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Avatar n tn I've had a couple of episodes lately when I drink heavily. I often drink pretty heavy once a week, usually on a Friday. About a month ago, I had an episode where, according to a friend, I zoned out and started making faces. He said it was like I lost my mind. It only lasted a couple of minutes.
Avatar n tn First of all we should describe what are heavy periods? The correct medical definition of heavy periods is the passage of more than 80ml of blood each period. Periods are considered heavy when: 1) a woman bleeds for more than 8 to 10 days, especially if this is repeated month after month. 2) a woman bleeds so much that it is difficult for her to attend her job. She may be forced to plan her holidays and leisure time according to the timings of her period.
Avatar f tn Yes for sure you can ! I still had a period or two after I found out .
Avatar n tn I only put it on in the morning as Hyderm Cream is not good to use for prolonged periods. Is 10 years too long? Probably, but I have no clue what else to do. If I skip a few days without the cream my eyes go all red and puffy again. Crying doesn't help, makes it worse. Tired and want to rub your eyes? Forget it. Any my doctor doesn't help. Keep posting your stories, maybe we'll figure this out for ourselves!
Avatar n tn Wow - my first question. Wondering if anyone has experience with heavy swollen and painful breasts, AFTER your period? My period ended a few days ago yet the pms-type breast symptoms have not gone away (they usually disappear when my period starts). I do not feel any lumps or growths, wondering what this could possibly be? Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks!
Avatar f tn After that i had three regular periods even on the same day of every month. They were with lots of bleeding cramps and pain which can be considered heavy. In the mean time i had one scan, vaginal examination and two tests (one pap smear) in gyno because she suspected that i have something going wrong. What i want to ask is that since i had no test for pregnancy can i be pregnant in this situation? I heard that some women can have periods in early months of pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I think that they are referring to very heavy bouts of drinking, for prolonged periods of time. Someone doing that on tx would not be on tx for long, and I also do not think that sort of drinking behavior would result in SVR. I think many have also used alcohol after SVR, and do not seem to be compromising their SVR, BUT...
Avatar f tn Since I am a gynecologist, I will deal with the period issue, and you can certainly post in the gastroenterology forum about your abdominal pain and bowel problems. Normal menstrual periods last no more than 7-8 days. So by definition yours are abnormal. If you were my patient, I would do a complete exam and pap smear. I would also do an ultrasound. I would want to rule out polyps of cervix or uterine cavity. Polyps are common and can cause irregular, heavy and prolonged bleeding.
Avatar n tn Your doctor is wrong. By definition you are NOT postmenopausal if you are having periods. Menopause is defined as going more than one year without a period, it is not defined by hormone levels. At 39, it is unlikely that you would be postmenopausal anyway--average age is 51. Also, unless you want a baby, I would use some sort of protection. Just today, I heard a story similar to yours--she went off pills thinking she was "OK" and got pregnant.
Avatar m tn They are extremely common in women and are only problematic when they get too large or if they cause heavy bleeding with your periods. A dermoid cyst grows on your ovary and can contain human tissue (it is not a pregnancy). The health pages (top right) have some excellent information on types of cysts that you might find helpful.
631676 tn?1333721803 Pretty sure I had two periods in June; 3 weeks apart. Missed period in July and now 1/2 into August nothing. I guess I thought it would gradually get shorter/get irregular not disappear all at once. Can't see gyno until Sept 15. Is that it - or will it come back? Primary doc said blood work was not definitive since my cycle date was not pinpointed. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage back in April. (Chemical Pregnancy) I got a period on 5/12 and again on 6/6/09. My periods are not heavy and they only last about 2 to 3 days. My period has ended but I still feel bloated/crampy feeling you get right before your period.
Avatar n tn I am 42 yrs old, I always had regular periods, 5-7 days, every 28 days. The two times I didn't get my periods are named Lucca and Gabriela, my kids. So, this past month I got my period on nov. 10th and it never ended, it is very heavy with lots of clots. My doc collected some material for a biopsy and recommended a intra-vaginal sonnogram, as I wait for the results she put me on Prometrium 200mg, 1 per day at bedtime.
Avatar f tn but since the past two months i started to bleed when ever i masturbated and the bleeding continued for 2-3 days,things are getting even worse since the past one month as i hav a heavy bleeding after i masturbate and the bleeding continues for more than 5 days.i am very sure its not my period.i even feel a slight pain in my abdomen.i dint use any object or never fingered myself.m i still a virgin?why m i bleeding? What do i do to stop my bleeding.i cant seek a doctor or talk to my parents.
Avatar f tn I am 48 years old and I had an endometrial ablation 18 months age for heavy bleeding and endometrial fibroids. I have had no monthly bleeding since the sugery. Lately, I have been having extreme irritability, fatigue, memory problems, night sweats, but I have not experienced any hot flashes. I recently had a physical, and all my labs came back normal . I have hashimotos thyroiditis and my TSH was 3.05 , I usually run around 2.5. I have very well controlled hypertension.
