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285951 tn?1191678814 i hav been seeing my periods every month now but it coming real heavy and for real long like 3 weeks or a month and heavy bleeding together with thick blood cloths what shoudk i do and what is the cause
Avatar f tn What about the sudden veins on my boobs ?
Avatar f tn She went through menopause in het mid-50s and my sister who has smoked on and off went through menopause at about 52. My other sister who is 47 is still having periods. Last year I was planning an 18 month trip to the UK to spend time with family before settling down with my boyfriend of 11 years (he is extremely wonderful and understood how important it would be for me to spend time with family as I normally live in the US). I have also been working on my Master's during this time.
Avatar m tn The normal monthly cycles are every 28 days or so. Periods should come regularly every month, if the pattern changes, then that means there is a problem somewhere. Hence it is always best to keep a written record of menstrual cycles and if the irregular periods persist for 3 months, then that is the time to see your doctor. Sometimes a woman can get pregnant and not know, and that can start a bleed after a week.
460279 tn?1206453896 well i had a abortion three months ago,i had a normol period a month after that,waiting for my next period came right on time,but lasted two days,one day heavy,the next it was barley there,a couple of days after that i noticed my breasts were leaking milk,and today i went to the loo and wiped myself and i had pink discharge,me and my boyfriend use the withdrawl methed.
Avatar f tn Never received any test results back on it, but am going to check in on that and found out if any were even done. Every since the onset of the pain from that initial cyst I have had two periods per month! I start #1 on the fourth Friday of the month, bleed for 4-5 days heavily, stop suddenly for 2 days, and begin the same heavy painful period for another five days. So for nearly half a month I'm bleeding or having pms!
1820896 tn?1317211195 I was recently put on the pill because of my heavy periods and small fibroids..My side effects bothered me so I stopped taking them. Now I have an abnormal mammo test. Besides the pill what can I take for my heavy periods.
504411 tn?1224990488 It is extremely heavy, just like the third period last month and I have even larger clots. I am PRAYING that what is wrong is purely hormonal considering the other changes in my body, but I have heard that it may be cervical cancer with such bleeding. I have absolutely no medical insurance but was thinking about heading to the ER. Any ideas?
53833 tn?1235000229 I am 49 and been having 2 peroids a month for about the last 2 years, and then this past year, Iam down to every other month. Which makes the next month HORRIBLE with heavy bleeding and heart palps. Thought I was having mild hot flashes until I had a real one, just about freaked me out. Those things are awful. But bc Iam still having peroids, I am not sure if I should be looking for horomal creams or such stuff to ease better into this.
1310773 tn?1317099045 My periods last 5-7 days and I usually have 2 days of heavy bleeding (around 5 pads a day) Is this normal? Or is there something wrong with me? How are your general periods?
Avatar n tn I too have been having the same issue for the past 3 months. first they were twice per month and now they are every other week. I am scared. I went to the doctor and i had an ultrasound done earlier this week and i am awaiting the results.
Avatar n tn This procedure can only be done if your done having kids. I AM JUST WONDERING IF ANY OTHER WOMEN OUT THERE HAS HAD HEAVY/PAINFUL PERIODS AND IF THEY HAD THIS PROCEDURE DONE TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM. I have tried the nuvaring, and the pill to combat this problem, to no avail. Any thoughts or advice on this issue would greatly be appreciated! GOD BLESS!
Avatar n tn So I stopped taking all birth control about 6 weeks ago and this month, my periods have slowed down to about every 2 weeks which is better... but I still need to be on birth control. I am going to see a specialist in Chicago next week and I hope that he will have some answers for me. I was checked for thyroid problems as well as Von Willebrands which runs in my family but everything has been negative. I do not want a hysterectomy yet and I still want one more child.
Avatar n tn ) On a more serious -- and highly speculative note -- regarding anemia and women -- I didn't realize women were anemic when pregnant, but I've heard that women can become anemic during heavy periods. Maybe this is why anemia effects men more, as they have no natural programming for it. For example, studies show women in general have more pain tolerance. Some speculate that is because of child birth.
Avatar f tn and then i had period in 15 daz it was just like regular period was bit heavy but then after that also i had periods in every 10 days ,it is not like normal periods it is very light some times its just a spot ....i some times do sex in my periods also....i never had mood swings ever before but now days when my periods starts i have alot of mood swings.the only thing I felt before it arrived was alot of anxiety and moood swings .
