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Avatar f tn I had a Hernia op in May 2014 and now I have a dubbed hernia and I have pus coming out my belly button and my stomach is very swollen I did go to the clinic and they said it is okay but it is getting worse can some on please help me is it normal
Avatar n tn do my symptoms fit those of hernia? Can ultrasound detect hernia? If it is hernia, do I need to do something about it (I have no pain)? I want to get prepared so I know what to ask my family doctor once I get the ultrasound report. My family doctor normally does not give detailed information unless I ask specific questions. Thanks in advance for any help.
Avatar n tn i had hernia surgery about 10 days ago i am now have problems with my stomach itching and my throat closing and ear closing the area around the sites are also red. it as intenses itch.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, and am not even sure if there is where I should be posting. I have an incisional hernia the size of a grapefruit. I have to have surgery on Wednesday to repair it (he is using mesh). He is going to try to do it as an outpatient, but due to some other problems, they may have to move me to the hospital to stay a few days (doing it at a surgery center). My question is, how big would the incision have to be? How long of a recovery should I expect.
Avatar m tn The doctor examined me and found a groin hernia and I'm scheduled for surgery in sept. I think I want laproscopic but am I going to end up with permanent pain? will the mesh or non-tension method fail to stop the hernia from progressing? I think it's from the gym or coughing from this tracheotomy I'm getting this crippling nausea sometimes and sometimes protonix helps. is it from the hernia or diabetes or GERD? thanks!
Avatar n tn Going in for surgery Nov17'08. The total hysterectomy, hernia and sling will be performed. I am very nervous after reviewing this site and the "horror" stories told. I have fibroids pressing against the badder, which is now, poorly distended, a overly large uterus ,as well as a hernia. I have a calcified kidney stone"which is being "guarded".
Avatar m tn I had surgery on a direct lower right abdomonal hernia on 12-7-06 and I'm having pain issues in the area of the incision but also my right testical. I went to the dr. last week 11-13-07 they said the surgery seema to be healing fine but I might possibly have an infection in the semen tract idabidamitis (sic), they had me give them a urine sample to see if there is any infection. My question is ,if the infection is in the semen tract, why would they have me give a urine sample?
2108401 tn?1334143338 hi my name is Alberto and i had surgery for bilateral inguinal hernia right after the surgery my testicules stared swelling and so painfull,the urine stop,sex stop.I been have 3 surgery all ready,to remove the mesh,now i have a suprapubic cathere the urologis found mesh in the midline in top of the bledder neg.how all dos complication hapen?, way?,what went so wrong? i'm only 43 and everythin is don for me and nobody give me a good explanetion can u help me?
Avatar m tn had hernia surgery in march ,hurt more now than before surgery,what the hell is going on?
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with a very large incisional hernia resulting from abdominal surgery in May 2011. I have endometriosis, which caused a bowel obstruction. I had my appendix and part of my intestines removed-midline incision. There was an infection during healing. I'm a 42 years old woman and was in good shape before all this happened. Now I look about 3 months pregnant. I am living in Abu Dhabi, but had my surgery in the US before I moved here.
Avatar f tn Dear Doctor, My son has Hep C along wit h a hernia. He went to see a surgeon and the surgeon refused to operate because of the risk of a Hep C patient (bleeding & infection) Can you suggest anything that would help at this point? Thank You.
Avatar n tn It's been a week since imbilical hernia surgery and my belly button is black with a foul odor. what to do?
Avatar m tn Anyone have this happen to them a month or longer past surgery? Could this be an infection or hernia? I put a call into the doctor but they won't get back to me until tomorrow. Just wanted to see if this had happened to anyone else. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have had a large abdominal hernia since last year after having some surgery. I went to see a surgeon about it in December 2011, he said that I needed alot of mesh with the repair as I have had several abdominal surgeries and he thinks it best to reinforce some of my abdominal walls. I am a little hesitant about the mesh as I have heard some horror stories about developing infection from the mesh. What do you think?
Avatar f tn The pain got so bad that I went to see my doctor. Emergency surgery was performed to repair the hernia. In the case of an incarcerated hernia surgery needs to be done as part of the bowel has restricted blood flow that could result in the death of the effected tissue. You would be best of to see your doctor about possible surgery. All the best.
