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Avatar f tn Did any moms get a small hernia in their belly button & got surgeey. I never though bout it in 2010 thought it was normal how my belly stuck out but I thought eventually it will go back since I just gave birth then had my second soon & still had it & now it pregnant again & brought it to my ob why hasn't it gone down & told me I may have a hernia & after birth I may have to get surgery & I'm really hoping it will help.
Avatar n tn I have been told I have a belly button hernia what is the surgery and recovery time is this a simple general surgery outpatient operation concerned roy
Avatar f tn A few years ago I had surgery to remove a hernia next to my belly button which was removed through my belly button, my belly button was stitched up and now I find it very difficult to clean it as it seems dirt remains in it and I can't get it out, any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I just had umbilical hernia surgery and the first sign was a 'popped out' belly button. It probably occurred during pregnancy but it was there 12 weeks post-partum & that's how it was diagnosed. Definitely consult a dr about this.
2052470 tn?1351179640 My son is now 6 weeks old and ever since he was 4 weeks old, his belly button came out. What can help it go back in. Every time I see it, I feel like crying. My poor baby. I feel as is he's suffering so does hubby think the same. What can I do for it to go back to place???
Avatar f tn I'm 37+6 weeks and my belly button hasn't popped out. I also had surgery on my belly button at ten years old because of a hernia. So I kinda guessed it didn't pop out because of that.
Avatar f tn Ugh man I don't know what to do because when it does hurt I can't even touch that part of my belly. So putting something over it will really kill me. I have a maternity belt but like I said I hardly can let shower water hit my stomach because of the pain. And wow only 32 weeks. Mine didn't start bothering me till 35 weeks. But we will get through it.
Avatar n tn Now that I'm not pregnant, the OB said that I have a small hernia just under the belly button. I guess that explains why It felt the way it did. My belly button hasn't gone down yet, still sticks out a bit...ugh! If I lie down, I can push it back in with no problem. I still have jelly belly, so it is pretty easy. When I stand up, out it pops.It just feels really weird in that area, and when the baby nurses and kicks a bit, it hurts.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies! Im 11w and my question is the doctors found a small hernia above my belly button about a year and a half ago and they saw no need to go into surgery for it but now that im pregnant do u think this hernia is going to cause issues at all??? Or does anyone else have a similar issue? Thanks ladies!!!!
Avatar f tn My husband just now poked me in my belly button .. He knows not to do that because I have an umbilical hernia .. It hurt so bad I punched him , it sends shocks through my body.. It's a terrible feeling ... I'm sorry you are going through the pain of a hernia.. Thankfully mine only hurts when I touch it ..not constantly... Was there anything you could take for the pain besides Tylenol?
Avatar f tn Im told that i was born with a hernia, i have two small bumps dirrectly above my belly button that usually never bother me. Ive been running, doing sit ups, etc. a lot more than usual lately and the bumps are beginning to stick out more at times. They only really bother me when i work out, but that will eventually become a problem seeing that i need to for school sports. What should i do? Is there any treatment?
Avatar f tn This is mt second child , i have a bulsge beside mt belly button .. it doesnt hurt and i go to de monday to find out if its a hernia .. dis they make you have a c section ?
Avatar f tn I had a Hernia op in May 2014 and now I have a dubbed hernia and I have pus coming out my belly button and my stomach is very swollen I did go to the clinic and they said it is okay but it is getting worse can some on please help me is it normal
Avatar n tn do my symptoms fit those of hernia? Can ultrasound detect hernia? If it is hernia, do I need to do something about it (I have no pain)? I want to get prepared so I know what to ask my family doctor once I get the ultrasound report. My family doctor normally does not give detailed information unless I ask specific questions. Thanks in advance for any help.
Avatar n tn Hello, my husband is a hepatitis C patient and he has developed a hernia in his belly buttom,, is it thru that he shouldn't have surgery due to his condition with hepatitis C?. His belly button has gotten so big and he doesn't know what to do. can someone please help me understand what's going on???
