Heavy period twice in one month

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366262 tn?1360035196 had anyone gotten there period twice in one month and then the next month didnt get it. and found out they were pregnant?
Avatar m tn It has been about 5 weeks now since my surgery, and could maybe be still healing. Could I be pregnant if I got my period twice in a month, heavy and basically on time?
Avatar f tn Periods and cycles don't follow a calendar month. It is feasible to have two periods in a month if you begin your period early in the month and have a 21 day to 28 day cycle. December is 31 days= 2 periods in that month. However, that is not what you describe. You may be having hormonal fluctuations. I would think one wasn't a true period-- perhaps the current one and is heavy spotting due to hormones. Going to a doctor makes sense.
254949 tn?1202479812 well im not sure what dygrogesterone is for but i had the same thing happen to me last yr where i got my period twice in like 1 month..thas when i went to see my OB and got a lot of testing done and got dx with PCOS and polyps in my ures the first thing i was put on was metformin to regulate my period and to ovulate every month..
155534 tn?1275415855 I can't be pregant I just had a period, and even if I got prego in the past 2 weeks..it would be too early for these symptoms..Anyone ever get random cramping?? I had an ovarian cyst that ruptured in Feb. 2006...Do you think it could possibly be another cyst??Do they reoccur??
Avatar n tn I'm now going through my first period but I am having lots of blood clogs, heavy cramps, and heavy bleeding. Never in my life has a period been so hard. I wanted to try again for a baby because this all was so unexpected. I have read online about people getting pregnant right away and hoped to be one. But now I truely understand why doctors tell you to wait at least 3 months.
Avatar n tn that's a sign of pregnancy,or you are probably thinking too much about stuff {and that makes you bleed}i remember i had a 1 day period and got pregnant the same month,a 1 day period is very strange, because you can have your period a week early but not for 1 day.
Avatar f tn even alternate period is very short. like last month i have my period for 7 days and this month for only 3 days. Is something seriously wrong with me. I am also trying to get pergnant. Plase suggest me what to do?
Avatar n tn a significant drop in hgb over a short period of time. On this basis, you appear to qualify for Procrit in Spades. I went on Procrit at hgb 11.4 due to close to a three-point drop over a period of a couple of weeks early-on in treatment. Can't put my finger on it now but there are directives/studies out there on this in black and white. Personally, I'd press your doctor on this issue and get a second opinion if you're unsatisfied with his answers or response. All the best.
Avatar n tn well to let you all know that 2 yrs ago i was trying to conceive,and everytime i got my period i was sad and angry ...but one day my period was late but negative hpt,my normal period is always heavy with some clogs,(sorry for TMI) well that being said,my period was late but then my period arrived bright red blood with clogs heavy only for a day and half,i didnt do an hpt cause i said*BUMMER! another months i didnt conceive.BUt!! ladies here is the big news..
Avatar f tn I have a 21 day cycle instead of 28 days so I often have a period twice in one month although not every month. Sometimes really bad sharp pains low down in your pelvis during your period are a result of passing blood clots. Not saying this is the case with you but I have had it happen.
Avatar f tn Now here I am four weeks post removal and I am having constant cramping (feels like first day period cramps - with no period. It's worse with a full bladder. The cramps also feel worse with any activity -even standing for short periods of time...), bloating, lots of low back pain.... it's terrible. I keep reading that my symptoms match ovarian cancer symptoms, but if I really connect the dots, this is all because of the Mirena. I have never had issues like this before the Mirena.
Avatar n tn nope.. you couldnt possibly be pregnant with that heavy of a flow... the egg would be washed away. I agree.. sounds like a very heavy period... I've gotton them more often than not over the last few years and have only had intercourse twice so I know they were not miscarriages or anything else. And I'm talking even with TWO overnight pads and the fact that my insomnia only keeps me in bed for 4 hours or so, I still blow through them and have blood all over my pants and sheets.
