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4706518 tn?1358202136 The common causes of post operative pain are visceral pain, neuropathic pain and somatic pain. Mesh placement usually negatively impacts the genital branch of the genito-femoral nerve. Femoral nerve injury involving either the motor, sensory, or both functions may have been negatively impacted. The mesh shrinks excessively, scars and retracts away from the host tissue. In such cases mesh removal and venorrhaphy may be necessary to appropriately treat the patient.
Avatar n tn I know have continuous groin pain on the right side and occasional groin pain on the left. The right side pain worsen after long walks, climbing stairs, and after sex. The highten pain lasts for 2 -3 days and then lessen to a dull pain. The pain also travels down to the penis and scrotum and also a few inches down the inner thigh and also up into the abdomin. The doctor that performed the operation is no help. He believes the operation was a success. Other doctors have no idea of what to do.
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks for the update! If you do not strain much as in lifting any weight, push ups, sports and avoid constipation and chronic cough then you should be fine. The hernia will not progress much and fast. The decision of surgery can be taken only by you in consultation with your doctor ans it is not possible to advice without examining on the net. Hope this helps. Do let me know if there is any thing else and keep me posted. Take care!
784830 tn?1237345875 The following month I had the hernia repaired using an open approach with implanted mesh. Ever since the surgery, I have had pain in the inguinal area that radiates to the left testicle. There is a constant feeling of discomfort in the region and intermittent pain that feels like a strong electric shock that lasts for several seconds. The pain is still occurring 4 years later and is gradually worsening. Could there have been some kind of nerve injury during the surgery that has caused this?
Avatar m tn Dear Dr, 3 years ago I went through groin hernia repair surgery, since then I had pains in my testicle, my groin and in my inner thigh. After years of medications and treatments - I went to a surgeon that recommanded me a surgery of neurectomy. Month and a half ago I have passed this surgery and since then I feel great improve but the pain in my inner thigh left.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr, 3 years ago I went through groin hernia repair surgery, since then I had pains in my testicle, my groin and in my inner thigh. After years of medications and treatments - I went to a surgeon that recommanded me a surgery of neurectomy. Month and a half ago I have passed this surgery and since then I feel great improve but the pain in my inner thigh left.
Avatar n tn But for some reason i was having increased pain in my groin and got put on pain meds. Well the pain went down into my left testicle and 6 months later i had another surgery to correct it which was a nerve resection. After I had this surgery the pain continued so my question is how am i still having pain if i lack the nerves in that area? and now im still on pain meds and its been a year and a half. and im worried about the damage im doin to my liver.
Avatar f tn Do you have a history of cancer, overseas travel, recent surgery, fever, or increased pain at rest? Do you have pain which wakes you up from sleep? Do you have any recent change in bowel or bladder habits? Do you have any altered sensation in your groin, buttocks, or inner thighs? Keep me posted. Bye.
Avatar n tn Hello, This groin pain can be due to epidiymitis( which is inflammation of the epididymis), hernia, kidney stones( ruled out in your case), orchitis( infection of the testicles), testicular torsion, superficial skin infection or pinched spinal nerve. I suggest you to consult a urologist and get evaluated for these causes specifically. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn A heavy feeling in the groin or abdomen Pain and swelling in the scrotum Pain with a bowel movement or during urination Pain when lifting or moving something heavy Pain later in the day, especially if you have been standing a lot. I am not a physician. It's my humble opinion that the pain you are experiencing may be due to increased activity. If you're walking more, sitting more, any increased activity can make a hernia hurt worse.
Avatar m tn The doctor examined me and found a groin hernia and I'm scheduled for surgery in sept. I think I want laproscopic but am I going to end up with permanent pain? will the mesh or non-tension method fail to stop the hernia from progressing? I think it's from the gym or coughing from this tracheotomy I'm getting this crippling nausea sometimes and sometimes protonix helps. is it from the hernia or diabetes or GERD? thanks!
Avatar f tn 13 days ago I got laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery with mesh on each side. Pain has been awful but nothing compared to the first 7 days. My left side pain has been manageable, on the other hand my right side hurts and shooting pains/ black and blue down to my testes and so on.
Avatar m tn I was also having pain after ejaculation prior to surgery. After surgery the pain at the umbilicus is gone, but the pain at the wound is still there. Also there is pain at the Right Testicle as well as at the Right side of abdomen. My surgeon treated me for Epidedymo Orchitis with Azithromycin (PO 5Days) & Ciprofloxacin (BID 10 Days). Even after that both the pains i.e. pain at the Right Testicle with Right Abdomen Area as well as at Umbilical Surgery Area, still persist.
Avatar f tn i got nerve damage after hernia surgery16 monthes ago.i have tried everything for pain. i would like to hear from men who have have the same problems or who have have surgery to cut or freeze the ingunial nerve.
Avatar m tn Currently my grandfather who is nearing 100 years of age has a hernia near his groin and has made 2 trips to the emergency room to massage it back in. He says that he ails in pain when the hernia pops out and is nearly immobile. Apparently after having a long talk with my father, he has had this problem for about a year and has been pushing it off to see what it leads to.
