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Avatar f tn see menstrual tracker - dizziness, fainting, heavy menses, bad cramping.
Avatar m tn Do you have heavy flow/ a lot of blood loss? Sometimes, women can become anemic from excessive blood loss during heavy periods. This happens to me sometimes and I've actually briefly passed out from it. I try to increase my iron intake, especially before and around the beginning of my period. I try to eat more beef, spinach, dried apricots, all foods with high iron content. There are also some iron-fortified cereals out there.
12205224 tn?1424030756 I am 53 years old. I have always had heavy periods, but lately my periods have lasted a long time, sometimes two weeks or more, and they become very heavy with lots of clotting. I have to wear two super plus tampons at a time and a pantiliner because they always leak. I hate it! What should I do? What can be done to make this more tolerable or stop altogether?
Avatar f tn Also if the bleeding is heavy or you develop additional symptoms like dizziness, a visit to the ER may be warranted. Hope this helps. Take care!
116881 tn?1189759423 They said it was vertigo, and possible inner ear thing. And they said anxiety can bring on dizziness too. What I do know is my periods are starting to get different, more anxiety around my period, vaginal dryness and dryness during sex too.
Avatar n tn About 10 days ago, my regular period ended normally. Three days later, very heavy bleeding started to occur. I was constantly running to the bathroom, and each time I did, huge clots would be included in the blood. I began feeling physically exhausted, had terrible cramping, and odd gut noises. The next day, I was very light-headed and dizzy, so I started taking some vitamins (with iron) in case the lose of iron was causing some of the problems.
1837563 tn?1339907400 But now, my periods are 7 days long. The first 36-48 hours HEAVY BLEEDING! I saturate a pad every hour. Everytime I go to urine, blood gushes too, then I feel so lightheaded during these times. the rest of the days taper off. But on the 4th day, it gets heavy again for a few hours and then completely tapers off until day 7. Im anemic, dont know how low my actual iron count is. But I know I walk around feeling like im gonna damn near pass out sometimes.
Avatar n tn Hi. The dizziness and unsteadiness, without any other accompanying symptoms, can be more likely related to either a vestibular disorder or a cerebellar disorder. It would be advisable to go ahead with the MRI and consult with your neurologist. Also, a consult with an ENT physician might help detect or rule out any vestibular cause to your condition. Good luck.
1744910 tn?1314203285 Lately I have had a dizzy, heavy head feeling when sitting or standing or lying down. I don't notice much spinning but it is almost as if my eyes don't catch up to where I am looking. It doesn't last long (a few seconds) but is very unsettling. Is this a symptom of MS or TM?
Avatar n tn I've never fainted and I am on birth control so my periods aren't that heavy but the dizziness is the worst part. Would anyone know what might be causing this?
6900079 tn?1385922552 I have been of of the Depo shot for about 3 months now, and have been having a period almost every week and a half to two weeks. I usually have heavy periods that last about 7 days, but these are not as heavy and only last 3-4 days. Ive read online that it is normal, but its starting to make me mad. Is their anything I can do about it, or just deal with it till my body gets back to normal?
Avatar n tn All my symptoms started from Sep 2010 and its been progressing every day from Bad to worse. It started with a Dizziness that was there whole day(a feeling of unsteadiness).I was treated prescribed Iron tablets(as my iron reserve was low but not anemic) with no effect.Then it progressed to slight pain under the cheeks but my GP refused to treat me for Sinus as i was not having cold.My periods got irregular(it did not come for 2 months and when it did it did not stop for 1 month!).
Avatar f tn I have symptoms come and go, but noting I couldn't handle. I have had very heavy periods since I had my daughter 6 ys ago. This week, my period started on Wednesday and on Thursday, I started getting very dizzy and got horrible headaches whenever I would stand up. Also very weak and nauseous(sp) I tried migaine meds, midol, advil, no help. the only thing that would help is to lay down. I went to the dr today and he said that I was hypotensive..
Avatar n tn I have been having irregular periods and have been put on the pill. I forgot a couple days and my period began again, I went back on the pill and caught up on the days missed but now I haven't been feeling the greatest. I have my period of a medium to heavy flow, I have clotting, I get dizzy and have muscle spasms along with the regular bloating and abdominal pain. All of my friends and coworkers have been telling me my face looks pale. I feel really weak and almost twitchy.
Avatar n tn Mild weight gain even while dieting Extreme fatigue/napping GERD/Heartburn/chest pain Mostly constipation mixed with diarrhea Depression/anxiety/forgetfulness/brain fog Abdomen swells for no apparent reason Neck/jaw pain/swelling/pressure Scratchy voice Migraines, dizziness and back of neck/head pain Very cold feet and hands and sometimes a feeling like ants are biting my feet Endometriosis (2 years ago – cured after one year of birth control) Irregular/heavy periods and menstrual-like cram
Avatar f tn But not trying to be rude, but she is 18 and may not be truthful about sexual activity in fear of upsetting mom. From personal experience, I had the same fainting and heavy periods as a teen. I had anemia which caused the fainting and heavy bleeding. She definitely needs blood work. Putting her on birth control to lessen the periods and a good multivitamin with iron would benefit her greatly. Good luck and I wish her the best. I sympathize with her!!!!