Avatar n tn My belly button is swollen and dark brown in color. I first noticed this when I wore a denim pants that was too tight. The doctor gave me ser\veral antibiotics like cephalexin, bactrim and erythromycin. Once I take the antibiotics it will swell and then burst and dark brown blood will come out. The thing is after a month or so it will reccur again. The doctors had took samples of it but found no growth in it. The ultrasound result was also negative.
Avatar m tn diagnosed it as umbrical hernia with seperated stomach muscels.I will have surgery 01/08 for the hernia repair and abdominoplasty(tummy tuck).For finance help try carecredit,many doctors will accept this program.
Avatar f tn Last night I woke up to a terrible pain in my belly button. It feels as if someone is pinching my belly button and pulling it inwards. It is better now that Im not laying down but it still hurts when I move certain ways, bend over, or urinate.
Avatar n tn Hi ever since i was little i've always had problems with mu belly button, now i'm 26 and still having the problem only worse, i had my daughter about a year ago and since than i has just got worse, it comes and goes and is very painful, i get red inside my belly button, and it gets itchy on the outside, the inside also oozes smelly white sometimes yellow liquid and it smell disgusting it also cause's me to have very bad stomach pains and lately it just keeps happening what should i do??
378425 tn?1305631894 The doctor said my next check-up would be June. I am having intermittent sharp burning pain above my belly button, I can feel something hard there. I told dr in March that area was tender and it was swelled. He did not really say anything, so I figured it had to do with incision. To me the swelling is still there, is this something anyone else has experienced, could this be a Hernia? The last couple of days it has begun to hurt a little more.
Avatar n tn I have had a rash for several months near belly button. Not so itchy but It is dry and scaly and red. it is an irregular reddish spots. I have had hernia surgery in 2005 and tummy tuck in 2000 which was way below this area but belly button was cut. Could it be psoriasis? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/241702'>Itchy rash that won't go away</a>.
Avatar f tn Talk to your dr. But Unfortunately you probably have developed diastisis recti & have a herniated belly button. I'm prego w my 3rd baby, I started the hernia after my 1st but didn't hurt, my 2nd baby it was worse after birth, but now prego w #3, it's extremely painful somedays. It's worse when I need to go poop. The herniated belly button is when there is a tear where Ur belly bottun is & Ur intenstins protrude causing the pain (look it up online it'll make more sense).
Avatar f tn Could your doc have meant a belly button hernia? That's an unfortunate consequence of some forms of lap surgery. If it gets worse, you may have to have it taken care of.
676912 tn?1332816151 I thought DH was just being paranoid about Aubryana's belly button, but she'll be six weeks on Tuesday and it sticks out, more so when she screams and looks like this...anyone?
1194973 tn?1385507504 i had pain around my belly button pretty bad and i didn't think anything of it but it ended up being a hernia...i didn't discorver that until my daughter was 6 weeks old. i'd mention it!! especially if your on medicaid ( i can't stress this enough ) because since i didn't mention mine and theres no documentation i suffered from it during pregnancy there is no way to prove it is pregnancy related therefore i can't get the necessary repair surgery covered by insurance.
Avatar f tn I woke up in the morning and was bleeding severly out of my belly button. When to ER and was told I was having liver failure. And advance cirrhosis of the liver. low palite of 70. And ask if I was a drinker Which I dont drink. Having a upper and lower GI done on the 28 of this month. I have easy brusing for about a year now. But no other signs. But now since bleeding. I do have the full sencetion under my breasts.
Avatar n tn She still isn't sure exactly what causes it, I go back to the doctor tomorrow, but she said a one possibility among many was that it could be a cyst that formed when my umbilical cord was healing and it continues to get infected. Surgery would then be the next step if that turns out to be true. My belly button is red and sore inside and below. Blood, puss and a bad smell are coming out. PS.
Avatar n tn Hi, My doctor diagnosed my slight bulge over my belly button as a hernia. At the time, it never caused any discomfort. The doctor said surgery is an option but not necessary? Lately, its been very tender and sore! Should I have the surgery or not??
1342947 tn?1276203958 Heya i was just wondering if anybody could help me i am having my 3rd child and a lump has appeared above my belly button i havent had this before and it hurts when theres pressure on it.