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Avatar n tn The only way to see adhesions is to surgically look. I have had adhesions for over 20 years and I am about to have surgery to remove a mass and to cut away some of the adhesions. I have been told by six different doctors that I have the worst adhesions they had ever seen. As for the hystorectomy I'm not to sure I would do this. My adhesions were always wrapped around my female organs and removed five times by excellent surgeons.
Avatar n tn I had surgery for adhesions 2 weeks ago. I came home and had horrible pain 1 day later that needed major narcotics to get me comfortable. Anyway, called the surgeon who said it wasn't anything he did and basically blew me off. I called my gyno. who saw me immediately, put me in the hospital for a CT scan and bloodwork because I had a fever and a small bulge on my bottom left side. The CT showed air from the surgery and bloodwork was okay. He sent me home with pain meds.
Avatar m tn Hopefully, they will repair the torn wall causing the herniation. Has your surgeon said anything about this hernia? I had a hernia repair done when I was seven- they did a small incision and sewed up with wire. I've heard of mesh being used in more recent times when surgical intervention is used. Have they taken any blood samples to test for cancer markers, since you have lost weight and are bleeding rectally, since they evidently did not complete a colonoscopy?
Avatar n tn Do you think this is my problem and that I may benefit from laparascopic surgery to remove the adhesions. All cardiac tests are completely normal. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn I was told I have multiple adhesions to the mesh they implanted for the hernia surgery. My doctor has put me on a very restricted diet: No fresh vegetables or fruit, no dairy, no fibrous or hard to digest food, no whole wheat products, no red meat (except for hamburger). I do not tolerate multi-vitamins well (cramps and pain). Any suggestions? I am pretty much on a "junk food" diet and need to get my vitamins somehow ...
Avatar m tn Is it normal to experience discomfort from inguinal hernia repair several months after surgery? I am 7 months out of surgery. I admit I do things like sing (which put pressure on the area) But is that the entire cause as to why I still experience discomfort from time to time? I notice if a twist, sleep on my side , or on my tummy and not on my back, this kind of provokes it.
Avatar m tn I had a mesh put into my stomach wall to seal off a hernia. 8 months later i still have discomfort and mild pain in the pubic area. The pain radiates across both sides of the pubic area. It is impacting parts of my life. Has anybody had the same thing and what was done about it?
Avatar n tn I have had horrible hip aches since I was a small child (I had a double hernia surgery at 1) and now I am wondering if my hip pain is b/c of that or if it is related to endo and adhesions. I take as much motrin as I can on a daily basis and I really can't tell it does anything for my pain. I am so sick of feeling like I am 80 years old...I am only 29! I was so glad to see that I am not the only one having these same problems.
Avatar n tn I had an infected seroma after surgery that took a couple of months to clear up. Incarcerated hernia in October of 2011. They thought I had a perforated colon so I was rushed into surgery that evening. They found it was not perforated but incarcerated. The repair was made, and many adhesions were removed. My appendix was taken out because they were in there anyway.
Avatar f tn He said that because of the prior surgery and because my omentum is gone and because of adhesions it makes the hernia surgery much more complicated. He said he would not attempt laproscopic surgery and would only do open surgery. I was disappointed by this because I really don't have any vacation time at work and my husband is unemployed so it would be very difficult to take off the necessary 4-6 weeks. Has anybody had a similar experience? Also I keep hearing about problems with mesh.
Avatar m tn Yes and Yes. I had inguinal hernia surgery which and mesh replacement which caused adhesions. I had several surgeries to remove them and mabe I should have given the first with a barrier more time but it been 15 months since my last surgery and now I can feel them come back. My surgeon said it is real easy flip or twist my colon because it is quite redundant. He suggested removing the redundant part may help. Anyway,cmy last surgery was with a Surgiwrap dissolvable mesh barrier.
Avatar f tn I live in New York State and am 2 yr post op Trans flap. Because of adhesions on my muscle on my right side, the muscles on my left side were used to reconstruct my left breast. I now have a 2 large hernia's, one in the lower abdominal and 1 mid drift between the belly button and left breast. I also have pain and tightness all over my stomach. I consulted with 2 surgeons, one who did the original operation and they both told me they could not do the repair surgery.
Avatar n tn diaphragmatic hernia when born, repair of the diaphragmatic hernia, intestinal adhesions, flundoplacation, and hitial hernia. They said for now it doesn't show any sign of strangulation or getting worse. So my question is should I still try for a baby or will this hernia cause me a lot of issues with pregnancy?
Avatar n tn While this Surgeon was in there she decided to take out my appendix and fix a hernia(caused by the other surgery). Now, I found another hernia. Upper left of my bellybutton. It's getting pretty big too, about the size of an orange. I can tell when food passes there. It's obvious. Should I get this fixed? I really don't want to go through all this again but this is really bothering me. I'm sure my PCM will tell me he'll refer me if I want but he'd leave it alone.
