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106886 tn?1281295172 Hope I don't leave anyone hanging, but at least it can put adhesion sufferers on another avenue of good old reseach to finally find some answers. Take care. Because of the pain I was having (which was due to the scar tissue (although we did not know what it was initially) which started about five months after my surgery, they thought perhaps I had colon cancer....again, as I said in my earlier post, I had an MRI...NOTHING was found. Frustrating. Then, during the colonoscopy....there they were!
Avatar n tn I am 17 and have been having my period at least 3 times a month for the past four to five months. I don't know what's wrong with me, maybe hormonal imbalance? Does anyone know what the cause may be?
Avatar n tn missed period, negative pregnancy tests. I had my first son when I was 20, 3 years ago. We started trying to conceive again shortly afterwards, but nothing. We weren't truely planning to have another child so soon so we started to use protection. I was diagnosed wtih PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and insulin resistance when I was 15. I was told that if I didnt conceive by the tiem I was 21 then I would probably have trouble. I thank God ever day for my special boy.
Avatar n tn I am 16 and I took a home pregnancy test yesterday because I was 7 days late and it was positive but I was at work and I started my period its heavy and I have some clots but thats how my period normally is but I thought you could only have spotting while pregnant I'm cramping a little bit but not too bad. Could I still be pregnant or could the test have been wrong?
Avatar n tn Went to the ER pregnancy not detected but found fibroid very small. Three hours after I left period started with intense cramps bled heavy for two days. Third day it ended. Since then uterus contracting regularly. Doctor cannot explain why. All test okay!!! I'm starting to think we were pregnant but miscarried. And the uterus is trying to get it's self back to size. Make sure, like I plan to do that something isn't blocking Tubes or Uterus doesn't have any porblems.
Avatar n tn we have sex while im on my period if the flow isnt heavy. im on birth controll but stopped taking it saturday night so i could get my period this week. it came monday night, tueday night my boyfriend came over, and we ended up having sex because my flow wasnt heavy at all. once everything was done, he pulled out and we both reliezed that the condom had broke. i was really worried so i ran upstairs and took an extra pill that i found from a package of pills from a long time ago.
Avatar n tn 30 am. Then later on it started to get heavy like a period but didn't stay that way because when I went to put on a super tampon it hadn't made it to the pad and it was only enough for a panty liner. I took my last pregnancy test at about 6 weeks and I got a negative result. I am now 8 2/7 weeks pregnant. Whats going on?
Avatar n tn i went from not having a period for months and months and months to bleeding for months and months and i went to many different drs and even to the er a few times and they kept telling me it was a just a heavy period i finally callaped due to the fact my iron was so drastically low yet no one could explain for almost 3 years as to why finally a dr said oh you have cysts we have to do a complete hystorectomy i was 26, got a 2nd opion they said no way because of my age this went on for almost 6
Avatar f tn Okay so I'm 16 and I had sex for the first time today and totally unexpectedly I got my period. I knew I would bleed from having my hymen broken too. For the past few hours though its been extremely heavy. I have to wear pads in 3 layers! The blood isn't coming out normally either. It gets clots ranging from small dots to the size of a finger, the rest of the blood has a water like consistency and just drips constantly. I'm really freaked out and don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn But I've had VERY light cramping, like not as heavy as my usual period. Its barely there. I've had this dull pain like in my lower left abdomen or whatever. It doesn't really hurt but its noticeable. Not to mention, my hormones are horrible. I've been crying over everything. I posted a preggo question on yahoo answers and got a harsh response and started crying! Lol. Maybe its in mu head but it seems like I've been peeing more frequently and I'm also kinda constipated.
Avatar n tn the problem is, before we opted for IVF, i was not ovulating and was having very long and heavy period that usually last for weeks. Also, i used to be on clomid 500mg that didn't work. so the IVF was sorted. Now my period has returned as and it is tending to the pre-IVF symptoms. that is, heavy period. since i want to get pregnant again,what volume of clomid should i take. and if i want to have another IVF, can i start now. i really would prefer clomid since i still feel pains in my abdomen.
Avatar n tn I have recently been having a lot of trouble with my period. I am 24 and have been using birth control pills for 6 years. I tri-cylcle my birth control pills and just had a period in August. I am not due for one until Dec. I am having a period now. I started spotting in Sept 12th, 1 day after having sexual intercourse (using a condom) and spotted for 2 weeks. Then my period came and it has been very heavy with lots of clots and hasn't stopped yet.