Avatar m tn I'm not a doctor or in the medical field. I just had my umbilical hernia surgery 2.5 weeks ago with mesh. If you have the surgery without mesh you could have another hernia as your putting strain down below and it could come through another weak point. It also can get bigger and quite ugly. It is your intestines that you are pushing and squishing back into your body. It's amazing how much we use stomach. Anything you do while working out, you will use your stomach muscles.
Avatar m tn Several months ago I had surgery on my eyes. Prior to the surgery they gave me a blood test to check for items prior to the surgery. Do they screen for HIV in that test?
Avatar n tn old male) might be experiencing pain from a hernia despite tests that appear to “rule out” hernia. The pain is deep in the lower abdominal area centered around the left abdominal obliques. In the spring of 2005, I experienced left pelvic pain when taking part in physical activity. Today, the pain persists and is exacerbated when I perform physical activity greater than a slow walk or if I sit too long. I have no digestive problems except occasional constipation and gas.
Avatar n tn Hi! I think I might have a small inguinal hernia on the left side of my groin above my penis. It doesnt hurt or bother me at all and its been like this for over a year or more since I cant remember. Should I be worried about this or not? I have no pain and everything seems fine. Cough test for physical was ok with no problems but looking into all of this has me a bit worried. Should I post a picture to have a visual? I dont know if thats ok or not, this is my first post.
Avatar n tn On April 20, 2007, I did have an EGD with dilatation of an esphageal stricture. What do you think. A hernia? More Surgery? I am 165 pounds, 68 yrs. old,non-smoker,no alcohol, not diabetic, only meds are lopressor 50 mg twice a day, levothyroxine 12.5 mcg every day, nexium 40 mg every day, one 81mg aspirin a day. I was on lopid, crestor and requip for restless leg, but my PCP took me off them D/T Hemogobin and Hematocrit dropped from 14.5 and 45.3 to 12.7 and 34.7.
Avatar m tn About three weeks ago, I had laparoscopic surgery for an inguinal hernia. Today, after not having masturbated for about a week, I noticed a trace of blood in my semen, and the semen seemed a bit dark, almost "light tea" colored. Is this from the surgery, clots, an infection or ???? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Hello, Redness, swelling and inflammation at the site of stitches of surgery means an infection of the area. First of all get this checked from your surgeon and you may need a course of topical and oral antibiotics. If there is any fluid or pus collection inside the scrotal sacs then it may need to be drained. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn 1) do nothing and wait, 2) surgery (cholecystectomy), 3) non-surgical options. The standard treatment for symptomatic patients who suffer from gallstones has been to have the gallbladder removed surgically along with its contained stones. Removing the gallbladder may have little or no effect on digestion.
Avatar m tn Hi, i underwent surgery for Irreducible Umbilical Hernia on 02/09/2012. Prior to that i was having pain at the right side of abdomen as well as at umbilicus area. I was also having pain after ejaculation prior to surgery. After surgery the pain at the umbilicus is gone, but the pain at the wound is still there. Also there is pain at the Right Testicle as well as at the Right side of abdomen.
Avatar m tn Dear goliath415 , Thanks for writing in. I have reviewed your family history and your yearly PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen) values. A hernia surgery by itself shall not lead to increase in PSA. However, if you had bothersome urinary symptoms or catheterisation during surgery, it can certainly lead to increased PSA values. You have had a fairly good PSA record and I shall advise yourself to get investigated with urinalysis.
Avatar m tn I had hernia, gall bladder, and acheilles tendon surgery all with HCV, get a second opinion.
1344908 tn?1276372922 My mother had bowel obstruction surgery back in January. After the surgery she ended up with a wound infection and was in ICU for 2 days. They left the wound open and was sent home. I had to change the wound three times a day until it closed. About 2 weeks after the wound closed she ended up with a swollen stomach and when I say swollen I mean like she is 9 months pregnant.
Avatar n tn It is rare to do an umbilical hernia without mesh these days, unless it is a tiny hernia. While unlikely, after all this time, it could be an infection of the repair. It is also very possible that it is an infection completely unrelated to the surgery, but either way it should be checked out.
Avatar m tn I was operated on for an inguinal hernia repair, left side, in 1994. Shortly after my surgery, I developed an infection in the wound. There was a big pimple like thing that had to be cut with a scissor and then pus had to be squeezed out of the wound. The doctors said there was nothing further to worry about. Over the years my complains didn't go away. In year 2004 another surgeon determined that I had to go in for a second round surgery in the same spot. This time around a mesh was inserted.