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Avatar f tn dont sweat it, mine did the same thing. did you recently start having periods? because almost everybody is irregular when you first start. its normal. if you notice that after a while its still not right then you should seek a doctors advice.
Avatar f tn sometime periods get heavy but these all are normal at your age dont worry , drink plenty of water and healthy food.
Avatar n tn Like another comment said, birth control can help with long or heavy periods. It has been prescribed by many doctors for those specific reasons.
Avatar n tn my prom is tomorrow and my periods are really heavy is there anything i can do to slow it down.
5633047 tn?1371909510 But if the blood is red and semi on the heavy side it needs to be mentioned and looked at by a doctor hun .
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 16 and I have always had very heavy periods with some clotting. Is this ok?
Avatar n tn Hi there. The above information is a bit inaccurate. It is not abnormal to have heavy periods especially on the first day of your period in which you change your pad every two hours. That is completely normal. check with your doctor for reassurance.
Avatar f tn It is still in the realm of normal periods. sometimes our bodies just switch things up after awhile when it comes to periods.
Avatar n tn You should make note of when they occur, how long they last, any spotting or bleeding between periods, light or heavy flow, any pain, and anything that seems unusual. If you're periods continue to cause you concern, you should speak with your doctor. During your appointment allow the doctor to view the notes you've been keeping on your menstrual cycles; this will help the doctor have a better understanding of what is going on with your periods.
Avatar f tn hi,i have heavy periods which are pretty much normal,but this time its heavy but seems watery,as any 1 got any ideas please,its never happened before,thanks
Avatar f tn Got my first normal period after my misscarige...the bleeding is heavy ad im getting clots a lil big ad really tiny ones ad mild cramps aswel but my body freaks when the cramps starts because it reminds me of the day i misscarried thats a pain il never forget....
Avatar m tn t go 45 minutes without going to the bathroom. i am still on it but its not as heavy, but still not normal..I am 19 a virgin and my periods are normally only 5-7 days..
Avatar f tn Well, it's not that your periods are not on time. You just have a longer cycle now. Over the years, my periods have shifted and hormones have shifted. It's the natural way of things ebbing and flowing. During my 20's, I was highly irregular or had really long cycles. Then I hit 30 and I began having a period like clockwork. But then I hit another change. And another, and here I am today. You don't even want to know what is in store for you down the road.
Avatar f tn I usually have very light periods and its maybe once a year if I'm lucky instead of monthly and last 3-5 days. (Very irregular) Most girls would say its spotting its so light. Well my past period was very heavy and lasted 3 weeks. And to be honest my fiance and I are kindve to the point that if we have a child then ok, if we don't then we don't. But I've had all signs of pregnancy but I don't think I am, plus my period is being very strange.
Avatar f tn The bleeding is different, its light pink and not heavy like my usual periods.
Avatar f tn why is it that for the past year I have irregular periods with really heavy bleading and strong pains? I have done all tests possible and all seems normal. Yet I know my body and it does not feel right. Could it be stress? I'm 42.
Avatar f tn Do you have painful periods as well or just heavy bleeding? Blood clots are usually normal but with heavy bleeding it could be something else.
Avatar f tn If you're a teenager, then that's normal. I used to have the worst periods in history. Being a teen, and adding the fact that I have anemia made me have insanely heavy periods that lasted two weeks and were only one week apart! I had to be put on birth control to regulate myself. Luckily, after a few months of using it, I've been pretty regular since. There was a time where I felt like they were miles from the calendar apart though.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was only 14 years old, due to very heavy periods, although they were normal in length & came on time. I'm 24 now, and for about the past two years I've had nothing but problems. I will go for 7 months with out a period, then I will bleed HEAVY for about 3 months. I've been to the doctor more times than I can remember, but nothing they do seems to help any in the long run. I am very frustrated.
1416390 tn?1333901604 I had a c section 20 mos ago. since then my periods have been really heavy and there is always a day I seem to gush blood. Well- my period came a week early this month and last night I seemed to have passed a lot of blood- that seemed really red. Now that I am up it does not seem to be flowing so strong. I don't have any pain- slight cramping. I am not sure whether I should go to the ER or not- hate to go if it is just my period! Just seems odd there was so, so much.
Avatar f tn It lasted 3 days at a heavy flow, but then it stopped all of a sudden again with no discharge like normal. But then a few hours later i started to bleed again after i had sex with my partner? What can this be?
917177 tn?1243354247 Is it normal for one to experience lightheadedness and fainting during menstruation? It's happened to me so many times before, typically as soon as my period/cramping starts I'll feel lightheaded, sweaty, and I'll fall to the floor and sit with my head on my knees. Occasionally this happens in the shower, or upon standing up if i wake up with my period, or even if it starts while I'm seated during a class.
Avatar f tn I wouldn't of thought so, everyones cycle at some stage will differ i'n flow etc, if it was just really light then I'd of said maybe but the fAct that it starts off heavy I'd say a normal period