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Avatar f tn I'm 3 years removed from child birth. First & only child. I was diagnosed with PPCM right after delivery & am still dealing with heart issues. I'm not currently on birth control. I'm having a period now that is the heaviest & longest period of my life. It's been going on for 7 days, with LOTS of bleeding & HUGE (quarter to golf ball size) clots. Does anyone else experience this during their periods?
Avatar f tn I am 41 and have had very heavy periods for many years. I can go though a super tampon and a pad in an hour. I told my Dr an she wasn't concerned but I think it's making me very tired. Should I be worried?
1915587 tn?1330311933 I found out that I am 12 weeks 6 days earlier today and I have the same problem.doctor said to watch my posture,be careful of picking up heavy objects and massage my back.but he also said that I could use the warming patches that stick to your back.
Avatar f tn i jus feel thm heavy but they are not sore or tender,yeah i hv missed my periods...i had got it 2 months back and i was fasting whole last month and also im underweight...im 35kgs and im 23 yr old....
Avatar m tn Based on your young age and the absence of any significant trauma, the pain may be related to muscle strain that has not been completely resolved. The fact that your pain is increased with positional changes and lengthy periods of sitting etc lends support to this probability. Disc herniations could produce similar pain, but are usually accompanied by other neurological changes.
1416390 tn?1333901604 I had a c section 20 mos ago. since then my periods have been really heavy and there is always a day I seem to gush blood. Well- my period came a week early this month and last night I seemed to have passed a lot of blood- that seemed really red. Now that I am up it does not seem to be flowing so strong. I don't have any pain- slight cramping. I am not sure whether I should go to the ER or not- hate to go if it is just my period! Just seems odd there was so, so much.
Avatar n tn Like another comment said, birth control can help with long or heavy periods. It has been prescribed by many doctors for those specific reasons.
Avatar n tn my prom is tomorrow and my periods are really heavy is there anything i can do to slow it down.
5633047 tn?1371909510 Ok so I'm 7weeks nw and I'm still bleeding with no pain and my baby is healthy but is it really possible to have a period the whole time you're pregnant
Avatar f tn m having very very heavy periods and almost constant lower abdominal pain and lower back pain as well as some spotting...the pain goes from a little where it is just sore to where it is incapacitating and all i can do is lay there, nothing i take or do will make them go away. and my doctor has been pretty unhepful and my mother doesn't know what to do.
Avatar f tn i had my ultrasounds 2-3 years back and had polycysts but i had no pain in my abdomen .After that i left medicines and continued wid those irregular menses. Now my problem is that i didnt had my periods since 2 months and on 29th january 2011 i started bleeding. Firstly i was happy that my periods had came ....but now they are like never ending . Its olmost 34 days dat i am bleeding and the main thing is dat for the 1st two weeks i had normal bleeding but after dat i had fibroids with bleeding.
Avatar f tn also during this time i have been having back pain and abdominal pain. It comes and goes, sometimes with pain and sometimes without. For the past 2 days I have been haveing quite a lot red and brown blood when i wipe or just in my panties. Anyone has any clue?
Avatar n tn ve been to the doctors and all they did was send for me a blood test which came back as inconclusive and stuff, I was wandering if anyone knows what it could be?
Avatar f tn Monday the 6th I started what I would say was a very light dark brown period, buy Tuesday it was gone, and was only visable when I wiped which ended Thursday, my periods normally last 5 days and heavy and not Dark brown( can only describe as a pooh like colour), im also 4/5 days early which is another mad one, ok I know it cannot be IB but I just wanted to no if any as had this happen to them.
314833 tn?1263259499 I have the same problem very heavy and painful periods. Pain from my pelvis area into my back and down to my knees. But my doctor says it's due to me having endometriosis. And it also happens when I get ovarian cysts. Just due to your painful heavy periods I would ask your doctor about endometriosis. Good luck.
Avatar n tn ve had some time periods in my life in which my period is really heavy too and it is a pain. Really, not much you can do about it unless you want to go on the pill. Do you have a lot of cramping too?
Avatar f tn Hi all. So I'm 26 now and started my period when I was 12. I've always had various issues with my periods. From really painful and heavy Ones to extra ligh ones which last for weeks. Around 4 years ago my periods stopped altogether for 14 months and last year they stopped for 8 months (this coincided with my sister's pregnancy so I assumed it was some weird hormone related thing) .
Avatar f tn The bleeding is different, its light pink and not heavy like my usual periods.
Avatar m tn I had really heavy menstrual period and cramps so I was recommended by my doctor to get the depo shot to seize the pain and heavy periods. I took my shot October 19,2015 and was supposed to go back January 22nd to take another one but I never went again since I gained a lot of weight and I want to get pregnant.
Avatar f tn I would monitor your periods, it may not be anything, or it may be something to go speak to your doctor about. Stress also can play a huge role on periods and they can act weird in many ways. My girlfriend told me she had lost her job over 7 months ago & since then didn't have a period and wasn't pregnant, she started working 2 weeks ago & she now has it again. It was all stress related.
Avatar f tn When your carrying heavy stuff having lower back pain is totally normal. I'm 25 weeks and I'm a Nurses Assistant (always lifting patients constantly) so my lower back is constantly giving me problems. Just try to take it easy and if you feel like your putting too much on your body ask for help.
3102470 tn?1341314599 I went thru years of painful, heavy periods and DR did not have any idea what to do. I finally went to another Dr who knew how to treat the problem- it was fibroids, three big ones. I was scheduled to have them removed surgically (very easy and simple outpatient) and have not had a problem since. since you are young it may not be the same problem, maybe research endometriosis. hope you get better!
Avatar f tn Have you been to see a chiropractor about your back pain? Mine gave me my life back (hardly any pain now) They won't start looking into any problems with trying to get pregnant until after a year of no luck. What are you doing as far as tracking your ovualtion? have you tried ovualtion predictor kits?
Avatar f tn I'm about to be 7 weeks tomorrow, at 4, before I even knew I was pregnant I felt a difference in my back, my back always always hurts but it's been so much worse since I got pregnant! You body releases a chemical called relaxin that affects your muscles so yes, it's normal. You want to avoid lifting extra heavy things as well as being extra careful lifting and applying pressure to your belly or straining in the torso.