problems again ... but surgeons are unable to diagnose since symptoms and anatomy do not seem to correlate. The procedure solved my reflux. I needed it and would make the same choice again, but I am having problems yet unsolved as a result.
Avatar m tn Had da vinci surgery 9/21/2010.with your two concerns about sexual function and continence I was lucky I got it easy for me. Sometimes there is some mild leaking but not bad. Sexual function is okey. My surgeon prescribed me of 20 mg cialis after removal of my catheter. PSA test 1/7/11 was .01. By the way I'm 51 years old. Only problem was some bleeding after catheter removal. My surgeon did systoscopy in my bladder but find nothing abnormal in my bladder. The CT scan was also normal.
785584 tn?1273252832 The head pain yes............the surgery no..
Avatar n tn He clearly presented the surgery as a breeze with quick <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>recovery</span>. Post op appointment he wants to talk about another surgery. He doesn't want to talk about my hip pain, he wants to smooth talk me about another surgery that has a 12 month recovery! I am doing fairly well at 8 weeks compared to others here, but I am not convinced this surgery will end up being something I'm glad I did. I did not realize that he was both a salesman and a doctor.
Avatar n tn My surgery was a little different than these other people. I also had a <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span> repaired during the same surgery! My symptoms started during my pregnancy with twins which was six years ago(1994) . I had frequent lose bowel movements and cramping with each meal. I pretty much lived with the symptoms thinking that I just had a change in my bowels since having the twins, not knowing that this was abnormal. My attacks got worse until I finally went to see a Doctor(1999).
Avatar n tn I had the surgery and the <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>recovery</span> was very long and hard. I was 19 at the time. I am 22 now and live in constant pain. After everything with my accident I had been on pain killers so long that I have at this point discontinued them. I feel that they are too easy to become dependant upon and that I cannot function as well mentally with the narcotic fog over me. That said I'm on flexoral and naproxin for inflammation and muscle relaxation.
Avatar m tn Hiatal hernias are NOT inoperable. They almost never require surgery, but in severe cases, surgery can be done. Have you tried a GERD-friendly diet? Have you had pulmonary testing?
Avatar n tn I just got mine done on 2/5 and I will say this the initial <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>recovery</span> form surgery was a lot better than the framinotomy, but I haven't seen any improvement. So that is a big fat dagger........... in the neck. I would say go for the Framinotomy first, the initial recovery will suck more, but you won't have a peice of steel in your neck, no matter how miraculous people say the prestige or whatever that thing is.
Avatar f tn from a total thyroidectomy to 2 major foot surgeries, <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span> repair...8(not counting the decompression surgery). Yet this as well, took the cake. It felt like a WHOLE different ballgame. I thought about canceling right before my surgery. In fact, I did call to see what the next date he (my neurosurgeon) had next available....which (for this more "lengthy" surgery slot) and it was 2minths away.
471779 tn?1211807109 I ran a full course of antibiotic Keflex and now 2 weeks after surgery it is still a hard knot. This coincerns me. anyone having this? What is under there and how long does this go on? Other 3 incision sites look excellent.
Avatar n tn Also, if the mediation doesn't work, how difficult is the surgery to repair the <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span>? What is the <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>recovery</span> period, and how much pain will she be in? Appreciate any answers you may have. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Most <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>hernia</span> repairs are done in a very non invasive manner. It is just a matter of placing the herniated material back into place and sutruring the rip. It has been some time since I scrubbed for a hernia repair and I know many advances have been made. I would guess that it could be done out patient. As with any surgery though you should take it easy for the required time for healing.