Avatar f tn Avoid too much of caffeine, tea, fried food and drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic fuzzy ones. Avoid heavy exercises within 4 hours of a heavy meal. Raise the head end of the bed by pillows to 30 degrees. Go to bet at least 2 hours after food. Maybe these tips will help you. You should see a gastroenterologist (a specialist who looks after the diseases of our digestive system) or a physician for this if these tips reduce your symptoms. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Last June13, I had my weird period. It started with brown spots until it became a bit heavy and back to normal flow until it ended June 26. I lasted like 14 days. Actually it just ended because I took mefenamic to stop the bleeding because it freaks me out to know that I am having my period about 2 weeks. But what was more freaking out is when I started spotting July 1, 5 days after my period ended. I had intercourse on June 30.
Avatar f tn I am just about exactly two weeks between periods and I have not yet ovulated this month. My husband and I had sex last night and when he pulled out, I was bleeding. I cleaned myself up and used a pantyliner. And now this morning, nothing. I don't think it's implantation bleeding....due to the fact that I have not ovulated yet and it seems too heavy. Should I be overly concerned? I have no other issues....pain, dizziness, nausea, etc. Just kinda trying to figure out what's up.
Avatar f tn I went through puberty at an early age, getting my period at age 9. I have had a history of irregular periods and sometimes they have stopped altogether (for 6mos, needed to go on birth control/a pill to kick start it). They are usually very painful and heavy. I know this is a lot of information, but I have been suffering with this a long time and want some answers... Thank you!
Avatar m tn Some B12 deficiency symptoms are Anemia Fatigue, sometimes severe Feeling of heaviness in arms, legs and head Muscle weakness Depression and despondency Easy bruising Sleep disturbances and insomnia Hormonal imbalances Diarrhea, constipation or other digestive woes such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and/or bloating Red, swollen tongue Bleeding gums Pale skin “Brain fog,” problems concentrating, memory loss Shortness of breath on even mild exertion Numbness or tingling in extremities (n
Avatar f tn I went through puberty at an early age, getting my period at age 9. I have had a history of irregular periods and sometimes they have stopped altogether (for 6mos, needed to go on birth control/a pill to kick start it). They are usually very painful and heavy. I know this is a lot of information, but I have been suffering with this a long time and want some answers... Thank you!
Avatar n tn I need advice. I'm going to tell you about my periods. I am not one to play the victim card, but I legitimately feel like I lost many days of my life to my debilitating period pain, that I strongly feel is more than just dysmenorrhea and I feel the need medical advice to learn what was/is going on. Here we go. I got my first period when I was 12. Every single month, for the first 2 days of my period (lasting on average around 6 days) I would be in absolutely debilitating pain.
Avatar n tn I experienced alot of dizziness and nausea. There were periods during the day when I would get extremely tired. I know there is something wrong. The last doctor I went to said the same thing to me. He thinks that I am depressed. Of course I am because it has been 4 years that I have had these problems and no one is able to figure out what it is. I also said that I wassn't depressed before. He then said what comes first the chicken or the egg.
Avatar f tn I feel like the room is spinning and sometimes I become flushed and nauseous. The dizziness lasts less than a minute. The dizziness is initially severe and then it fades away and is completely gone in about a minute. These episodes have occurred approximately 6 or so times. They appear to occur randomly and they are spaced out; sometimes a couple weeks and other times about a month apart. I am almost never moving when these occur.
Avatar n tn hi, im 18 and very confused please help, i was due my period on the 22nd but 5 days before i started spotting blood only when i wipe it was very light pink blood with a little discharge, days went on and it got a little heavier and darker in colour but still no where near as heavy as my normal periods i am gettin all kinds of syptoms of pregnancy, i never get any symptoms when im about to start my period only bad cramps 2 days before and i am still bleeding now???
Avatar n tn Whenever I start to chew the first one or two bites of food, I experience a sense of dizziness. The room around me doesn't spin, but it kind of feels like I'm spinning inside my head. It goes away after 2-5 seconds, and usually happens only once during the meal, with the first bite or two. I can be eating soft or hard foods, doesn't matter. I can hold my head still or look down at my plate and it doesn't matter. I don't feel it any other time at all, only when I chew something.
Avatar n tn but after it just got heavier..not so heavy like heavy heavy periods but i would say is medium heavy and bright red..not dark..with some little clots not as much as my regular periods..so i dont know anymore im really confused..its my first time having sex without protection..i am 18 years old..i just need some help..i wanna know if i could be implantation bleeding or just my darn period..i just dont get why on the day of my period i spotted once in a wipe..and then 10 days after im bleeding...
Avatar n tn My sis in law is still having really heavy periods since giving birth to a 12 week fetus at 14 weeks in November. She is getting some blood work done to see if anything is wrong. I really don't know what they are looking for but I hear that it is very common to have really heavy periods after a m/c. I am very sorry for your loss. I have had two m/c and still bleeding from my second three weeks ago. It's all so very sad and unfair. (((((HUGS)))))) to you.