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Avatar n tn Hi My sister has just had surgery for a hiatus hernia (360 degree wrap) but is very distressed as no-one (even the hospital) seems to be able to tell her about an aftercare. i.e Diet, what she should be eating after however many days and what to expect etc. When will she be able to do normal things etc.. Can anyone help please,.....
Avatar m tn I had the hernia repair surgery done March 19th, 2012. I am still unable to eat anything but liquid. I was doing fine on liquid and soup with small vegetables in it. I had to check in with my surgeon a week ago and they said I should be able to eat meat by now so they put me on ragland. (spelling?)... Anyway, since on the medication, I am not having difficulty drinking liquid and cannot tolerate the small soft vegetable in soup. Any advice ?? Have lost 30 lbs in 8 wks.
329994 tn?1301666848 I tried to eat solid food and that has not set well on my stomach, very nauseous, so I am gone back to drinking Boost, eating soup, soft foods and that sets better on my stomach, but does not produce a bowel movement. Is this normal after surgery and will it just take more time. I also have a hiatel hernia and take Prilosec 20mg/day. Thank you for any help.
Avatar n tn Is there a permanent cure? Will surgery guarantee that the hiatal hernia is cured? Or is surgery not a permanent cure? I do not take acidic food and also avoid caffeine. I also take Mosapride tablets. Please advise the best course of action to get cured.
1262699 tn?1277858559 I'm still eating soft foods as my bowels are still unsettled from the surgery. My recovery was slowed because my belly button wound got infected last week and I had to take antibiotics. I've no real appetite and I've lost over 5 kilos in the last 3 weeks which has not helped. I've started taking multivitamins and drinking protein drinks to put weight back on. Does anyone have any other useful tips for recovery? I'd love to hear them!
Avatar f tn I think that the kind of hernia surgery you are looking at it is a relatively simple surgery, as far as surgery goes. I don't think the dog will have to be put under deep anaesthesia, the procedure is something that is done close to the surface, and it is a fairly quick operation. I would expect a healthy dog to recover well. Your boy might have some activity restrictions while he is recovering, to keep him from pulling the stitches loose and undoing the procedure.
Avatar n tn Hello - I had an 8cm endometriosis removed along with my left ovary through laparotomy (vertical incision) at the beginning of January. It was my first surgery too, and while I was nervous about it, I must say having that monster out of my body was worth it. I was in the hospital overnight, went home the next day and was in quite a lot of pain during the first week...it took a lot of coaxing from my mom to get me to stand and walk, but everyday was significantly better than the one before.
Avatar n tn I had double hiatia hernia surgery in Sept. 2006. My recovery was fine and within the year i lost 100 pounds and have kept it off. The other day I was sick and coughing a lot. All at once it felt like my somach ripped open inside. the pain was horrible for about 10 to 15 minutes. I couldn't stand up staight. Just as I called my husband home to take me to the hospital it started to loosen up and ease off.
Avatar n tn 2 weeks ago had this surgery and food is getting stuck i burp a little and food and liquid come back up _
Avatar n tn It was corrected during the surgery I had last year..I had gastroplasty and fundoplication with hernia repair..Almost everyone that has reflux surgery gets a hernia repair...
Avatar n tn Hi, I am a 34 year old female. 8 weeks ago I had the Hiatal Hernia Repair (Nissen Lapro). The first few weeks went okay because I was eating soft food and liquids. Once I started eating solid foods I began hurting in my side and back and had a severe headache. I would lay down and it would go away after about 15 to 30 minutes. I went back to the Dr and they did another upper Gi along with a esphogram and ultrasound of my stomach.
Avatar n tn (Did no good) The uroligist checked me out and said it was from the hernia repair surgery, more pain meds. I don't want no more pain meds - Just fix me!!!! The PAIN is bad, a dull pain on the right side in between my testicles and leg, bad pushing pain when I deficate and inscruciating pain in my testicles. I don't know where to go or what to do!!!!!
Avatar m tn I have read plenty of testimonies of those who suffered from scrotum/testicle pain after an inguinal hernia surgery. Many of you have described the symptoms that seemed so similar to mine, but seemingly you all wound up fine, or perhaps the same thing happened to you, but I'll never know, because the majority of testimonies are never followed up.
Avatar m tn I have read plenty of testimonies of those who suffered from scrotum/testicle pain after an inguinal hernia surgery. Many of you have described the symptoms that seemed so similar to mine, but seemingly you all wound up fine, or perhaps the same thing happened to you, but I'll never know, because the majority of testimonies are never followed up.
522699 tn?1250594316 Every other surgery he has had within 10 mins of the surgery he is up and awake and ripping open his stitches, which is what we prepared them for. I personally think the arrogant anethetist gave him a sedative of some sort which is risky cause of his heart. The theatre staff in recovery were lovely. It took 5 hours to wake him up and we couldn't get his oxygen sats up so they said he had to stay in over night on 2litres of oxygen.
Avatar f tn If anyone has any suggestions to help in preparing for the surgery, or in my recovery from the surgery, I would really appreciate it. My surgeon has already mentioned the belly binder, and compression stockings, and not lifting, so we have those covered.
