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Avatar f tn I am sorry to hear you have a hernia but at least you finally have answers to the pain you've been experiencing. I have not had a hernia (or don't think that is the cause of my occasional twinges of pain/discomfort) so cannot answer any questions about surgery. Hope all goes well!
Avatar f tn same thing happened to my friend but what happened to him i have yet to read this man whom was 8 inches in length before is right ing. hernia surgery 1 12 yrs ago . was pretty much reduced to a 1 inch penis talking about 3 strikes to a mans ego .o.m.f.g.
415684 tn?1257332918 My mother had a mesh put during her initial debulking surgery and not due to a hernia problem. She developed a nodule at the site from which they drained fluid to diagnose her OVC. She is now 4 months post op but still feels lot of stretch internally at the mesh site. Other than that she has had no problems. She was even able to take IP chemo with this mesh inside.
Avatar n tn Hello, Please forgive the length of this question. Is it possible to develop a 2nd Hindbrain hernia or a syrinx cavity following a successful decompesssion? I have been fine since 1986 following the above, but then about a year ago I started having increased headaches, and a noticeable increase of pressure in my head(I couldn't blow up a balloon or dive underwater- without intense pain.
Avatar f tn I had a laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair op just over 6 wks ago. My problem is that as soon as i start to walk round for any length(20 mins or more) or do normal household tasks(like hovering,cooking) i get a dragging,nagging ache which requires pain relief. I am no whimp but this ache is worse than before the op,more constant and the same type/place as before. I have not been back to consultant yet but just wondered if this was normal healing. Hope someone out there has some ideas.
Avatar m tn physician's assistant were no less than awesome, but still this positive experience has not been able to supplant the fear I believe is associated with my dad's death after hernia surgery. My hernia is a bulge in my lower left quadrant. If I lift things or have a bowel movement the bulging increases. There is occasionally an ache when this happens, but with a light push the bulge disappears back inside.
Avatar n tn Both the general surgeon who performed my laparoscopic ventral hernia repair on 1/10/06 and the ob who just performed the cyst removal surgery feel that the cyst is probably a true dermoid in that it's benign.
Avatar m tn I had a picture of mine taken during my colonoscopy and evidently, I have more bowels than most people. Have you been told if you have a lot of bowels or average length or less than average length? If you have sufficient length of bowel and the portion of your bowels affected by the damage is not too extensive, perhaps they might try to remove the part of your bowel the worst affected and attach up your own bowel, shortened but still useful.
Avatar m tn I'm a 47 year old male, a runner, lean fit body. I had hernia surgery a year ago, and since then my testicle on the side of the surgery hangs lower than before. The surgeon just dismissed my concerns saying that it would "take care of itself." Before the surgery my testicles hung evenly, the same height. I'm in great shape, and I have always felt good about my body. I have even modeled for figure drawing classes. But, since the surgery my right testicle is noticeably lower.
Avatar n tn In my opinion and this has been shared by others, this imbalance has directly led to a diagonal stress across the body which over time has resulted in lower back herniation and an inguinal hernia requiring surgery. My question is, at this late point would corrective surgery, including screws and plates to bring the clavicle back to the correct length, reduce such secondary symptoms and indeed be a reasonable option at this time?
Avatar f tn Has anyone had a similar experience? Does the length of the surgery have anything to do with my seeming lack of recovery?
Avatar n tn i too am starting the process for laproscopic surgery for hiatal hernia and the valve in the esoph. that doesnt close to hold down food and acid etc.. the doctor has done this surg. 60 or so times..at least one evey othe week. i havent found a way to check on him or his credentials. i am so worried that i will have more trouble after the surgery. prilosec does not help any more and i have severe pain in chest(mostly left side) and upper stomach right below rib cage.
Avatar n tn Elie, any doc who knows what they're doing will suggest you be on meds and control your diet for as long as possible before you even consider surgery. Surgery isn't a quick fix and it has a lot of side-effects that most don't talk about. It can also have some very undesirable consequences that you might not want to face. Get back on the meds and consider a GERD diet.
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1910752 tn?1329493822 So at this point, with no syrinx, no tethered cord, and no evidence that my swallowing issues are Chiari related, my guess is that next week my NS will advise against surgery. I am OK with this altough I have had a Chiari headache for about 6 days now...nothing seems to be working, not even my usual stand-by, Excedrin. I am also having a lot of colored blobs in my vision, which are different from my usual migraine aura. Some dizziness, but not too bad.
Avatar n tn I am scheduled to have laser surgery to fix a 4cm hiatal hernia. What can I expect, pain, length of stay in the hospital and recovery time? What is the success rate for this type of surgery?
