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Avatar n tn I think you should be consulting a surgeon. A detailed evaluation is necessary. If required you can go in for surgery and a permanent repair can be done. Hope this helps. Bye.
Avatar n tn do my symptoms fit those of hernia? Can ultrasound detect hernia? If it is hernia, do I need to do something about it (I have no pain)? I want to get prepared so I know what to ask my family doctor once I get the ultrasound report. My family doctor normally does not give detailed information unless I ask specific questions. Thanks in advance for any help.
Avatar m tn My mom developed unwanted ball like thing near her stomach and doctors identified it as hernia and told us to do surgery for it to remove. After surgery was done one of my friend who is a medical professional told me to I should have taken sample of hernia removal part for biopsy test from doctors and when I consulted my doctor regarding this he told me there is no biopsy done for hernia.
Avatar m tn These components will allow safe surgery for several hours. The surgery for perineal hernia repair and neutering should only take an hour or two. Perineal surgery is successful 80% of the time and even higher if performed by a veterinary soft tissue surgeon. Neutering should be performed due to the potential hormonal influence on perineal herniation.
Avatar f tn When my husband had his hernia surgery, it was an outpatient surgery even though the hernia was pretty big. Your case might be different since you've had multiple surgeries already. Yes, it is necessary for you to have it removed, as it may rupture inside you and it's very risky. I'm glad you're having it taken care of. Good luck and don't hesitate to ask your doctor all the questions you need answered. Good luck!
Avatar m tn My dog was recently diagnosed with a perineal hernia. He is a 9 year old shepherd mix. When the vet told me about it, he didn't seem very concerned with the timing of the surgery. I asked how long he could wait before it was absolutely necessary (due to the cost) and he didn't give me a very clear answer just that if he's not having trouble going to the bathroom it's not urgent. I scheduled the appointment for about a month and a half away and I'm just wondering if this is too long to wait.
Avatar m tn do you suggest that i have surgery to repair my hernia? My doctor does not believe surgery is necessary and i trust him, but i am in discomfort every day. Do you think surgery will help me?
Avatar n tn I have had surgery at a young age of 15 as i was born with it there may be some alternative methods to aliviate the pain and to perhaps push it back up but i would consult with a pro it is really just a matter of pain to be honest i really did not have pain but being that i was young the doctor thought i should go through with it
4706518 tn?1358202136 I`m a 63 yr. old male, 150 lbs.decent shape. I had open surgery with mesh 2 1/2 yrs. ago, had pain everyday, surgeon says that the mesh must be removed . But when I went in to schedule this procedure, he said that he changed his mind and has nothing to replace the mesh with. So I am left to not knowing what to do next. I feel so desperate and tired of pain . Had a second and third opinion, cannot find anyone to help me. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help, I will be so grateful.......
Avatar f tn If the hernia is small, sometimes scar tissue or fatty deposits can seal it off without having to have surgery done, but usually surgery is necessary to correct the defect. The danger with a hernia of this type is the risk of a loop of intestine slipping through and becoming trapped in the hole and strangulating. If that happens, it becomes a life threatening situation and emergency surgery is needed to remove the dead intestine and repair the hernia.
Avatar m tn I'm not a doctor or in the medical field. I just had my umbilical hernia surgery 2.5 weeks ago with mesh. If you have the surgery without mesh you could have another hernia as your putting strain down below and it could come through another weak point. It also can get bigger and quite ugly. It is your intestines that you are pushing and squishing back into your body. It's amazing how much we use stomach. Anything you do while working out, you will use your stomach muscles.
Avatar f tn Hello. Does this sound like a hiatal hernia? I have lfet side pain(burning sensation) under left rib. After a big meal or any food or drink that irritates my stomach I get a pounding sensation in my chest. Sometimes I get dizziness and pressure in my head as well. As well as a pain in my left side of my back behind ribcage. Thanks so much for any insight.
Avatar m tn I am looking into surgery and have some questions, namely 1) is surgery always necessary in this case? 2) are there many potential complications? and 3) what is the mortality rate for this? Sorry to sound so green, I literally found out about this yesterday. Thank you.
Avatar f tn i had hernia surgery in january, did you have keyhole or open surgery? i have had two hernia's one three years ago and the other this year, if i had it all over again i would have got a double done the first time, first one was keyhole second was open.
Avatar m tn I've had a hydrocele surgery at the age of six, left side inguinal hernia surgery at the age of 10, and a right side inguinal hernia surgery at the age of 24. My right testicle have been attached closer to my body since my hydrocele surgery and I can clearly remember how uncomfortable it felt to have such an abnormal position of your testicle. After 20 years, I still feel some discomforting pains (on my right testicle) when exercising.