Avatar f tn I'd definetly recommend seeing a neurologist or type of doctor who diagnosed the hernia. It sounds like it could possibly be adhesions as I have heard they are painful. I have also heard they're hard to diagnose. As far as being worried about getting pregnant. Are you currently trying to get pregnant and worried that you won't be able to, or that you will have a painful pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I had hernia surgery 7 1/2 wks ago cannot believe the pain i have had. It was a spagelian hernia and I am a female. After surgery my incision & other private parts swelled up the size of a cantelope and turned black & blue , so pain full couldn't walk. bruising and swollen from upper thighs to belly button and around both sides. Said it's a hematoma. Used mesh but that's all I really know.
438877 tn?1224361089 scar tissue can cause a lump - but if you are worried about anything out of the ordenary see a dr. while my hernia was not an emergency problem when i eventually got my surgery - if left it could have become serious - as it was they had to increase my incision site a further 2 inches to get the mesh in - the mesh used to repair the muscle was 13 inch wide!! i am much more comfortable now it has been done and healed !!
Avatar m tn PLEASE HELPPPP!!! December 2009 I had open iguinal hernia surgery with mesh on my right side. I kept going back to my doctor for post surgery pain. He finally set me up to have pain injections every 6 weeks. That worked for a little while. That Dr. said (after my 4th injection) to come back in 3 months if the pain continues. I am still getting sporadic pain. There is no rhyme or reason to it, but it just hits me like a ton of bricks. It hurts to the touch, when I walk, and when I sit.
Avatar m tn Hernia is a protrusion through a defect in the abdominal wall. This can be from the incision site after surgery called as incision hernia. For this you can usually see the protrusion and also feel the defect. The other causes for your pain can be post operative adhesions, which is fibrous tissue that forms due to surgery. If with movement you are getting pain it is likely to be an inflammation of the skin, subcutaneous tissue or the bone.
Avatar f tn Within about a week he was walking around in fairly decent shape, but this is open surgery like any other open surgery and you're going to have to give yourself 'down' time. Make sure to keep ahead of the pain in the early stages by taking the meds you're given and team those meds with stool softeners or whatever is suggested so you don't get constipated. Pushing when you've had open surgery isn't much fun. Open surgery is a much better option if the surgeon suspects adhesions.
Avatar n tn In November 2009 I had emergency surgery for a strangulated hernia and bowel obstruction. The hernia was repaired and about 10cm of my small intestine was removed. This past October I had another emergency surgery. This time for an incarcerated hernia. This one was on the same side of my abdomen (lower left) and below where the other hernia used to be. The left side of my gut has always been bigger than the other. I'm very overweight and have had problems getting it to go back down.
Avatar f tn i have had chronic pain in my lower right abdomen for almost 8 years. what started out as a simple inguinal hernia repair has been a nightmare. the doc put the mesh patch in for "good measure". the adhesions are massive. from many doctors i have been diagnosed as having probably 3 nerve paths trapped in the adhesions. The inguinal, hypogastric and genital femerol nerves are all involved. After years and years of procedures I have not had any pain relief that lasted more than a day.
Avatar f tn Gyne said he would do hysterectomy but absolute last resort as may well cause more adhesions. Had ct scan awaiting results but hear adhesions dont show on scans. Pain worse when sitting better when walking, worse when eating large meals, live on painkillers and stool softners keep having to move about in different positions as pinching in right pelvis goes round to my back, constipation big problem and constant despite laxatives and water and piles and fissures.
Avatar n tn Adhesions might be causing the problem-sometimes they can be very painful. I don't know how well they show up on CT scan, though. IBS might also be the culprit. It affects different people many different ways. I'm sure he will see you for follow up after the CT and give you some more ideas/try some meds for IBS or something else that may help.
Avatar n tn On 4/28 my niece again had surgery to remove a hernia. My niece seems to be getting worse, however. At times her pain is at such a level that it is difficult for her to walk. Her physicians at a major northern california teaching hospital have diagnosed her as now suffering from chronic pain syndrome. She is seeing a psychiatrist to learn how to cope with daily pain and to learn breathing exercises to get through it.
Avatar n tn At that time, she suffered a bowel obstruction due to adhesions. In October 96, she had surgery to correct this problem. Subsequent to that surgery, she began experiencing pain in her abdominal area. In addition, her bowel movements became difficult and painful. In addition to mineral oil, she takes several medications. In October 97, again she had exploratory surgery to try to determine the source of her constant abdominal pain.
Avatar n tn Not everyone with a transient intestinal blockage, whether from hernia or adhesions, has nausea or diarrhea. And an abdominal wall hernia could involve fatty tissue rather than intestine, causing symptoms as you describe. Not many liver conditions would cause severe pain, intermittant or steady but especially intermittant. Likewise, pancreatitis pain usually lasts days, not hours. Even though it seems to be getting better, the potential is there for more serious episodes. See your doctor!
Avatar f tn Hi Ladies, I finally know what those horrible pain and n/v attacks are from, my oncologist looked over the CT report and said I need hernia surgery. I met with my surgeon and brought my CT scan from the hospital ER and the blood work. He examined me standing and lying down and concluded that I need surgery for the navel hernias, before the situation becomes an emergency. He said that he'll start with laparoscopic surgery, but if there are adhesions, he'll have to switch to open abdomen.