Avatar n tn slight pain in lower abdomain and groin occasionally. slight pain in left testicular tube when touched. and scrotal itching. what is it??
Avatar n tn I had the tot surgery but my right groin is very swollen. Is this a normal part of the healing process?
Avatar n tn Hi, I am female and have pain in the groin area. (on the pubic bone area, right hand side) Ultrasounds tell me there is nothing wrong with the soft tissue. It is an aching, stinging pain. Sometimes accompanied by pains down my entire right leg. Been going on for 6 mths now. 4 G.P's and 2 specialists later noone can help me. If its not the soft tissue could it be the bone ? Pubic bone or something!?!? sigh. Someone please help. It is not a hernia and ultrasounds show nothing wrong with me.
1581654 tn?1296526786 I am 42 years old and have had the exact pain since I was 18 y/o. The pain is in my right groin area and radiates into my right lower back and down my right leg. I have complained of this pain since I was 18 years old and so I went to my primary physician and the first thing he said was that it was an inguinal hernia. He sent me to a surgeon in which the surgeon did surgery for a right inguinal hernia.
Avatar n tn My question is over the last 3-4 months I have noticed somewhat sharp, aching pains in the groin area. I lift weights regularly hard and being aware of the hernia I have dropped somewhat the weights I lift. I am curious if anyone who has had a hernia noticed similar sharp pain in that area or if anyone knows if that perhaps is signaling that I need to get surgery soon. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Six days after the procedure, I started to get very strong groin pain on the left side of my groin. The pain often radiates up the left side of my penis and into the head sometimes and also radiates down the inner portion of my left thigh. There seems to be some sensitivity in the testicle as well. The overall pain is much worse when I am sitting than when I am lying down or walking. It does seem like bending or activity will make it worse later.
Avatar m tn Well, I went in a little over a month ago to get a pain I had been having in my lower left abdomen with groin pain after running/exercising checked out. The doctor did a hernia check on both sides, to be safe, and found one on the right and not on the left. He said to come in after a month if the pain didnt go away on the left. Well its been about that time and the pain has become more of a problem. It became worse after playing a couple long games of basketball about 2 weeks ago.
Avatar f tn I had a hysterectomy in feb 2008 and i am 35 yrs old. since my surgery i have had extreme abdominal pain, back pain, leg pain,insomnia and grion pain. My doctor really can't find anything wrong with me. He now says its neuropathic pain syndrome but I'm really not sure what to believe any more. what can i do? Please help.....
Avatar n tn i have intense pain in my groin area left lower quadrant and my family doctor examined me and said i had a illiloingel hernia and it started to get worse 2 weeks later so i went back to my family doctor and he checked me again and said it looks like you have a illiongel hernia again and he sent to the surgeon when i went there he checked me quick and said i see a bulge but im going to send you for catscan so i went for the catscan without contrast took 5 minutes and it said i didnt have a herni
Avatar m tn A male lower abdominal hernia? I am no doctor, paramedic and I am no longer a combat lifesaver. I work around a lot of steel. At times I have to hand pull 400 foot lengths of cable threw that steel. The big cables weigh in at least 5 pounds per foot. So a lot of people around me tend to get a hernia in the same place amoungst all the other straining injuries. I have also got a straining injury myself, from not wearing the proper underwear of all things.
Avatar n tn He hadn't thought of that, so I was sent to another doctor, who couldn't feel anything, but the article said that a sports hernia, which I guess is a tear in the ligament or muscle in the lower abdomen/groin area, doesn't show a bulge. The doctor insisted that an MRI wouldn't show anything, so he didn't want me to have one. I am now on Lyrica and Celebrex, and my surgery was postponed indefinitely to see if my pain is from the sports hernia.
Avatar n tn Hi! I think I might have a small inguinal hernia on the left side of my groin above my penis. It doesnt hurt or bother me at all and its been like this for over a year or more since I cant remember. Should I be worried about this or not? I have no pain and everything seems fine. Cough test for physical was ok with no problems but looking into all of this has me a bit worried. Should I post a picture to have a visual? I dont know if thats ok or not, this is my first post.
Avatar m tn Hi. I had an inguinal hernia surgery repair on the left side in 2006. I have pain in my left groin since the day I got out of surgery. The surgeon sent me to pain management. I have been to chiropractors and physical therapy. They all helped to keep me from having real bad flare ups. It has gone from my left side around to my back. I have been compensating for the pain, which I think is causing my back to go out. Does anyone else have this problem?
354706 tn?1279474395 I am wondering whether anyone who has hernia? The last CT scan stated that my mum has hernia on both sides of the groin. Her hernia lump comes and goes. But just a few days ago, she find that one side of the hernia lump has not appeared for a long time while the one of her left side seemed to be a permanent fixture which cannot be pushed back . It is now the size of a very big egg. She did have a low grade fever a few days ago but is now okay.