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Avatar n tn Hi Thanks for the update! If you do not strain much as in lifting any weight, push ups, sports and avoid constipation and chronic cough then you should be fine. The hernia will not progress much and fast. The decision of surgery can be taken only by you in consultation with your doctor ans it is not possible to advice without examining on the net. Hope this helps. Do let me know if there is any thing else and keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Hi, Pain in the scrotum following an inguinal hernia repair may persist anywhere between 3 months to 1 year after the surgery. Swelling in the scrotum following surgery should resolve within a few weeks, but if it persists, you need further medical attention. Pain in the scrotum following an inguinal hernia repair can be alleviated by wearing close-fitting underwear (do not wear shorts) and avoiding physical exertion that strains the abdominal muscles.
1166907 tn?1263105248 I have had hernia surgery back in 2006 And been in chronic pain I found a link on YouTube that might have some hope for me and hopefully you guys to i have not had the surgery http://youtu.be/Y7jEhwJL_VY http://youtu.
Avatar m tn I had open hernia surgery 10 days ago. The Doctor reported that it was a large one and used mesh to repair it. The swollen, black and purple scrotum and penis seems to be slowly returning to normal. I am off all pain medication ( I do have some discomfort but nothing major). I have a fairly firm lump below the incision (close to where the hernia was) that does not seem to being getting any smaller and I want to ask if this is normal. If it is should I use heat or cold to help reduce it?
Avatar n tn A heavy feeling in the groin or abdomen Pain and swelling in the scrotum Pain with a bowel movement or during urination Pain when lifting or moving something heavy Pain later in the day, especially if you have been standing a lot. I am not a physician. It's my humble opinion that the pain you are experiencing may be due to increased activity. If you're walking more, sitting more, any increased activity can make a hernia hurt worse.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had a right inguinal incarcerated hernia repaired in 2006. Currently I have noticed that my testicle is higher in the scrotum than what it used to be. At times I still experience pain at the hernia site. They used mesh to repair the hernia. This mesh feels like a hard service, much harder than the left side in which I had an orchiectomy in 2000. Just recently in 2009 I came down with an abscess on top of the hernia scar.
Avatar n tn Hi, How long has it been since your hernia surgery? Recovery time following herniorrhaphy depends on the hernia, the type of surgery (plasty?) and individual factors. The abdominal wall at the site of the incision is bound to be alittle week in the months following the surgery . Any undue exertion, raised intraabdominal pressures due to chronic cough, etc., can result in injury and recurrence of the condition.
498948 tn?1253059441 How long can I expect to be in pain following surgery. It hurts on the sides of my groin.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have undergon an hernia operation on both the side by leproscpic surgery, after 4-5 days i am getiing the pain in my right testical, i consulted my doctor on this, they donre the citi scan & told me that there was hemotoma near the nerves, thats the reason its paing, that time they give me some pain killer, after that i felt some pain was reduced, but right side testical size is biger & by tuching the right one it herts,after one weak i went agin for the same, & doctor telling
Avatar f tn Hi, I had that in 2006 and it turned out the be an incarcerated hernia. Luckily it did not go into the scrotum. The pain got so bad that I went to see my doctor. Emergency surgery was performed to repair the hernia. In the case of an incarcerated hernia surgery needs to be done as part of the bowel has restricted blood flow that could result in the death of the effected tissue. You would be best of to see your doctor about possible surgery. All the best.
Avatar m tn I tried playing some pick up football this past week and couldnt run and twist at the same time without sharp pain in my groin up to my abdomin. The pain is also in my scrotum after I workout too much and will remain for a couple of days after before residing. It also seems that whenever I rest it for a long period of time the pain comes back just as bad once I start exercising.
Avatar m tn I have surgery to repair a inguinal hernia within the next week. Needless to say, anyone who has experience this medical malfunction will agree that it brings with it the oddest but most intense pain that a person could experience in that region of the body. After many years with moderate, intermittent painful episodes...each lasting only a few days, I was "humbled" to say the least this past weekend when the lower intestine actually dropped into the scrotum.
Avatar f tn Right now my right testicle is filled with fluid and I can feel where the hernia has slipped down behind my right testicle and is resting at the bottom of my scrotum. How can I prevent it from slipping out more while waiting for surgery? It hasn't so far but I am really worried because I can press on it and it painful. I'm only 18 so this is terrifying to me. Any thing to clear the air and help me feel a little bit better about the situation would be great.
Avatar n tn Now after 3 weeks , i have swelling and pain on left scrotum which decends down,but it has no fluids in it. It jus decends down and causes untolerable pain in and around left scrotum. What might be the reason for this and please help me to to proceed further.
