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Avatar n tn just wanted to no if any one could help i was 8 days late for my periods and then i got them very light for 2 or 3 days they got heavy for a couple of days and then they went light again with like a brown discharge istead of blood and then today which is the 11th day of bleeding they were realy heavy also i have had really bad bad cramps my usual periods last for 4 days no pains and i have never had a problem with them i am 26 years old
Avatar f tn dont sweat it, mine did the same thing. did you recently start having periods? because almost everybody is irregular when you first start. its normal. if you notice that after a while its still not right then you should seek a doctors advice.
Avatar m tn My junior year of high school, I went to the doctor and got a low-dose birth control pill. A week into it, my periods became super heavy and I had unbearable cramps, which I had never had before. My period lasted a straight two weeks, stopped for a week, and then came again. My mom told me to stop taking the pill, so I did. My doctor said that it would take a month to get out of my system. A month later, my periods were still very frequent and just as painful.
Avatar f tn It lasted 3 days at a heavy flow, but then it stopped all of a sudden again with no discharge like normal. But then a few hours later i started to bleed again after i had sex with my partner? What can this be?
Avatar m tn i appear to come on my periods around the right time of each month i`ll bleed for a day then stop for up to two days then really heavy with bad cramps and then stop on the same day that its started again.
Avatar f tn My periods are ALWAYS the same I always bleed for around 4-5 days it starts heavy for one then goes light and I do get pains but only the first few days, and my blood is always a browny colour sum times read and I do get blood clots. This one has been very different I I have now Been on for 3 days it's still very heavy and it's bright red and I have really bad pains through the day is this a concern?
Avatar f tn It lasted 3 days at a heavy flow, but then it stopped all of a sudden again with no discharge like normal. But then a few hours later i started to bleed again after i had sex with my partner? What can this be?
Avatar n tn He asked me to monitor the flow each day as am constantly bleeding.Some days light and some days heavy. It started off with a tiny bleeding that was dark in colour now its more new blood which is light or heavy.I have to wear sanitary towels everyday its getting me down as I dont know why this is happening.I am single thank goodness but I am afraid to getting involved due to this embarrassing problem. My GP thinks the menapause has something to do with it.
492921 tn?1321293496 I use to have really heavy periods with lots of clotting and last 5 days at least and heavy cramping to the point where I have to take 400mg of ibuprofen every two hours just to ease the cramps. now I'm down to 1 day of heavy and then spotting for 3-4 days it's not normal at all for me. I'm scared to try and conceive again because if there is scar tissue then I will just m/c again. Not having insurance really S*U*C*K*S.
Avatar m tn Hi im new to this i had a mc on the 10th of may this year at 20+ i gave birth to a little boy only weighing 1Lb 4 ozs they detected at 13 weeks i had a subchronic haematoma wich i was told would dissapear in a few weeks however didnt and i bleed from about 13 weeks right up till i lost him it was a natural full mc however i lost alot of blood during it and had 2 be put on ferus sulphate as my haemoglobin was low i onlyi bled for about a week and it was fairly light and it has been 7 weeks and
Avatar f tn The bleeding is different, its light pink and not heavy like my usual periods.
Avatar f tn I am 35 years old and since I was 14 I have had heavy and painful periods because of endometriosis. That the doctor found after the birth of my second child. But for the last two months I have been having a period every two weeks. They only last one - three days and it is light but really red. The only thing that concerns me is that uterus and ovarian cancer runs deep in my families blood line.
Avatar n tn Came off the pill in Map and since then have regular cycles, but my 'periods' are only a brown , fibrous discharge and no blood. They last about 3 days. They are so light I don't even need to wear sanitary protection as there is no flow. My concern is that if an egg were to be fertilised, I can't see that there would be enough lining to support it! Has anyone else had this?
Avatar m tn Also keep a note of any changes like tender breasts, fluid retention as well as exactly how your periods are - light, brown, pink show, heavy, clotty and so on. All these will help give a picture to your doctor should you need to see him if your periods do not start to be "normal" again. The other thing is, are you sure that the blood is coming from your vagina?
1438752 tn?1284343047 but then i started to have a light spotting that never ends and got worst after that for 4 months then my friends told me its not normal. i went to ob gyn to check it out and i was diagnosis endometrial cancer . it was a grade 2 and it did not go all the way to my uterus and i was happy i caught it in time. a lil disappointed i can't have any kids on my own. but was happy to be alive. Go see ob gyn and have them it out and get tested.
1677547 tn?1304488366 I am going onto 3wks now since I have my period and it varies from heavy to light but always with blood clots. This is the first time this has happened to me, I have noticed that after being married to my husband for 1year and 5months my period has become very weird and at times would go on for more than a week and then I wouldn't have my period for nearly 2months or more!! What is happening to me??
Avatar n tn Thyroid certainly can cause period problems. Hypothyroidism - untreated can cause heavy flowing and irregular periods. Just wanted to let you know - I am certain I ahve read it on the thyroid cancer boards I am on and I know that my endo gave hypo as cause for that as well.
1310773 tn?1317099045 i think all the ladies who only have a few days bleeding are very lucky lol mine tend to be about 6days long, first 4days using super tampons changing every hr then tails off (sorry for the graphics lol)
Avatar m tn Since then I had one normal MP, but the 3 after that have been more or less when expected (28 days or so), but only last as much as 3 days and are extremely light. Previously my periods would be 5 - 7 days, 2-3 medium to heavy, then tapering off progressively. My periods never changed, they were the same length and intensity on or off the pill (I've gone off before). Now I don't even get PMS symptoms (always had sore boobs, tender abdomen, low back pain).
Avatar n tn It changed over the last 3 days to regular bright red blood with small black clots which I've experienced before during heavy periods. I've taken a pregnancy test every 2 weeks because I haven't had a period since April (5-6 months ago), they have all said negative including the one I took 5 days ago. I've had slight abdominal pain, nausea, and backaches. I wake up feeling like I'm going to vomit which is exactly how I felt when I was pregnant with my first and only child.
1435106 tn?1304419031 It lasts like almost 2 weeks and at first its brown or black and light then it comes out red after a few days and heavy. I don't get any pain, no itching no anything and I haunt checked a doctor because we don't have good doctors here. Can someone explain why this is happening and what I can do to make it normal again...or something? IM NOT OVERWEIGHT OR UNDERWEIGHT...My body is very active and I eat a whole lot. Its really strange.
Avatar n tn I am 47years old , 2 kids and just had novasure procedure done last monday ( dec 22, 2008 ) ...I had very heavy periods (9-12 days then off for 2/3 then right back again) foralmost 2 years . I also had a 6" mass removed from my left hemipevis and 2 complex crysts removed from my rt ovary. Anyway, I never thought that anything could be worst then the pain u have giving birth..I was wrong:( I woke up yelling in pain :( it was so bad that I actually begged for painkillers.