Heavy periods after abortion

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Avatar f tn 4/5 weeks later I'm getting these weird periods which are really light and I get the period in the morning then it doesn't come back till the next morning and it's making me so paranoid because after a medical abortion I heard the periods were supposed to be heavy. Also, 3 weeks after the abortion I had sex again And took the morning after pill before 78 hours which I should be fine but I'm really paranoid! Any advice ?
Avatar f tn I had abortion on June 16. I got my heavy periods on July 3. Now it's aug 11th no periods. I did pregnancy test on 4th aug it came negative. Met docter did ultrasound negative. I was getting mild pain from aug 3rd it comes n goes. Docter gave me anti bacterial pills. some1 with similar experience answer me wat it is ?? N wat it can b??
Avatar f tn But after my abortion my periods have been heavy with blood clots. I bleed through tampons and everytime i go to change it there is clots and a lot of blood ive alwaus been heavy with some clots but not like this.
Avatar n tn Many females have a thick uterun lining and have bad periods, when the doc cleans a female out after miscarriage or abortion or polip removal, it helps with heavy periods.
460279 tn?1206453896 well i had a abortion three months ago,i had a normol period a month after that,waiting for my next period came right on time,but lasted two days,one day heavy,the next it was barley there,a couple of days after that i noticed my breasts were leaking milk,and today i went to the loo and wiped myself and i had pink discharge,me and my boyfriend use the withdrawl methed.
Avatar f tn I had a vacuum abortion in July and I was 9 weeks pregnant. Since after the abortion, I been having light periods that lasted 2 days tops. It wasn't until yesterday, I experienced abdominal cramps and a medium/heavy flow but at night it switch to a very light flow. I've been told that its normal to have light periods after an abortion and that your periods should go back to normal after 6 months since the procedure.
Avatar f tn I definitely don't know how long it takes for a pregnancy test to become negative after an abortion but if you are still having a positive test the best thing you can do is see a doctor. Legal abortions are dangerous to illegal ones are even more so. There is a possibility that they didn't get all of the tissue and that is why you are still showing positive but only a doctor can really tell you.
Avatar n tn Now I know I am not pregnant after my missed abortion miscarriage. It must have just been leftover hcg hormones in my system...miscarriage took place in April 2009. I have just gotten my 1st period after all the trauma and it's been 10 days and I still have a very light to moderate flow.
Avatar n tn My second one, actually. After the first one, I was fine. Everything was normal. During the abortion, they gave me this "amneisa medicine". It didn't work. After 3 shots, I still remembered. When they were scraping me out, it hurt like crazy. I was screaming in pain. They just told me to shut up. they had given me antibiotics after that abortion, but they didn't in the last one I had. this, combined with the excruciating pain, seemed very unusual to me.
Avatar n tn I am 45 and thought I had had enough of my periods..pain..heavy heavy bleeding, so after discussing with my dr, she suggested the mirena IUD. I looked into that and after much research, got nervous about it, read HORROR stories about it and didn't get one. Then Dr suggested DEPO, I read some, but just decided there is good and bad with everything. I can't take the pill and was hoping to stop my period all together while I sail into menopause. So, I did it.
Avatar m tn Im surprised she is willing to keep using is as people often experience heavy painful periods and vomitting when taking it.. Of course, everyone is different.. But since it seems clear that pregnancy is not something you want right now, you should use preventive protection such as condoms, birth control patch, depo, mirena, the pill.. I know it can be hard to reach out to people for these things but it is important..
Avatar f tn Hi, I have had an abortion (DNC) three months ago. I had a heavy bleeding but on control now. I am 33 years old but i never had a late periods problem. I am sure i am not pregnant as i have tested and the result is NEGATIVE. So why is this delay? Is it a general problem? How do i confirm that I am not pregnant?
Avatar n tn I had a threatened abortion at 6w3d. My doctor put me on light activity (no lifting, no long periods on my feet, mostly bed rest with trips to the bathroom and kitchen ok, and no sexual activity). My hCg level was 47,000 and fetal cardiac activity was detected on ultrasound. I've been taking the doctor's advice and just resting a lot, and my spotting has stopped completely.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend february 28, and i dont remember when the last time i had my period was..... my best guess by what my periods usually are was probebly february 11th or a couple days before... a month later all my friends and mom got symtoms they were gonna get their periods along with myself and it never came... i got emotional, cramps, extreme bloating but no bleeding...
Avatar n tn I have taken Mifepristone on 21st May and Misoprostol on 23rd May for stopping pregnancy. After taking Misoprostol, i got heavy bleeding and now its decreased. Bleeding is like normal periods now. Below mentioned are the symptoms i am observing in my body now. Symtom1: I am observing decrease in my breast size. This is bothering me more. Is this happening because of that medicine? Symton2: I am feeling burning sensation in my stomach. Are these any side effects and why are they happening?
Avatar n tn ok so i kinda need some advice my last three periods or what i am calling a period have been really abnormal and only lasting like 3 days but i have no period symptoms!!!! i have horrible cramping,fever (basically every bad thing we could have during periods) and super heavy bleeding & clotting ... during my periods but not lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn He made a sonogram and told me he couldn't see anything because I probably just had about 2 or 3 weeks pregnancy and told me to come back in one or two weeks. After that day I've been having heavy bleeding, like a normal period, with more pain than usual and large coagulums (sizes vary between a quarter and a strawberry). Is this normal or am I having an abortion?!
Avatar f tn He made a sonogram and told me he couldn't see anything because I probably just had about 2 or 3 weeks pregnancy and told me to come back in one or two weeks. After that day I've been having heavy bleeding, like a normal period, with more pain than usual and large coagulums (sizes vary between a quarter and a strawberry). Is this normal or am I having an abortion?
Avatar n tn He tell me he has this new pill that is just awsome its called seasonique and you take it for afull 3 months and when you do have a period after 3 months its usually very light and short .WEll After 2 months of taking what I thought was the neatest thing since peanut butter I started my period cramps and all . I thought it was kinda weird but well its a new pill so I will give it some time .
Avatar n tn The first two happened *really* early, and I didn't experience them as anything worse than heavy periods. But the third was further along, brutally painful, and incomplete. I bled approximately forever, it seemed (and tons, too), until I finally ended up with a D&C, which removed the remaining tissue that was causing the problem. (I might have taken care of things sooner, by the way, if I hadn't had such an insensitive lug of an ob.
Avatar f tn I'm 18, and just found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex all the time, and this past summer I realized I hadn't gotten my period so he asks me to take some tests. They come out negative so we think "alright close call". I then get my period, or what I thought was my period. It started off as spotting and would get heavier, then subside. I eventually thought i was off my period, and then my boyfriend realized I was still bleeding during sex.
Avatar f tn I had a surgical abortion on 5/15/12. My last 2 periods are SO heavy that im going through a super plus tampon about every 2 hours. Im allergic to every type of bc i have ever tried, so that's not an option. Anyone else experience this?? Its overwhelming!!
Avatar n tn but after it just got heavier..not so heavy like heavy heavy periods but i would say is medium heavy and bright red..not dark..with some little clots not as much as my regular periods..so i dont know anymore im really confused..its my first time having sex without protection..i am 18 years old..i just need some help..i wanna know if i could be implantation bleeding or just my darn period..i just dont get why on the day of my period i spotted once in a wipe..and then 10 days after im bleeding...