Heavy periods and anemia

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Avatar n tn in fact it has become worse than before/ some sites say that it takes 3-6 months to cure anemia. do you think 11.1 is still anemic and she still needs treatment from anemia?
Avatar f tn I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy which both resulted in a clean record some 4 years ago. I have had heavy menstrual periods and this seemed to be the contributing factor to the anemia. However, the periods have subsided greatly. My main concern is that my Iron Saturation is a 4, Iron Serum is 17, TIBC 453, UIBC 436, Hemoglobin 10.1 (the highest it has been in years.), Hematocrit 34.4, MCV 70, HCH 20.6, MCHC 29.4, RDW 18.4.
Avatar n tn Be sure you are not losing blood from either your colon or heavy periods. Your Doctor can advise you on futher testing.
483733 tn?1326802046 I do have heavy periods and the PPI (proton pump inhibitors) are taken to help to keep an ulcer at bay. I haven't had my stool checked but will be shortly. I am on Plaquenil as well. Here are results of some of my bloodwork from February. Hemoglobin - 97 - Low Hematocrit - .32 - Low White blood cell count - 9.1 Red blood cell count - 4.07 RBC = hypochromia microcytosis Platelets = increased slightly MCV - 78.
Avatar n tn I'm 16 and just found out I'm anemic. I was checked 2 years ago for anemia and my hemoglobin level was excellent. Now it's declined and i have all the tell-tale symptoms. I'm extremely fatigued, i'm dizzy, pale, etc etc. I've had my period every 1-2 weeks for the past 2 months. It's been really odd, they're really heavy, unpredictable, and close together. Before, you could set your calendar to it, now it's haywire. Is this a sign of a significant problem? or is it just a coincidence?
Avatar f tn My cycle is 28 days if I count from the first day of heavy bleeding- however I spot for 3 days before the heavy bleeding begins. Once the heavy bleeding begins I bleed for 7 days (4 of which are very heavy) I use the Diva Cup (menstrual cup) because my periods are so heavy tampons aren't absorbent enough. Because I use the Diva Cup, I know that I bleed over 100 mls each period. From the time I start spotting to the time I stop bleeding is typically 10 days.
1837563 tn?1339907400 Does anybody else experience fibroids, heavy bleeding and anemia symptoms? Also, I dont have much pain during my periods, just heavy bleeding..plus this is causing my anxiety to go crazy!!
Avatar n tn I have heavy periods and a history of anemia. I took iron and last blood test showed my iron storage levels were high, and instructed to stop taking. My symptoms are better the 1st week after my period and then the whole thing starts again. TSH @ 2.30 0n 7/10/06 T4 @ .79 on 7/10/06 Iron @ 228 " " TIBC @ 385 " " % of Saturation 59 " " Ferritin @ 12.
Avatar f tn I'm 17 years old and I have been on my period for 2 and a half months and it's been abnormally heavy. In the past two days it got extremely bad. I am bleeding through two super plus tampons in only 1.5 hours and I'm getting dizzy, shaky, and extremely tired. What do I do?
Avatar f tn But yes, you should see your doctor. If you're that tired, you may have anemia, and a simple blood test will detect this and the type, if you do. And regarding the getting your period no later than a few hours after being intimate with your boyfriend... Do you mean since this three-week thing started?
Avatar n tn I am hearing conflicting information and am wondering if anyone knows the answer. First, can this kind of anemia cause Hair loss? Second, can it make menstural cycles longer?
Avatar m tn My test revealed very low ferritin levels and blood count, my doctor told me that my blood volume was 66% of what it needed to be. I do not have heavy periods and eat only grains, vegetables, fruit, and 1/2 -1 lb meat a day to fuel my exercise. I have been taking iron three times a day and a month later, my iron has improved but my blood count has not. How long can I expect before the blood count is up? Should I be even more concerned than these two symptoms? What should I be looking for?
1600734 tn?1297569809 I do have severly heavy periods. but even with the transfusions it doesnt go higher than 10.
5417968 tn?1368261812 Well, if you have been having heavy periods and some inflammation in your body then you are likely to feel tired due to anemia and inflammation. Heavy periods or menorrhagia is usually due to fibroids, adenomyosis, endometriosis, uterine polyps, hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems and bleeding disorders. It can also be due to miscarriage, however in this case, there is bleeding in between periods as well.
