Heavy periods after abortion

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Avatar f tn I had a vacuum abortion in July and I was 9 weeks pregnant. Since after the abortion, I been having light periods that lasted 2 days tops. It wasn't until yesterday, I experienced abdominal cramps and a medium/heavy flow but at night it switch to a very light flow. I've been told that its normal to have light periods after an abortion and that your periods should go back to normal after 6 months since the procedure.
Avatar f tn I had abortion on June 16. I got my heavy periods on July 3. Now it's aug 11th no periods. I did pregnancy test on 4th aug it came negative. Met docter did ultrasound negative. I was getting mild pain from aug 3rd it comes n goes. Docter gave me anti bacterial pills. some1 with similar experience answer me wat it is ?? N wat it can b??
Avatar f tn After the abortion, my periods are very heavy till now.Periods are very regular after the abortion.Before abortion, my periods are irregular and I miss few months.Now, it's very regular and it lasts for 4 to 5 days. Its very regular and it comes almost the same date every month.The flow is very heavy for first 3 days. I sometimes see clots in the toilet during cycle day 1 and 2.The clots are not very big like lemon. Small ball size(guess it would be1 to 1.5 inch length).
Avatar f tn s making me so paranoid because after a medical abortion I heard the periods were supposed to be heavy. Also, 3 weeks after the abortion I had sex again And took the morning after pill before 78 hours which I should be fine but I'm really paranoid! Any advice ?
Avatar n tn HI i m very sorry to heard about your loss i also have 2 miscarriages and both times after this i had very heavy periods and its quite normal so no need to worry about it and after my last miscarriage my doctor told me if i feel that i m physically fit for again planning my baby than i should go for it but i will say you that you must consult to your doctor.
460279 tn?1206450296 well i had a abortion three months ago,i had a normol period a month after that,waiting for my next period came right on time,but lasted two days,one day heavy,the next it was barley there,a couple of days after that i noticed my breasts were leaking milk,and today i went to the loo and wiped myself and i had pink discharge,me and my boyfriend use the withdrawl methed.
485587 tn?1208676522 my girlfrnd was 19 days pregnant and she took MT pill for abortion, she gt her periods after 1 weet ryt on tym but its been 12 days she is still bleeding badlly....is dis after pill efffect (normal ) if not dan wat to do ??
Avatar n tn Same happened in a week, heart beat stopped . Took misoprostol to induce abortion on April 16th. Fetal expelled and had periods for one week. After I recovered immediately and want to conceive again ......now May 28th still I didn't get my periods.... could I be pregnant..... usually I had anovulatory,,,irregular periods.... having a strange heavy feeling in the right lower near pelvic area ... what should I do..... when to take a HPT. When is my lmp in consideration of missed miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Well, not to point out the obvious, you just had an abortion with your ex in Nov. Is it not too soon after an abortion to conceive again. I would give it some time and make sure he's the right one.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had missed abortion(9weeks) and D&C was done on 6th March, I had bleeding from 6 to 10 and again on 14 March I had bleeding for 3-4 days. till now,2 may, I am waiting for my periods. B-hCG was done on 7th April, it was 18.9. Again we did a pregnancy test at home on 23th APRIL, it was negative. and blooed test was done on 25th APRIL, THE REPORT WAS NEGATIVE. Please suggest....can I be still pregnent? If not when can I expect my periods?
Avatar n tn I had a abortion after 8 wks of pregnancy and aborted it as the foetus heart beat was missing. This was done on July 26 and till today i did not have my periods and no signs of it also.. After the miscarriage am having pain in my pelvic area and just two days before I have acute pain in vagina and anus.. Please help as am really worried..
Avatar f tn Okay so my first period after a medical abortion was April 20, then it was May 23 till May 27. Period planner says it a 33 day cycle. Fertile period is June 6-June 12, Ovulating on June 11. However I was actually having HEAVY watery clear vaginal mucous sometime between the 5-9. I had unprotected sex the 1st 4th, 5th (twice). If I use again 33 cycle as period planner says I should have gotten my period yesterday the 25th. . On time always.
Avatar n tn HI, Scanty periods after an induced abortion are possible. Also you should rule out anaemia, pelvic infection, and hormonal issues. For the delayed periods, you can repeat the home pregnancy test after 7 days. Consult a gynaecologist for an evaluation. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn After abortion, my mensuration started with having heavy flow the flowing day that i change my pad 3 to 4 times daily and i feel weak and sick. Is this normal?? Solution please!
Avatar f tn Periods can be messed up after an abortion. It may take up to 6 months for your body to adjust.
Avatar f tn First period after d & c.. i got periods after 5 months and first few days light spotting then it stopped. Then again it started after 2 days. Then again it came with heavy bleeding on day time n less at night. It has been more than 10 days now. Can any1 pls tell me what shud i do?
Avatar f tn hello sir ! Recently i used mifty kit for abortion and because of this my periods are not going from 1 week and i am continously bleeding ! Please help me ! I feel weakness throughout the day ! What to do sir ?
Avatar f tn I had medical abortion 3 weeks ago, results in D&c 2 days Ago. But, the urine test still strong positive. I really worried about situation as I had heavy bleeding before D&c. Does anyone has the same situation.
Avatar n tn I was instructed to not have sex for a.week after the.abortion Gandhi bled like like a stuck pig for days after the procedure. The Depo shot may have something to do with no period but the Depo isn't 100% effective especially only after one injection. So could you be pregnant??? Its possible. I recommend if you don't want a baby then use condoms as well as keeping up with your Depo shots.
Avatar f tn is it possible i still have hormones in my body from my last pregnancy? and do periods carry on as normal after an abortion?