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Avatar f tn I had hernia surgery 7 1/2 wks ago cannot believe the pain i have had. It was a spagelian hernia and I am a female. After surgery my incision & other private parts swelled up the size of a cantelope and turned black & blue , so pain full couldn't walk. bruising and swollen from upper thighs to belly button and around both sides. Said it's a hematoma. Used mesh but that's all I really know.
Avatar f tn yes, i did have a nissan but a toupet partial wrap with hernia repair and something is very very wrong and i can't find the right surgeon to fix me; i either need an undo or redo but am running out of time; my nausea/pains r intolerable and no nausea med will work and i know i'm dying as i eat no solids and try to force shakes down but i am losing the battle and i'm a single mom and my kid is watching me die and must go live with his deadbeat who he has seen twice in 14 yrs.
Avatar n tn He also operated without an assistant surgeon present and over-retracted my abdomen causing extreme nerve damage and trauma to my abdomen. He also left the mesh from a prior belly button hernia surgery balled up in my abdomen which is growing adhesions around and in my intestines. I am assuming he also brutally hacked off my vagina making sex so painful I think there are adhesions there too.
429647 tn?1249757029 Vegas my surgery and diagnosis was last Dec. I finished chemo in April. Marie I could only have one IP cuz could not tolerate, I was in the hosp. a week after having IP. I have been having trouble lately with bloating, gas and BM issues, so Onc wants to investigate. I go Mon. for bloodwork, Tues for CT scan. So hopefully by Fri. I will just find out that I am full of hot air:) I am hoping that my carbol/taxol regimine and my one time wash of cistplatin in the peritoneal cavity worked.
Avatar m tn I've had a hydrocele surgery at the age of six, left side inguinal hernia surgery at the age of 10, and a right side inguinal hernia surgery at the age of 24. My right testicle have been attached closer to my body since my hydrocele surgery and I can clearly remember how uncomfortable it felt to have such an abnormal position of your testicle. After 20 years, I still feel some discomforting pains (on my right testicle) when exercising.
Avatar n tn It was an inguinal hernia and the surgery was done a week ago using normal methods, as opposed to laproscopic. It was not repaired with mesh but with a very thin steel thread (can't remember what it's called). This has been my first surgery and first reason to even go to a hospital so I have NO clue what to expect. Now that a week have passed, swelling is almost gone, minus the hardening of the fat, and bruising is going away.
Avatar n tn Hi and welcome to the GERD forum. B4 u decide on a surgery, make sure u deff have a hiatal hernia...were u dx with one? People that have had the nissen proceedure have been warned...u will not be able to burp or vomit following the proceedure. The LES will continue to weaken if ur continue to have excess acid......there r foods to avoid, some just later in the day to avoid like dairy...... It will depend on if ur hernia is a sliding one and it staionary where it is located.
Avatar f tn He just had another surgery Friday, which makes his 3rd since he was born and hes 5. The 1st one was because his uretha was in the wrong place, the next one because of a hernia and the 3rd because of another problem. Im not sure how long he was in the hospital and they give you stuff for pain.
Avatar n tn Do you make a habit of doctor-shopping? There's nothing wrong with you that requires any treatment, including surgery. Forget about it. Don't worry - you're not going to be written up with some new disease nobody's ever seen or heard of. It sounds like a benign anatomic anomaly. Time to move on.
Avatar n tn Hello, Kate I too agree that it sounds like a hernia. I have had all 3 the hernia which I'm having surgery for Dec 6th, the ovarian cysts, and an ectopic pregnancy-both of which I had surgery for years ago. The ovarian cyst would not be protruding to the outside there has to be some sort of weakness in the lining, or the area for that to happen generally seen with a hernia, and your puking episodes could have caused enough straining to cause it.
Avatar m tn My general surgeon assistant called me and left a voice mail stating the hernia was much less noticeable in the second CAT scan, and therefore the Doctor said there is no need to perform a hernia surgery. I called his office to schedule another appointment but his staff would not schedule an appointment for me. Then something remarkable happened. I saw a second general surgeon. The second surgeon asked me “what did (Dr. D) say?” However I never mentioned (Dr.
Avatar f tn knew i would take care of her so we went home on beli ribbon blanket for 2 months and had to keep being tested.than we had reflux start with a belly button hernia almost had to have surgery till the blockage finally passed.neitherless problem after problem.shes been in speech and pt about a year.and tomorrow we see ot.we have early intervention and early start also involved.but its always the question what issue is causing which problem.
Avatar m tn physician's assistant were no less than awesome, but still this positive experience has not been able to supplant the fear I believe is associated with my dad's death after hernia surgery. My hernia is a bulge in my lower left quadrant. If I lift things or have a bowel movement the bulging increases. There is occasionally an ache when this happens, but with a light push the bulge disappears back inside.
Avatar m tn Hello, I used to sing very comfortably from birth however at 4th of April 2014 I had a hernia surgery. Before surgery I was very nervous that the intubation process could damage my voice. After the surgery I was still very nervous got kind of depression and stuff. Later I went to an ENT to get my vocal cords checked. He said there is nothing wrong with them but I got silent reflux probably due to the stress. I was able to sing a bit until then but now all my singing ability is lost.