Avatar n tn I started haveing problems with very heavy periods when I was 17, then when I was 19 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. I have had 3 laparscopic surgeries, a D&C, birth control, Depo and Lupron shots, and nothing is helping with my pelvic pain. One of my doctors suggested Intersticial Cystitis, but they havn't ordered any further testing and I don't really know where to go from here. I am now 23 and pretty much have no answers, and chronic pain that we can't get rid of. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn from my knowledge pcos doesnt affect either the color or odor of your period. usually periods tend to be very irregular, heavy, and spotty frequently. many pcoders have weight problems or inability to loose weight or sudden weight gain. they tend to carry their weight around the waist. there can be issues with too much body hair or not enough head hair. most pcod patients have some degree of ovarian cysts. we tend to have higher risks for high blood pressure and sugar levels.
Avatar n tn to my suprise I started a second period of this month!! I dont understand the intense pain, followed by a second period. answers anyone??
1184907 tn?1264270207 I usually spot brown the day before my period starts and its usually light pink and brown but im spotting 9 days before my expected period. Since im so young i was wondering could it be implant bleeding? or what? ive looked up as much as i can but need one on one advice becuase i think i am pregnant. please help.
Avatar n tn i tried numbing cream but could have that on as it burnt, i have been passed from GP to gyno and back to GP with no answers after 2 yrs and now it is starting to effect my self esteem and my relationship, i dont even feel like a women anymore and if anyone has any ideas or suggestions that i could talk to my Dr about that would be amazing because i have run out of ideas, options and strength. if you dont thanks for listening.
Avatar f tn I was always normal with my period before i was on the pill, so the dr says it is normal, just a fake period anyway.... Any suggestions or advice is appreciated. Sorry to join in on your thread, but i don't get many answers when i start a new one, and i have never really broken everything down like i just did, i just figured you guys were in a simp sittuation so i would ask you guys.
1712596 tn?1309016462 ] okay so here are my symptoms: my husband has been have cravings for certain things i usually eat doughnuts and sweets but that is a turn off now my hair has been getting oiler quicker when i sneezed it hurt under my belly i have become more clumsy my husband was feeling nauseated and so was I my feet all of a sudden hurt ( i could use to stand on them alll day without them hurting) if i just eat a tiny bit i feel over full i am not sure what that one is about every time i pee i get that feel
290447 tn?1218056351 Then yesterday I had some spotting(figured it's normal) but had a large clot as well (darkish red like a period clot). I called the dr. office they suggested to do another ultrasound which I have scheduled for tomorrow (thank goodness) just to make sure all is well with us. I'm just starting to get terrified that I may be having a miscarriage, I do still have my symptoms, nausea, tenderness of breast, so I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this.
Avatar n tn First started with heavy throbbing heart in sept. not flight or flight normal heart rhythm of 60 bpm with just heavy on the lower ventricle side. i was playing soccer 4 times a week. a healthy person. for 6 weeks i lived with this being told i was stressed. in nov. i had low grade fever then high bp then erratic arythmias every 5 beats i would have pacs and when exercising pvcs and double even. i was told to stop all exercise.
Avatar n tn Many times with severe ashermans there is a light period with hardly any flow or a severe period, but not always. I have been told the ultrasound is not the best way to truly tell that there is scar tissue even though it can be done. Keep me posted. I will let you know any new info I get.
Avatar f tn After going to the ER twice and being told it was vertigo and migraines, I decided I needed more answers. I found a primary who did some blood work, and told me she thought it could be fibro. The blood work showed up positive ana 1:160. then later negative, then agian positive 1:80. By this point, I was having pain in my legs and arms as well. So after a yr of trying to find a way to a rhuemy. I finally got into one. He took a five min look at me said it wasn't fibro and walked out.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your response. I've been drinking as much water as possible to do just that and also came across that article on transmetallation. However, I'd like to figure out from an organic chemistry standpoint what would cause the gadolinium to break its bond with the chelating agent. Also, if my renal/liver function is normal then why is the gadolinium still in my system 4 weeks post MRI?
Avatar n tn I have had vaginal bleeding during bowel movement too. It occurs only once per month but very predictably a couple days before my period. This has been going on for several years. ( as backgound, I am 40, two kids, never had endometriosis and do not have it now. Get regular colonoscopy and exams, thin prep and PAPs always negative, 28 day cycle) Ugly details: After BM, bright red blood in commode and on toilet tissue.
Avatar n tn They prescribed birth control pills to me to help control my hormones/estrogen level for 2 months. My period is still pretty heavy - a lot of clotting - I hate it! But it's still not as bad as it was. I am taking iron pills 2x/day. Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and finally feel normal again! BTW - 39/no kids yet. One question - does anyone have a lot of blood clots when on their menstrual cycle? Stay stong ladies! God wouldn't give us we couldn't handle!
Avatar n tn Now I bleed everyday and have for months now. Sometimes it's as heavy as my period and sometimes it's just spotting, but it's everyday. I've lost so much blood, it's hard for me to get out of bed sometimes because I'm so weak. I also have discomfort and moderate pains in my abdominal area. Sometimes the pains are so bad that I have fallen over and at one point, I was driving and drove into a ditch.