Avatar m tn My period has been irregular since I first got it when I was 13 years old. It will come every other month, sometimes it will take 2-3 months to get it. The past 3 months i've been getting it very heavy and it stops for a week or 2 and comes back. Meanwhile, i discharge a fluid. I have anemia, and I feel my body very weak.
Avatar n tn For years I've had very heavy periods with LOTS of cramps and period-related backaches, and I breakout a lot for my age (39). I'd been off the pill for some time, but went back on about 1 1/2 years ago for these symptoms. My periods got lighter and shorter, cramps lessened, my skin got better. However, after trying a minimum of 4 different pills plus the patch, the various side effects were worse than the alternatives.
Avatar n tn The past 2 months seems like there is spotting at least every week or every other week with some days heavy. Some days there is also some cramping, either that or I am making myself sick worring. Does this sounds normal or could there be something more seriously wrong. My big fear is cancer since my Mom passed away of a cancerous brain tumor and Dad passed away of pancreatic cancer. I am not one to run to the doctor everytime I don't feel well especially since I have no medical benefits.
Avatar n tn I am stumped, as this has never been an issue with me. I do not experience any cramps during my periods, but they are very very heavy, which isn't abnormal for me, but now I have noticed, that there are clots present. Again, not big ones, or painful or anything, they are like slivery, if that makes sense, more like strips or clumps, more than a round clot. But still, I have never had these. The only other thing, is I use to have my period every 28 days right on the nose.
53833 tn?1235000229 This is at age 46 after a lifetime of regular, heavy flow, intensely crampy but predictable periods lasting 5 to 7 days every 28 days, which last year turned into periods lasting 8 to 10 days with extremely heavy flooding. When will there be an end to this madness? It seems like I get about 3 days a month where I feel like my normal self, then it all starts again.
Avatar f tn My periods when I was younger was every other month and I took birth control for over 10 years and it was regular during that time. I recently got married and got off of it to try to have a baby. I got one period and have not had one since (it has been 6 months now). I have lots of blood tests done and my testosterone is really high and I was diagnosised with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I would get checked for that. Here are some of the symptoms. The symptoms of PCOS include: 1.
Avatar m tn the spotting has continued to come around the same time every month since. So I have two times during the month in which I spot now regular Mid cycle- has happened since I have gotten my period back since given birth A week before my period is due- has happened since August. My doctor did a pelvic exam yesterday and it was normal from what he could see and feel.
Avatar f tn I've been suffering from painful periods for years, but lately there has been a new development too... first some history... I started my periods age 15. They started out being every 3 weeks, lasting 8-9 days, fairly heavy, and painful. Seeing as I'm small and quite light (back then around 41kg/90lbs), I was put on the contraceptive pill to reduce the frequency and length of my periods. However, the pill didn't change the flow or the amount of pain.
Avatar n tn Sometimes my periods last 3 weeks to 4 weeks out of a month .Is this normal? My periods can be very heavy. Some months I don't get anything at all.My periods have off since my last child was born which has been 10 yrs now.
Avatar n tn For me it's not forgetting the GREENS at the very least every other day; every day is best. The darker the better (not Iceberg lettuce). I am 41; mag deficienct since puberty. I've had a long time to find the pattern! T.
318181 tn?1336447096 i had periods that lasted a day of light spotting and i always thought i was preg ti the BFN's...each month my periods began to get longer and longer....the month before I got my BFP i had 4 days of heavier spotting til no real period i got a BFP with short periods....have you confirmed your ovulation?
4908932 tn?1360867099 LOL I know, I used to die laughing when they would say this. Adenomyosis usually causes a lot of bleeding and sometimes people with Endo don't have cramping like others do. I have a hard time inserting a tampon because it feels like my vaginal canal is crooked and yes there were times that it seemed to absorb just the one side however not all the time. Have you seen a gynecologist?
1837563 tn?1339907400 But now, my periods are 7 days long. The first 36-48 hours HEAVY BLEEDING! I saturate a pad every hour. Everytime I go to urine, blood gushes too, then I feel so lightheaded during these times. the rest of the days taper off. But on the 4th day, it gets heavy again for a few hours and then completely tapers off until day 7. Im anemic, dont know how low my actual iron count is. But I know I walk around feeling like im gonna damn near pass out sometimes.
Avatar f tn I used to have very heavy menstral periods and terrible pain so you have my sympathies, shawly 106. You say you take painkillers every month. Do you mind if I ask you what kind? If the painkiller you're referring to is over the counter medication like Midol, for me it was next to useless. Didn't even touch the pain. At the time, my doctor prescribed Anaprox which is an antiinflamatory and a muscle relaxant.. Whatever you do, don't self diagnose.