Avatar n tn My surgery was a little different than these other people. I also had a hernia repaired during the same surgery! My symptoms started during my pregnancy with twins which was six years ago(1994) . I had frequent lose bowel movements and cramping with each meal. I pretty much lived with the symptoms thinking that I just had a change in my bowels since having the twins, not knowing that this was abnormal. My attacks got worse until I finally went to see a Doctor(1999).
Avatar n tn Discomfort from gas between shoulders, nothing bad just did not expect that. Waiting for the surgery was worse then the surgery...Best of luck to you!
Avatar n tn then the skin on my neck had never adhered after my original spinal fusion so I had that repaired in 2006. Somewhere in the midst of another surgery I also had a hernia repair which meant reopening a small potion of my abdominal tightening. Anyway I am no stranger to surgery :) Recently my forearms have had periods of weakness. All the pain comes from the top of my forearms just before the bend in my arm. Both sides. I can feel the pull of the tendon there and the nerve pain.
3057101 tn?1360377709 Irislita said it best. Its not the length that's the issue its the width and shape. Drs go by length which isn't usually the problem. You need a cine flow to see whether there's a blockage of csf flow sweetie. If there is a specialist will see you.
Avatar n tn I now take Oxycontin, 80mg every 7-8 hours. I am scheduled for hernia surgey in 3 days and am terrified that I will have terible withdrawl symptons from not taking the oxycontin. I am sure they will give me Demorol because I have had surgery in the past and Morphine made my heart race to dangerous levels and gave me no relief. The demerol had worked in the past but I wasnt on the oxycontin the last time I had surgery. My question is will I get the relief I need on the demerol?
Avatar f tn I agree, think before you get the surgery. Some patients do not totally understand what weight loss surgery is all about. Some thinks that this is the fast and easy way to lose weight. But its success solely depends on the patient's dedication in losing weight. Weight loss is a change of lifestyle. You have to minimize eating, get more physical activities, and you will also have some food restrictions. Weight loss surgeries are tools to help you lose weight.
Avatar n tn I'm now 43 years old. I've been waiting 3 years for disc replacement surgery to be a little more mainstream treatment. I'm interested in hearing anything about this procedure for the C-spine. I'm considered a surgery candidtate for c-5/6 and c-6/7 levels.
Avatar n tn I am also still awaiting the pathology reports, which by the length of time to hear I am assuming that all was normal. Atfer the surgery though the gynie said all looked well, they needed to make a 4th hole to remove the endometrioma, but I couldn't think of other questions to ask at that point. I went back to work on Wednesday, before then I could live in yoga pants, and I don't want to buy larger pants just to get me through this stage ... any similar experiences?
Avatar n tn Can Laproscopic Nissan Fundoplication Surgery cause Vagus nerve damage? I had Laproscopic Nissan Fundoplication Surgery 2 years ago. GERD completely returned 6 months ago. I am now experiencing Gastropresis. I had an Upper GI, had fasted 15 hours prior to the test, and still had food present at the time of study. I suffer greatly daily. I never feel like my stomach is empty even after hours of not eating. I can eat a small meal and feel full after a few bites.
1704915 tn?1357604854 she got to my ascending colon and had to stop. She says surgery is not needed unless there was a knot or blockage (pretty much on my death bed) but this definitely is why I am experiencing gas, upset stomach and bloating. I begged her to give me something for some relief now that she knew this was the cause. She took me off of Miralax and put me on a high dose of Amitiza. This time I didnt stop taking it because it didnt do anything but because it made me VERY sick.
Avatar n tn I had a right inguinal hernia repair in July, and it has been over ten weeks since surgery. I have started to use my elliptical and jog and walk with the dogs for exercise. I used to do quite a bit of lifting (including "perfect push-ups"), but feel rather uncomfortable with the idea of ANY kind of lifting. What might be sound medical advice for a forty-eight year old who has a hard time ruling out lifting as part of his work out regimen? The scar is three inches long.
Avatar n tn Posted By CCFNeuroMD/MRR on April 16, 1998 at 15:27:18: In Reply to: Transverse myelitis/PN and surgery? posted by Jen Schiller on April 06, 1998 at 22:29:21: : I have been diagnosed with possible ATM, and PN as well as possible MS. I have a small umbilical hernia (no pain). Consulted surgeon who advised against surgery because of my recent neurological Dx. and fact that I'm recovering from complete lower body paralysis.
Avatar n tn I apologize for the length of the this enquiry but feel the history is important and the time factor (7 months of literally fighting for referals) will only support the need of cyberservices such as this one. I am at witts ends having just moved from a large city into a small Northern BC town where I may be burning bridges and unable to find the type of family physician who will support my means of addressing medical conditions.