Avatar n tn Hi, After having hearthburn surgery I developed gastroparesis due to a damaged nerve during the surgery. I have had the sthomach emptying problem for 4 years since surgery. You can try to use Cytotec (misoprostol) 100 mcg. This medicine is used for labor inducing therefore it should not be taken during pregnancy. However, I have had better success taking another medication called Motillim. But it is not sold in the US, and you can get it from Canada.
Avatar m tn Anyhow, after more than a month of trying to convince a variety of medical services that there was indeed a problem, he was finally referred to a hospital where they ran an ultrasound, found out it was indeed a hernia, and performed surgery (bear in mind that the only hospital his insurance would cover at the time was a crap-freaking-tastic place that (at least used to) have a reputation for its... less than spectacular performance.
Avatar n tn You are right. I mean why go through an endoscopy when the end treatment will be the same. I had the same issues with my doctor. I told him we know the problem so why bother. He was like "we don't want to find out later on that we are diagnosing the wrong disease. I would still go through it to make sure its hiatal hernia." As for the endoscopy experience. I am sure you know its nothing. I don't even remember them doing the procedure on me.
Avatar n tn Weight loss will be the easiest way to alleviate the symptoms, as it will reduce the internal pressure, but the hernia (tear in the fascia) will remain, and symptoms could certainly recur, unless we have surgery. If any of you has surgery to repair the hernia, I highly recommend a patch. if they just sew it up it will usually recur.
Avatar m tn what type of hernia was it? I had two ilioinguinal hernia repairs done, and experienced a great deal of pain, standing, going up stairs, etc. as the inguinal nerve became entrapped in the scar tissue of the repair. A pain doctor could diagnose that with a nerve block and then give you treatment options.
Avatar f tn Hello, I used to have extreme pain in the left lower abdomen area (groin area), which was the result of a hernia. I had surgery in July and that took all the pain away. Unfortunately, about two weeks ago, the same exact pain came back. For the past few days, Ive had extreme sharp pain in the same area. I went to the surgeon who fixed my hernia, and she proclaimed that "there is no way the pain is from the hernia".
Avatar n tn (Did no good) The uroligist checked me out and said it was from the hernia repair surgery, more pain meds. I don't want no more pain meds - Just fix me!!!! The PAIN is bad, a dull pain on the right side in between my testicles and leg, bad pushing pain when I deficate and inscruciating pain in my testicles. I don't know where to go or what to do!!!!!
Avatar m tn My mother passed away on 09/02/09 from what was found as a hernia, where the small intestine was blocked causing lack of circulation. On 08/28/09 she began having stomach pains a nausea she thought she got sick off tuna she ate about 3 hours before she began feeling ill. she waited it out the whole weekend thinking she could fight off the stomach cramps which was accompanied by vomiting, but she couldnt. on the 31st, she went to an urgent care center.
522699 tn?1250594316 Every other surgery he has had within 10 mins of the surgery he is up and awake and ripping open his stitches, which is what we prepared them for. I personally think the arrogant anethetist gave him a sedative of some sort which is risky cause of his heart. The theatre staff in recovery were lovely. It took 5 hours to wake him up and we couldn't get his oxygen sats up so they said he had to stay in over night on 2litres of oxygen.
Avatar m tn i also had 2 months of severe bladder pain which felt like cystitis gone mad it was horrendous i couldnt stand for longer than a minute and walking was horrendous! i went to the doctors with very infected waterworks and he treated me with every antibiotic he could and unfortunately it was caused by the stent which was rubbing on my bladder wall! once that was tken out in april i was like a new woman!!!
1315818 tn?1274659435 First signs in Aug ‘09 under right breast and came gone and 1hr after. Headaches, feeling sick to stomach, felt really dizzy during the day, not wanting to do anything, just going to work and resting during the evening, slept a lot during day/nite. Really act up in morning, in evening. Feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest thru to back shoulder blades. Felt horrible under the weather for the 2 mths & still continuing on now. Cant eat Grilled Cheese why is that?
Avatar f tn And I do think that nagging pain that was in the middle is gone. I know they dont cut into the organs when they perform the surgery, but if my liver or ducts were really inflamed would they see that on there video screen?? The surgeon did go out and speak with my boyfriend, and my boyfriend asked him how my liver was(cause pain was on the right side also) and surgeon said everthing looked fine! One more question does anybody know if the pancreas is in their view when they do this surgery??
Avatar n tn Can this be related to the Barretts or small hietal hernia or did they miss something on my cardiac workup? I was placed on 3 20mg Prilosec a day 2 weeks ago for the Barrett's but I still get this discomfort. I never really had any acid reflux to speak of. I am getting concerned that maybe it is my heart after all since the Prilosec is not working. I just dont know where to turn.
Avatar m tn Hopefully, they will repair the torn wall causing the herniation. Has your surgeon said anything about this hernia? I had a hernia repair done when I was seven- they did a small incision and sewed up with wire. I've heard of mesh being used in more recent times when surgical intervention is used. Have they taken any blood samples to test for cancer markers, since you have lost weight and are bleeding rectally, since they evidently did not complete a colonoscopy?