Avatar f tn Yes, I was anemic 50 years ago from heavy periods and had to take iron shots. From that point on my levels ran higher than average for a,woman so this is a shock. This is listed under rebif but chances are low. I would rather have it be the med than the other causes of anemia I read about. Kind of scary. I have been on betaseron starting in 2000 and then they switched me to rebif 5 years ago as I got a necrosis from betaseron.
Avatar f tn .I'm a 34 year old female who has dealt with GI issues for several years. I went to see my first GI in 2004 due to rectal bleeding. A colonoscopy was performed and revealed nothing. The GI couldn't find a cause for the bleeding and it stopped on its own with no re-occurence. In 6/2010 I went back to the GI due to severe constipation and abdominal pain. I was diagnosed with IBS-Constipation Type and given literature on the condition and nothing more.
332168 tn?1201030515 I have started recieving B-12 injections. Does pernicious anemia and thyroid issues go together? I am wondering that if once I have my surgery, and finally get some medications to regulate my TSH, if the anemia will improve? Anyone with any thoughts about this?
Avatar n tn Because of my heavy periods and the prolapse, my doc suggested surgery for the prolapse and a possible hysterectomy when I am closer to the age of 40. He felt I was still to young for a hysterectomy. Anyway, I recently read about a surgical outpatient procedure called NOVASURE that can kill the inside linning of the uterus causing a women to have very light periods or none at all. This procedure can only be done if your done having kids.
Avatar n tn Any of these things, and other things too, can cause abnormally heavy and prolonged bleeding. I would also check you for anemia! Depending upon your wishes for fertility, and the findings on ultrasound, there are a wide variety of treatments that might really help reduce your symptoms. One of the simplest and cheapest is birth control pills. Go to your doctor because you don't have to continue this way! Good luck!
Avatar n tn Brenda and Jim, hmmmm...quite a pair I hear. Women with heavy periods and otherwise get anemia more often than men. It is much different than I remember. Sometimes I would have to take iron. If it was really bad I would take hormones. So the tx was a lot different. It sure feels different. Yes, I got tired. I never felt breathless, panting weak in the knees etc...
Avatar n tn She is iron deficient from her heavy iron loss in her periods. This produces her anemia and secondary symptoms. She needs to be on iron replacement therapy and this should be guided by her doctor thru prescription strength supplementation. Once on iron her CBC should be monitored so that improvments are documented and that she feels better too, (this can take only a few days)...
Avatar n tn 5) 'flooding' describes the sudden, unexpected onset of periods, like turning on a tap, and indicates heavy periods. Secondly we see side effect in Iron overdose. However heavy period is not reported as a side effect of Iron supplements. For more information you can see http://www.danidaily.com/health-and-fitness/iron-supplements.php http://www.danidaily.com/health-and-fitness/heavy-bleeding.
Avatar f tn I've not heard of heavier periods with celiac although heavier periods can cause anemia and celiac can cause anemia but both for different reasons. Are you staking iron supplements?
Avatar n tn I am also anemic. Dr. says anemia is from heavy periods and wants to wait to remove tumor until my blood count is up. (taking iron supplements.) Surgery is scheduled for Nov. Paternal grandmother died of ovarian/cervical cancer at age 84. My father survived prostate cancer at age 65. Ultrasound report: In the right adnexum, are two abnormal appearing structures. The larger more cystic appearing measures 5.2 x3.0 x 3.5cm in size, and the smaller measures 3.3 x1.9 x 2.2 cm in size.
387758 tn?1200409442 I understand that some anemia is due to heavy menstruation periods in women, but I have been taking Depo-Preverra on and off for almost 5-6 years now and haven't had a period since then. I'm making a doctor's appointment for later in the week, but I hope I can get some kind of answer that will help, not knowing what may or may not be wrong with me is very stressful.
Avatar n tn I have IBS and Anemia and trust me i know what you are going through. If you have IBS its means that your body has trouble diagesting iron and other nutritents. This could be why you are anemic, your body isn't absorbing enough iron. I have IBS constipation and the only way for me to gain control was to drastically change my diet and it's working so far. My sister however, suffers IBS diarrhea and the only way for her to gain control was to take diarrhea tablets and to change her diet.
Avatar n tn *My periods are insanely heavy (soaking a super plus tampon AND a maxi pad every hour for at least 6 days), they used to be very light *I am cramping so badly I end up doubled over, or throwing up from pain - never had a cramp in my life before 6 months ago *I have not had one solid bowel movement *I am bruising like a peach! I can simply bump into something and end up with a bruise that won't go away for weeks - I wake up every morning with bruises I cannot explain.