Avatar n tn I had very irregular periods for seven months after I miscarried. I started reading about the definition of infertility and part of the definition was that you had to be active in TTC before a doctor would treat you. At the time I was not too active because my attitude was, "Who cares? I don't menstruate, so I obviously don't ovulate." But then, I realized I had to give it a try before I could get infertility treatments from the doctor.
1845665 tn?1318952968 no. i always have brown periods...mine only usually last 3 days. only the first half day is it red..the rest its brown. sometimes only a day or 2 of just brown.
Avatar f tn My doctor only gave it to me because I had very long, heavy periods. I've never had sex (though I came close to it back in late December). I also take Boiron gelsemium sempervirens to help with my anxiety problems. P.S. I recently took a drug test and it almost came up positive for marijuana. I haven't ever smoked! What would cause this to happen?
Avatar f tn Any of the above symptoms and signs may be absent in PCOS, with the exception of irregular or no menstrual periods. All women with PCOS will have irregular or no menstrual periods. Women who have PCOS do not regularly ovulate; that is, they do not release an egg every month. This is why they do not have regular periods and typically have difficulty conceiving.
Avatar n tn Actually, had my first and only child at 42 with no intervention (not sure this all matters). My periods were ALWAYS 28 days until around 45 years old and then 18-45 days apart. During this time, I do recall some hot flashes but no other symtoms and they were not a burden at all. Now, fast forward...I have not had a period since January 2005 with no side effects (other than thinning of the vaginal walls which he gave me Vagifem 2x week).
Avatar n tn So I am not sure how someone could have a period and still be pregnant if the definition of a period is the shedding of the uterine lining. That is my personal opinion. But you will get some comments from people saying absolutely you can have a period your whole pregnancy no question asked. I would agree more with the previous poster that you can have vaginal bleeding but it cant really be classified as a "period". I would talk to your dr about it and see what their opinion is.
622935 tn?1260885294 I have two beautiful daughters, I bled for 6-7 weeks after each My normal periods are somewhat irregular (thanks to PCOS) in length and are somewhat heavy normally The baby that we miscarried had a cystic hygroma on the back of her neck... no genetic abnormalities.... but her placenta and umbilical cord weren't normal (doc said that based on that, a m/c was inevitable) they had cysts on them and just didn't look right at all especially for 15 weeks. Sorry this is long.
Avatar n tn is possible. Ive been bleeding heavy all day and am not expecting my period until the 13-14th. took a test about an hr ago and i got 2 pink lines=preg. anyone ever have the same situation??
Avatar f tn Although we both know that it probably won't happen, does anyone have any advice on maybe if we have a chance and what I should do to get us ready? I have very heavy periods, but now I really regret having the ablation done! Any advice or hope would be great!
Avatar n tn I am three days out, still dizzy, legs feel tingly and heavy. Overall weakness. I am taking anti nausea med, Do you feel this is related to my neck? The e.r. dr. said T.I.A, the neurologist said inner ear virus causing vaso vagal response, both agreed something from the neck could be invoved.
2099190 tn?1333447126 Yeah, you just gave the textbook definition of anemia. Do you have heavy periods? Because anemia is concerning in a young person if there is no evident blood loss or lack of dietary intake (are you vegan??). If the iron supplements are not working, you should go back to your doctor and try to figure out what is causing this.
Avatar f tn Also, uterine ablation to stop heavy and inconsistent periods - still bleeding but less. Broke metatarsal (sp?) in left foot - took nine months to heal. Ganglions in feet/back that were undrainable (double chambered). Work full time and on my feet 80% of day. Fatigue and pain in feet getting worse. Trying to stay positive, but getting harder after 10 years of speculation and no answers. Can anyone help? I am 38, female, 6ft tall and heavier but not obese.
Avatar f tn Bleeding from a wound Bleeding in your digestive or urinary tract Frequent blood donation Heavy menstrual periods Nosebleeds When to see a doctor A low hemoglobin count is often discovered during a complete blood count test. If your test reveals you have a low hemoglobin count, ask your doctor what this means for you. Make an appointment if you have signs and symptoms If you experience signs and symptoms of a low hemoglobin count, make an appointment with your doctor.
Avatar n tn Babylove, you can bleed during pregnancy, but the definition of menstruation, menstrual periods, periods, the rag, AF, monthly visitor, the curse, the red tide, etc etc is the bleeding you have when you are not pregnant. Yes, someone who is pregnant can have bleeding. It is not a period. It is reccurent, unexplained vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. It is not common. mslkpage gave you advice about what to do. Take a test if you think this bout of bleeding was not your period.
Avatar m tn So I took a home pregnancy test on Saturday morning and it came out negative. My period was normal and heavy like it always is. But I'm still scared. I called someone that could help me and asked the same exact question as I'm asking here. They said it's very rare to bleed while pregnant. So please help me out.