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Avatar f tn There is NO way I can narrow this down to one choice!!! LOL I have a very wide range of music that I love listening to-from heavy rock like Panterra, disco-Blondie, and classical Mozart. I'm not a huge fan of country music-I will admit to liking a few songs, like Carrie Underwood's-Before He Cheats (title????).
Avatar f tn You know neurotypicals feel the same way sometimes. My mom used to tell me that everybody has something they are good at. I never found what I'm good at. My brother was the genius. One of my sisters was great at music. The other sister wonderful with sports. I like what Tom Lehrer once said about Mozart: "It is sobering to consider that when Mozart was my age he had already been dead for a year." Mozart died at the age of 35.
Avatar f tn So I play Mozart for my daughter and idk if she's kickin because she likes it or she doesn't.....
Avatar f tn I have noticed that my baby wont move unless i play music. When I get worried that he isn't moving I play some baby Mozart and he moves to the side where the music is coming from. Has any of this happend to anyone?
Avatar m tn I have a daughter who has been treated for seizures, she also has a learning diability and now has developed tremors in her neck and wrists. Her nuerologist has told me that this is called Myoclonic Encephalopathy syndrome. She is being treated with something called zimpat. Any info about this sydrome or medicine would really help.
Avatar f tn I think my baby likes music. Today is the second day I play Mozart lullabies, spanish childrens songs and simple lullabies on top of my tummy.
5624774 tn?1374284525 Hi ladies. I'm 30+3 and trying to make my daughter move around as I think she may be having a lazy day. I know she's ok because I can feel her but only like once every 2-3 hours. Not the usual acrobats she normally does. This has been like this since yesterday so it's starting to worry me. Any siggestions? I've tried the obvious things like cold water, something sweet and laying on my left side.
Avatar f tn Good! I have baby Christmas books i want to read to him/her, and Dr. Seuss books, and some music (Mozart, some Piano music, and a few select songs from my favorite artists talking about love. Creed - Arms Wide Open, P!nk - Perfect, I Hope You Dance, can't think of her name now, etc...) i wanna play for it, and the father isn't in the picture (his choice) but i want the baby to know my dads voice. I'm so excited for this!!!
Avatar f tn I'm so in love with my little girl....and I think she loves me just as much. Tonight during "belly time" I read 3 chapters from the Bible and just talked to her and rubbed my belly and she's just a kicking and moving lol. She does it when I sing and just talk to her. Anybody else like this?
10973934 tn?1414701423 It u s the same song i play for my current pregnancy.
Avatar m tn s right pupil has become fixed and dilated for a few hours at a time three times this year. The left pupil remains normal. My vet said there is nothing growing behind her eye or anything, and she has no other symptoms when this happens other than going off her food for a few hours and becoming very quiet. She keeps the right eye closed when this happens and tends to flinch when I try to touch that side of her head when this happens. The next day she is normal again.
Avatar f tn Can i take any type of non drowsy allergy medicine. I took a 24 hr non drowsy generic brand of allegra before i was pregnant? Can i still take it? I really am having a tough time with allergies without any medicine.
Avatar f tn Any moms out there who plan to, or have played classical music for their children? What are your thoughts or outcomes of doing so? With my son, I found that if I played classical music for him he was much calmer. His favorite was Mozart. (or so it appeared).
Avatar f tn Thank You sooo much for playing! :) The next person wouldn't post the lyrics to the next song though until the person who posted the lyrics says if the guess is correct or not like as in my Name the Movies Game. That way we can keep the game in an organized fashion that won't be too confusing. ;) Thanks!!! :) Like in my other games you may ask the person who posted the lyrics questions such as what year the song came out and that.
228686 tn?1211554707 have to laugh at beatingthis' comment...almost same here. stray cat kept appearing...IT was so skinny that i felt bad for her and bought her some food. i dont think this cat had EVER seen a human or had any human contact. well...after a year...i can finally "touch" her...but only while she's eating...she loves for me to rub her head while she's eating. when i'm outside...she follows me around and stays nearby...
Avatar f tn He/she can point you in the right direction to a good therapist. Therapy and perhaps some medicine might be the right combination.... adding a healthy exercise program and a good diet cannot hurt either, but start with your doctor! Good luck!
572651 tn?1530999357 m wondering who else is hoofing it for us this weekend? This appears to be the MS Walk season for Ohio and I am unsure when it happens in other parts of the country. To anyone who hasn't considered doing an MS Walk - this has been a very positive experience for many of us. I would encourage you to go out and check it out in person. You may be surprised how much you enjoy it and you would not have to walk if you're not up to it. Good luck twopack - I hope the weather is dry up north.
Avatar m tn Do you think its ok to use music lyrics as your mood some ppl use quotes and quotes out the bible. I dont mind whatever helps the person in need. Id love to hear what you all think ?
Avatar f tn However, I did find relief... not with drugs, but with alternative medicine (of course at the time I was undiagnosed and working many hours. At least I was more functional then) What I'm finding is that many prescription drugs don't give any relief... at least for fibro patients (according to our poll here). And that the majority (if I remember right) of fibro patients have had some relief with alternative medicine (another poll we did here). Nicolson's research is just that....
Avatar n tn Right now, we can only feed her by using tube feeding. I m really worried about her because the longer the narcose is, the higher rate that she will have some sequela. Current treatment is just some antibiotics I m here to ask help, any advises. I will be very appreciated.
518031 tn?1295575374 having 3 teens and all their friends and having Guitar Hero I can tell you the teens of today love the 70 and 80s rock..look at Guitar hero,,,Aerosmith ,,Rock legends of the 80s..the origional is like metallica....my youngest son just discovered the beatles he listens to them morning to night...Seen Robert Palmer on tv 2 nights ago,,,still rockin new band man he looks like ole enough to be my grandfather..the years of heavy partyn must of caught up....or is it just they are freakin....old...
154668 tn?1290115995 Finally, after 40 years, someone has opened the vault and revealed the answer to a question that has clawed at our brains since the 1969 Woodstock album was released: What the hell were the lyrics to Joe Cocker's version of 'A Little Help From My Friends'? He was so wigged-out and loopy on a multitude of drugs, no one has been able to understand his jarbled, mush-mouth version.....until now! Click link below for the lyrics .... FINALLY IT'S CRYSTAL CLEAR! http://www.elwp.