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Avatar f tn Its killing me. Sometimes the pain goes to the back area. It feels kind of like when I had a hernia and had to have surgery. Due to starting a new job I don't think I can have surgery and take off work. What can I do in the meantime? I have such horrible pain esp when I have a bowel movement and push. I had a massive charlie horse type cramp in my side. Then sitting all day at work is killing me.
Avatar f tn My husband had surgery 4 days ago for an abdominal hernia and an internal hernia. He seems to be recovering ok, but has lots of cramping and pain. He has been unable to have a bowel movement since the surgery and we are beginning to become concerned. He was in so much pain yesterday he took Phillips Milk of Magnesia to try to help and he still never had a bowel movement, not even in the urge to have one. Is this normal or is there something seriously wron?
Avatar n tn Sounds like you might have a hernia r/t surgery where your abdominal wall is weakened..and it is now causing intermittent bowel obstruction. Is the pain excruciating...and happens just when the stool is getting ready to pass (few seconds before) and continues until the stool passes through the anus? I strongly suggest going to see a General Surgeon stat as this can be life threatening if it becomes strangulated.
Avatar f tn Good afternoon. Hi. I recently have had some Bowel Movement accidents. I am 47 years old. Weight 282 1bs.(now) down from 320 1bs. (losing it by 1200 calories a day and exercise). I will feel something sliding down my back, and then I run to the bathroom. By the time I get to the toilet, Bowel movement (Boo Boo) is in my underwear, my clothes, and on the floor. Sometimes it is liquid, and sometimes it is mushy. Also my Bowel Movements are now (Long and Skinny) they used to be fat.
Avatar f tn Many times when I have a bowel movement, I feel the urge to vomit. Sometimes I can stave it, by deep breathing and continuous swallowing, but sometimes it can't be thwarted, and the vomiting occurs. It is usually in the morning, when all I've taken in is coffee. What is the correlation, and should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn The hernia feels alot better if i get a complete bowel movement first thing in the morning. Anyway my question is has anyone had a surgery other than the nissen fundo to repair the hernia. I am interested in having mine fixed but do NOT want my stomach wrapped around my esophagus. I'd like for a surgeon to just go in and pull the stomach to its proper position and sew up the hole in the diaphram essentially returning everything to its natural order.
Avatar n tn If you're walking more, sitting more, any increased activity can make a hernia hurt worse. I know I feel it - no I don't have an Inguinal Hernia but I do have a Hernia. When to call your physician or be concerned? Watch for SX of strangulation. Symptoms of strangulation include, nausea, vomiting, fever, tenderness, and severe cramping pain in the groin area. If strangulation occurs you will have no choice but to seek immediate medical attention regardless of where you may be in the world.
Avatar m tn you probably need to use a stool softener or a laxative t initiate a good bowel movement.
Avatar n tn The inability to control constipation and subsequent strained bowel movement has been a problem. 2 weeks ago my Mother noticed a large rugby ball (American football) shaped bulge which developed following any meal. This seemed to go down overnight, but has become tender and painful over the past 7 days. Yesterday the doctor diagnosed epigastric hernia, which does seem to pop back into place until food is eaten.
Avatar f tn I think that the kind of hernia surgery you are looking at it is a relatively simple surgery, as far as surgery goes. I don't think the dog will have to be put under deep anaesthesia, the procedure is something that is done close to the surface, and it is a fairly quick operation. I would expect a healthy dog to recover well. Your boy might have some activity restrictions while he is recovering, to keep him from pulling the stitches loose and undoing the procedure.
Avatar m tn I'm not a doctor or in the medical field. I just had my umbilical hernia surgery 2.5 weeks ago with mesh. If you have the surgery without mesh you could have another hernia as your putting strain down below and it could come through another weak point. It also can get bigger and quite ugly. It is your intestines that you are pushing and squishing back into your body. It's amazing how much we use stomach. Anything you do while working out, you will use your stomach muscles.
Avatar n tn My surgery was a little different than these other people. I also had a hernia repaired during the same surgery! My symptoms started during my pregnancy with twins which was six years ago(1994) . I had frequent lose bowel movements and cramping with each meal. I pretty much lived with the symptoms thinking that I just had a change in my bowels since having the twins, not knowing that this was abnormal. My attacks got worse until I finally went to see a Doctor(1999).
Avatar n tn It took several weeks before the pain subsided. Coughing or going for a bowel movement caused a lot of pain. Because a history of urinary retention following surgery I was relieved to have a catheter in for several weeks. It took several months to become almost discomfort free. When I try and sleep on my right side I can feel some discomfort in this area. Over the last two years I again am starting to notice some problems. the doctor had told me that I could expect to have problems again.