Avatar m tn I touch my right foot to my left inner thigh. Sometimes I feel movement in my hip, as if the bone adjusted outward, but I feel no pain (in fact it kinda feels good as if I cracked my knuckles) so I disregarded it. (I have stopped doing this stretch) - I do high kicks/roundhouse high kicks. I started kicking just for the fun of it. I began with chest-high maybe lower, and have worked it up to my head. (In my peak I think I was able to go higher than my head) - I play basketball.
Avatar n tn i need help i also had hernia surgery in feb 2007 i had bi hernias and a stomach hernia i have major pain in my testicles and leg my pain doctor put a nervr stimulator in and basicly it does not work. ive been lookig up stuff about my condition and i think it is gentifemoral nerve entrapment ive had it in for about 3 weeks and it does no good.my doctor wants to send me on my way without finding out the problem.it is so painful.can anyone help basicly he thinks im lying.
Avatar f tn That's fine as far as I know but I can only hope this surgery is as successful. In neither case was there pain before the surgery yet surgery was eventually necessary. How long before the burning feeling goes away?
Avatar m tn I've had a hydrocele surgery at the age of six, left side inguinal hernia surgery at the age of 10, and a right side inguinal hernia surgery at the age of 24. My right testicle have been attached closer to my body since my hydrocele surgery and I can clearly remember how uncomfortable it felt to have such an abnormal position of your testicle. After 20 years, I still feel some discomforting pains (on my right testicle) when exercising.
5829074 tn?1375038508 I had my inguinal hernia surgery 1 week ago. I still have some pain in the scrotum/testicles. But it turned out that a lot of my discomfort, at least in the perineum, was due to hemorrhoids of all things! It turns out that sitting on a donut pillow was making my hemorrhoids a lot worse. It will take a few more weeks to discern whether the hernia surgery will help the remainder of my pain. Thanks again.
Avatar m tn no hernia. My question is, is this a symptom of prostetitis? If not a hernia what else might it be? Pain is a 1 at most, but mainly it is just a feeling of something wrong. And the swelling...again regular color, usually no pain at all...right side... Ideas? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Urology/Enlarge-Prostate-Finasteride/show/2047303">Enlarge Prostate-Finasteride</a>.
Avatar n tn My initial thought was hernia, but the pain that goes from the testicle to the abdomen and the pain in the back make me wonder. I am without health insurance at the moment and I'm pretty concerned about paying for a hernia surgery.
Avatar m tn severe constipation, severe gas pressure on my left side, pain in my penis and bladder, pain in my penis when urinating, urgency, a tight scrotum with ultra-sensitive "burning" skin, and an occassional rash on my hands, feet and abdomen. The clinic doctor did not think that any of this was related to my initial injury and told me to go see my personal doctor, which I did. As a result, I ended up having two ultrasounds (one from the clinic and one from my personal doctor).
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm 45 andI just discovered today that the hernia repair that I had in 2006 has let go. They used mesh to repair it. After the surgery it seems like my right testicle seems to fixed in place and no longer can move freely. I'm aspecialy worried as I lost my left testicle in 2000 as the result of a staph infection. I currently have been noticing a burning stabbing pain in the right groin and there is a bit of a bump there that was not there yesterday. I also am looking for answers.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had a hernia repar on the right site in 2006 and prior to that I had surgery on the left side. After a vasectomy I ended up with a large hematoma on the left site. They removed the blood clot but this left me with an immobile testicle on the left site. This caused discomfort while working or even sitting at times. AS another complication I ended up with a Staph infection in the left testicle as there had been a small hole in the scrotum that never closed.
Avatar m tn I had inguinal hernia surgery about five months ago. Lately I have noticed that during certain times of the day, the testicles rise up and especially on the side of the hernia rise a little into the body, even all the way inside sometimes. I feel very uncomfortable in that area when this happens. Not exactly a pain, just uncomfortable. I am also thinking this is dangerous since I have the mesh there and the mesh could tear or the testicle be damaged (and i don't have any children yet).
Avatar m tn The right testicle is in a perfect central position and the left is now misshapen and sewn high and to the front of the scrotum. He is in constant pain. Still can't walk properly (has to walk with legs apart). Has to sit down to urinate as the pain is too much when his penis touches the testicle. Has not been able to exercise and has put on over a stone in weight. Cannot lay on his side or with knees bent. Has to lay on his back with legs apart.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had an incarcerated right inguinal hernia in 2006. It was treated as an emergency and I spent the following 5 days in hospital. Prior to the hernia, I underwent an emergency left orchiectomy after a strep infection following a vasectomy. Given these problems I waited about six weeks before I somewhat returned to sexual activity as I was used too. The first few times I experienced a strange sensation but no real pain.