Avatar m tn I have a decent sized hiatal hernia as well and the doctor said they generally don't like to correct it with surgery unless absolutely necessary. I'm not certain why but maybe you should change your follow up to a closer time if it's bugging you.
Avatar f tn He said that because of the prior surgery and because my omentum is gone and because of adhesions it makes the hernia surgery much more complicated. He said he would not attempt laproscopic surgery and would only do open surgery. I was disappointed by this because I really don't have any vacation time at work and my husband is unemployed so it would be very difficult to take off the necessary 4-6 weeks. Has anybody had a similar experience? Also I keep hearing about problems with mesh.
Avatar n tn My question is - can i prevent having surgery if i go on a strict exercise regimen? Is it necessary to have surgery, or can i take other preventative measures? Just want your opinion, since i know the surgeon will want to perform surgery, although i'd like to avoid that if possible. Thank you for any advice.
521462 tn?1214929232 Anytime you're wondering if you should or should not have surgery, get a second opinion and make sure to ask each doc exactly why the surgery is necessary, what the side-effect immediately after surgery will be, what the long-term effects will be, will the surgery have to be re-done at any point, and what are the major drawbacks to the surgery.
Avatar n tn Both my family Dr. and surgeon said it isn't necessary to do anything about the hernia. I paid out of pocket for this liposuction and I look worse now than before that large outlay of cash.
Avatar n tn At that time, I understood that my hiatal hernia would be corrected. After the surgery, I had pain on eating or drinking, esp cold water, that "radiated" to my left shoulder. I had severe pain on the lower left side of my chest, above my stomach. I was told the pain on eating would subside and go away. Well, though it is not as intense, the pain never went away and now it has become chronic and increasing in a different way.
579258 tn?1250652943 While it was originally thought to be scar tissue, it changes size and is getting larger and was just diagnosed as a hernia and needs repair. Now .. the quiz is .. how to get this done without insurance! Am wearing a binder now and hoping it settles down with the binder and some Ibuprofen. If it gets extremely painful I know to go to the emergency room despite the insurance situation. Would just like to hear some POSITIVE thoughts .. about life, friends and perseverence ..
Avatar n tn I had three of them (one umbilical, and two by the testicals). Usually, surgery is the primary method of fixing a hernia and it usually costs around $15,000+ to have it fixed. If you don't have the money to have it fixed, by all means, if you are a US Citizen, check with your local Department of Economic Security (DES) and see if their health insurance program can help you. In my case, I was a college student (with little money) and they were my only option at the time.
Avatar f tn He said the good news is that the fascia/muscle hernia is so large that it's not strangulating or incarcerating/obstructing any bowel. Now the part I'm not clear on is whether or not the 4 months with an open wound contributed to my current hernia development, and I guess it doesn't matter whether it did or not, but I just wondered if any other hyster-sisters have had any of these developments and if so, advice or any thoughts about what I should ask my surgeon.
Avatar n tn It was corrected during the surgery I had last year..I had gastroplasty and fundoplication with hernia repair..Almost everyone that has reflux surgery gets a hernia repair...
Avatar n tn After having an operation on repairing a hernia and a sis removed from the scrotom is it necessary to have bowel movement before leaving hospital
18663 tn?1198175415 If you’re already having significant pain and GI discomfort from your hiatal hernia, then you’re probably nearing the time at which you should have it repaired, although some additional workup will be necessary before you undergo an surgery. I’m assuming you’re already on a strong antacid medication (such as Nexium, Prevacid, Dexilant, etc.) that is not giving you much relief. If not, this is often the first step.
Avatar f tn I am three weeks post surgery to repair a huge hiatus hernia. The surgery was necessary as I had a gastric outlet obstruction and most of my stomach was in my chest. Post surgery I was on fluids for the first two days afterwards and over time I have been able to eat soups, stews, casseroles, eggs & bread without crusts. I can enjoy a latte and a cup of tea. I have had minimal problems - slight nausea which is fixed by drinking water with fresh ginger.
5997456 tn?1408770084 So far they are blurred and static vision, as well as seeing after images, buzzing and ringing in my ears, fullness in my ears, constant pressure at the back of my head, i lose my balance, undiagnosed sleep apnea, anxiety, neck and back pain, depression, and just recently last year I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia when i had a colonoscopy. I just want to know if a hiatal hernia is a symptom of chiari at all..?
Avatar n tn Weight loss will be the easiest way to alleviate the symptoms, as it will reduce the internal pressure, but the hernia (tear in the fascia) will remain, and symptoms could certainly recur, unless we have surgery. If any of you has surgery to repair the hernia, I highly recommend a patch. if they just sew it up it will usually recur.