Avatar n tn I was on nuva ring for months before the pregnancy and did nt take the ring for one month, and ended up pg in that same month, April. I had sex on 7- 14 and already my nipples are begining to feel tender. I am so scared because I feel bloated, and stomach aches for the past two days. I don't know if I am pg yet to early.to tell. I want to do all I can to carry to term if I am. The Dr told me to wait till aug ttc. God knows best. I can't keep going through this type of changes.
6614061 tn?1382998001 I mean I need a Super+ tampon (it's absorbancy range is 12-15 grams) on the first day of my period, and by the third day I can fill one in less than an hour. I've talked to a lot of my female friends about this and they are horrified by the amounts. No female in my family have it this bad either. My period is on a 28 day cycle and it lasts for 5 to 7 days. I'm over weight, with a mildly seminary life. I don't take any medicine other than Pamprin on rare occasions.
Avatar n tn This was quite unusal given the fact that I have never had a normal period with no pain or heavy bleeding. I have one ovary due to having the right one removed years ago because of a cancerous cyst, but my ob told me that it will prob be easier to get preg because i dont have to worry about eggs trying to fertilize on the once bad ovary. So now I have started my cycle much earlier than usual, not far behind the short one i just mentioned.
Avatar n tn I sometimes still have a heavy feeling in stomach wether I eat or not. It feels like I swallowed a brick that won't digest. Is this common with and Ulcer or gerd. Hope someone can Help. Also I find If standing for a long period of time its gets really bad, I feel like my stomach is falling down or someone punched me in the gut.
1005605 tn?1250364742 do u think this is the same thing going on with me normally i always get a period every month in the beginning it has never happened twice in one month.
Avatar n tn I have seen FOUR eye doctors (2 in South Carolina and 2 in Houston (one a specialist). All of my tests (Glaucoma, field, air-pressure) all are normal. One doctor made a joke that was not funny. He said, "Don't worry about it, you're not supposed to see in the dark anyway". This effects my driving at night and I have to feel my way around my home if walking short distances in dark or even in a dimly lit room.
Avatar n tn For about the last 10 months or so, I've had dark brown to light brown spotting about 5-7 days before my period each month. My periods have been pretty regular, although heavy the first two days usually. I have noticed some clots coming out ever now and then (usually small to about the size of a nickel on the large side). I've noticed lately that I have a dull ache on my lower left side off and on. Anyone have any idea what could be going on?
20800745 tn?1512231034 A little background--My SVT started in my adolescence with episodes of racing heart that no one could explain. In fact, for a long time, I was told I had anxiety. These episodes faded during my high school and college years and returned with a vengeance nearing my mid-twenties. One morning I simply rolled out of bed and that typical ka-thump, THUMP triggered and my heart took off at 245 bpm. I was rushed to the ER and finally, after 25 years, was able to catch this phenomenon on an ECG. SVT.
Avatar f tn C (may 2) and it was the right decision for me since i got prego off of birth control twice. I knew my period was going to be off normal routine since i got my IUD. I got my first period since then.. it started a couple days of spotting and crazy cramping.. Then it started getting heavier and heavier. I'm now more then a week into it and i'm going through tampon and pads like crazy.... it soaks all the way through my tampons all the way down the strings and onto my panties.
901991 tn?1281613225 My partner and I were intimate on mon 27th April, 2 days after my period ended, and the next evening I had a sharp tingly sensation in the lower left of my tummy, then for the next couple of days I had a weird metallic taste in my mouth which I also had a few days ago also, I felt a bit queasy (sick) but wasnt...
Avatar n tn i put a tampon in thinking it was my period i was able t keep it in all day. the put a new one in at bedtime and was in for 10 hrs and could of kept it in longer and then the last one i put in came out with nothing on it at all. im thinking its impantation bleeding. i didnt get it with my first pregnancy. some people say they get it 8 days after ovulations and some people have gotten it when their periods are due. so i dont knwo what to think....