2085202 tn?1373203340 Laparoscopic fundoplication has low complication rates and a quick recovery. The procedure sometimes fails over time, requiring a second surgery to make repairs. Discuss all the possibilities and the outcomes with your doctor and then decide on the surgical option. In the meantime follow lifestyle measures to help with your symptoms. Take frequent small meals. Eat dinner about two hours before sleeping. Elevate the head end of the bed.
522699 tn?1250594316 Well Dave goes in for his hernia surgery tomorrow - he is 3rd on the list so should be going down about 11ish... we had hoped he would be first but 3rd is not too bad..he has to be on the ward for 8am. Hopefully he has a side room. I think I have prepared for every eventuality - I have bought him new pens and colouring books, new DVD's and CD's new bright coloured straws / flappers... new clothes to come out with.
Avatar n tn What do they do in an open nissen fundoplication, recovery time, food to eat after, i know a long term healing is expected anywhere from 8-12 weeks. I am scared to say the least. Especially with the second repair, paraesophagael Hernia with Mesh. Has anyone been through this before, what should I expect when I wake up after surgery, etc. Thanks so much. I am having all of this done rather soon.
561451 tn?1257479950 Tomorrow I am having surgery to remove a hernia from my stomach. If I do no removed it now, i'll end up in extreme emergency surgery before Christmas. It's the size of a lemon right now. Wonderful I know. And above my uterus, so it's quite painful! I'm going to be sedated (sp) instead of being put under. So the least amount of risk to little Dolcie girl.
Avatar f tn In late January 2011 I had a small hernia repair. Three days later I was admitted to ICU from the ER with Sepsis. I was in ICU for 9 days and the doctor said the if 10 were death, I was a 9. My kidneys, liver and almost everything else except my heart shut down. I was on 24 hour a day dialysis. After ICU I spent a week being nursed back by the incredible staff. I was then released to a nursing/recovery home for 10 days where I learned to walk aagain and to swallow.
Avatar f tn If it is found via an upper GI and small bowel series that I do in fact have hiatal hernia or some abnormality in that area, how do I fix it? If surgery is needed, is it a complex procedure and how long is recovery? Thanks in advance for responding. Much appreciated.
Avatar f tn Twelve days ago I had fundoplication surgery to repair a hiatal hernia . My voice was fine when I went into surgery. I woke up with Velopharyngeal Insufficiency or deficiency . I have a hyper-nasally voice and if I drink or eat to quickly it comes out my nose. I have spoken with several doctors including my primary care surgeon and an ENT all have said they never saw this happen to anyone for no reason after a surgical procedure.
Avatar f tn I am suffering from severe bloating, gas, and extreme constipation following a 10 hour procedure to remove 2 tumors. The surgery took place over 6 weeks ago, but I cannot eat very much food; a small half bowl of rice and a little soup will leave me painfully bloated. It feels like my stomach is going to explode. Externally, my stomach has expanded so that I cannot fit into any of my pre-surgery pants. Internally, my stomach seems to have drastically shrunk.
Avatar f tn How long ago did you have the surgery and how long was your recovery? Some say they had food stuck in the wrap. Have you ever had that happen? Do you have a hiatal hernia? I am sure I will eventually have to have something done as the hernia puahes into my stomach. My Gastro Dr told me if I ever get a bad pain in that area to get to the E R right away. Thank you for your response. Sounds like the surgery worked well for you. You give me a different outlook on the surgery.
Avatar f tn Had that done around the end of March. Showed severe reflux and small hiatial hernia. Got me an appt to see gastro dr. Took 2.5 months to get in. Saw him May 27, Gave me Prevacid 30mg samples, told me to take 2x a day, while we wait for Ins to pre-auth Prilosec 40mg 2x daily. I can't say I've seen a huge improvement, it's been 2 1/2 weeks. I will say it's helped "some". The chest pressure and spasms have stopped. And I don't feel reflux as much, but...
Avatar n tn My Question is to anyone who has had Hiatal Hernia Surgery. Will Health Insurance or Medicare/Medicade pay for the procedure.ANd I would be interested in hearing from anyone that had the procedure and hearing about your experience.
Avatar m tn K …) and act as a lubricant for food waist to pass thought the body. Continual running bile without catchment and no food present in gut causes celiac type complications and confirmed by a New Zealand Gastro - bile will leak into the stomach causing IBS. Bile reflux damages the throat and teeth.
Avatar n tn I might go for a laparoscopic fundoplication surgery, for I have got hiatal hernia and severe GERD. Does anyone know what risks are involved, and what can happen to me afterwards? Will I have difficulty swallowing? And other things I have read about? If you have done this surgery, please tell me about it. Thank you in advance.
561451 tn?1257479950 He tells me that during the surgery my heart started racing, and so fast they had to rush the surgery and hurry up and get me out of there. I have no heart conditions, so we're all worried. Then they send me up to the ICU.. I did however get put on an awesome bed lol that was so comfy. Anywho, so i'm in my room, they call my husband and he is freaking. They tell me to try and eat something, so they give me pudding of all things when I ask for saltines. And some water.