Avatar n tn i just had a hernia surgery two weeks ago an when i take deep breaths my chest hurts an it is very hard to have a bowel movement is this normal
Avatar m tn My husband had surgery for a Hernia on Saturday, he is passing water ok, but it's now Tuesday evening and although he has taken several Laxido sachets still he has no urge to go, but he has a bloated stomach. Is this common after surgery?
Avatar n tn I cannot feel anything as I am overweight, so I cannot see a bulge, or protrusion. When I do need to have a bowel movement, the groin does hurt, and quickly passes once I have been to the toilet. I am fearful my hernia may now have bowel protruding through the canal, and want to know if I should seek medical attention now that I am overseas, or wait til I get home in a weeks time. I am fearful as I don't know the countries medical system too well (I am in Greece).
Avatar n tn you should. normal peristolsis in the intestinal tract is slowed down and constipation can happen from the meds used for pain and anesthesia.
170935 tn?1225374676 but with me, it's a LOWER GI thing. A full bowel - and the soon-to-be-required-bowel movement is the scenario that triggers my PVCs. I offer you all REASSURANCE. We are connected by a REAL set of circumstances that is yet to be thoroughly "connected" by physician community. That's OK. And so are you. And so am I. We must mainatin vigilence...we must be certain that our issues are not from a more severe cause. With each physical & check-up...
Avatar n tn While this Surgeon was in there she decided to take out my appendix and fix a hernia(caused by the other surgery). Now, I found another hernia. Upper left of my bellybutton. It's getting pretty big too, about the size of an orange. I can tell when food passes there. It's obvious. Should I get this fixed? I really don't want to go through all this again but this is really bothering me. I'm sure my PCM will tell me he'll refer me if I want but he'd leave it alone.
Avatar m tn physician's assistant were no less than awesome, but still this positive experience has not been able to supplant the fear I believe is associated with my dad's death after hernia surgery. My hernia is a bulge in my lower left quadrant. If I lift things or have a bowel movement the bulging increases. There is occasionally an ache when this happens, but with a light push the bulge disappears back inside.
Avatar n tn It started when I was straining during an episode of bowel movement. Ever since I have been experiencing that cramping pain, giving it 3/10 score in the pain scale, and it is aggravated by coughing, laughing, sneezing. This morning I experienced vague generalized pain in my abdomen right after a bowel movement and was experiencing slight nausea and vomiting. what could this be?
Avatar m tn The following day I had my first normal bowel movement in over seventeen years. It was as if I entered a time machine and traveled back in time. Perhaps the problem is not between my ears as (Dr. A) suggested back in 1993? I sought new medical advice in May of 2010 through (Dr. D). I must now point out that (Dr. D) and (Dr. A) were in the same practice back in 1993. I must have caught (Dr. E) off guard because (Dr.
Avatar n tn I totally changed my diet and all that pain went away as well as the tenderness around my gallbladder. From the start of all this and still now I have had yellow mucous with every bowel movement, many times with diarrhea. Until about two weeks ago I felt no pain in the hernia site even when touched. Then I noticed I was more sensitive there but no real pain. Then 4 days ago I woke up with terrible pain in the hernia location that lasted all day.
Avatar n tn i'm on percocets and i know that can cause constipation. about 5 yrs ago i had a hernia with a bowel obstruction and had to have emergency surgery. alot of this pain reminds me of that situation. i took milk of magnesia and still haven't gone to the bathroom. i had a fever last night and also had the chills. i was very thirsty also but not sure if it was because i had chinese food and that it was very salty. i feel the urge to go to the bathroom but nothing comes out.
Avatar n tn Weight loss will be the easiest way to alleviate the symptoms, as it will reduce the internal pressure, but the hernia (tear in the fascia) will remain, and symptoms could certainly recur, unless we have surgery. If any of you has surgery to repair the hernia, I highly recommend a patch. if they just sew it up it will usually recur.
Avatar n tn One month back I had an endoscopy done, doctor said i have a huge hiatal hernia. Which is giving me acid reflux. My biopsy results were fine. He prescribed prevacid. There are few symptoms which i feel have nothing to do with hiatal hernia and might be something else. My body ache's all over (legs,teeth and hands). I can hardly stand for more than 5 minutes. I notice this happens when i have acidity coming out of my mouth or sometimes even when there is no acidity. would reflux cause body ache?
Avatar n tn My dad was diagnosed with colon/liver cancer just a few months ago and my grandmonther had colon cancer too. For the last few months my bowel movements have been totally different. The regularity, consistency and smell are all different. Plus, there is mucus and blood in my stool and I have a harder time controlling my movements. I do not have any abnominal pain but I am more bloated, etc. What could these symptoms be caused by? Ulcerative colitis?
1070971 tn?1299617710 I had the same procedure....april 27, 2012 Having pain when having a bowel movement and thats if i have one... cant seem to find anything that helps even though im eating a high fiber diet and drinking only water... pain is sooo bad and we all are told not to force but what the heck..Hence, gaining weight.