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Avatar n tn You might have a uterine fibroid. Get checked by your doctor. A three-week period is worth diagnosing.
Avatar n tn I spent a good 7yrs in perimenopause and am now in my first year of menopause and I am 47yo. You are not in menopause until you have not had a period for two years.
Avatar n tn I am 48 and am pretty sure I am going thru menopause I have been having a period for over a week now and am bleeding really heavy and lost a lot of blood and I am real weak and kinda scared if I go to the er is there anything they can do or should I even go
Avatar n tn This month I am now toward the end of the third week with my period and the flow is slightly heavy at times and bright red. Can this be normal when approaching menopause? My periods were always 7-9 days long before and every 21 days. I have not experienced hot flashes but my skin and eyes have been really dry the last few months.
Avatar f tn I have been bleeding for over 3 weeks, extremely heavy with clots, and very bad cramps. I am 47 years old I realize it is menopause, but when should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn Since you are 50 years old, the problems with periods (irregularity, heavy flow etc) can be due to menopause. Often there is hormonal imbalance and there is no problem with the uterus (such as fibroids, thickening of linin, endometriosis etc). You need to get a complete hormone panel including estrogen, progesterone, FSH, LH and prolactin. If the results point towards an imbalance then hormone replacement therapy often helps improve the cycle. Please consult your gynecologist regarding this.
Avatar n tn Then I was bleeding whole November, then 1 week off - now it started again. My breasts are tender - everything seems like normal heavy period just very long (1 month or longer). I also have IUD (good for 10 years)- this is 11th year. I am afraid of ovarian cancer but generally I am feeling good except for slight menstrual-type cramps. Should I take out IUD & get on birth-control pills? Could this all be menopause related? Please help.
Avatar n tn I asked my doctor 2 years ago when was I going to go threw menopause. He said you are already going threw it. Surprise to me!! I have not had any symtoms. My periods have always been heavy so I could not tell. I did see a slight change with them lasting a little longer than normal. Last month I had a very light period. Now this month I have not had one. I have been regular all my life. Never late and always on time. I have never used birth control pills or patches or any of that stuff.
Avatar n tn I am 60 yrs old and haven't had a period in almost 12 yrs. Apprximately 3 weeks ago I started having a bloody (very light) dark discharge. It never goes away. I have no other symptons. I haven't been to the doctor in about 27 yrs. What could be wrong?
Avatar f tn Each lasted for two weeks long and were heavy and very watery. I bled twice in August. And just had a period from August 30th to Sep 5th which was very heavy and watery. So far I have had no more bleeding this month....yet. on top of the frequent periods my other symptoms are insomnia, fatigue from lack of sleep, mood swings, irritability,vaginal dryness, dry skin, hair shedding, frequent bathroom trips and I'm not pregnant, NO sex drive whatsoever.....
Avatar n tn i am 32 now and i may have a regular period for a couple of months and the4n i may skip a month sometimes i will go for one week sometimes two or three but the last one i had was for two months. i tremble sometimes sometimes i get hot sometimes i get cold. i have also had the crying out of nowhere. i have asked my doctor if i cold be going through menopause he told me the symptoms i have been experiencing could be but he also told me i was too young.
979826 tn?1389039958 I went from getting my period every month no matter what for seven days fairly heavy (sorry for the detail) to missing them all together and if i do get them its like for a day and i hardly bleed like it doesn't show up in my underwear just on toliet paper (again sorry for the detail) the missing period/one day periods has been going on for maybe the last two years i thought is was all the surgeries but it hasn't ever gotten straightened out so idk anymore... any thoughts?
Avatar f tn my period is crazy it comes when it wants light, heavy twice a month since im having so much dizziness could this be a result of menopause?
Avatar f tn I have been going thru menopause for 1 1/2 yrs, I was put om premilin .
Avatar n tn the first week it was light now it is so heavy with blood clogs. Is this normal or is this the start of menopause. I will be 46 this June. Please help!!
Avatar n tn However, in the past year, I've noticed my period being heavy the FIRST TWO days, now it's heavy the first day. I too, wonder if this is pre-meno pause. I took birth control for several years before, during and after marriage. I stop birth control for 3 years now and have not gotten pregnant with the natural method. I am curious, and no ping-pong size blood clots but there are bouts of heavy over a quarter-size ones...
Avatar f tn I'd say your period is the victim of hormonal changes. Heavier bleeding when on a period is common or menopause AND spotting like you describe also can happen. Talk to your doctor next time you see them. Mine says my few days of heavy bleeding are normal even though I went through 40 plus years of a different type of period preceding it.
Avatar f tn I have had hot flashing and thought I was well through menopause. However, yesterday I began spotting and today am having a full blown heavy period. Does this happen or should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn I am turning 52 in 2 weeks. recenty had a heavy period, with clots. The last menstrual period I had was 32 months ago. I had a vaginal ultra sound on fri, and they found a fibroid. This made me feel better, funny to say this, but, I was relieved to know that their was a reason. I have been feeling alot of pressure on my bladder, a full feeling all the time. Also when the scan was done my bowel appeared to be full also. No wonder I am so uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn Usually before menopause starts (complete cessation of period for 12 months), period becomes irregular, you may miss one or two month period, if pregnancy test is negative and period becomes further and further apart, it means menopause is near. Yes, during perimenopause, period can be quite heavy and lasted up to 7 days, small blood clots discharged sometimes(for my case).
Avatar f tn I have no other health problems. I am wondering though if I could be in menopause or not...I have not had a period for 60 days now. I have talked to different people and they said that they have gone a long time without one (not 60 days) and when they did get it it was horrible...pain and clots. Any help on this would be much appreciated.
Avatar n tn Hello maybe you can help me out my question is that it has been 4 month since I got my period and I thought I was pregnant but I have check my self and its always negative and I thought its just I am staring to have symptoms of menopause so help me out.............
Avatar n tn I am 54 and have not had my period for 4 months, I thought I was in menopause but just got my period this morning. is this normal? am I in menapause or not? I don't have symtpoms from my period so I don't know if I will have any symptoms for menopause, what are the symtoms and how long do they last?
1966253 tn?1326755106 I had three daughters and I had the tubal ligation 10 years ago. Since I was 11 years old when I had my period it was very irregular and heavy. I still have heavy periods. I don't have hot flushes yet, or any changes in my body, I have been loosing weight (30 pounds). Other than I am very depress and sentimental. I cry all the time. I have mood swings. And I am mad for no reason. I been dealing with anxiety also. I get mad easily. Geeezzz what is going on ? Any ideas ?
Avatar f tn My mom is 53 years old and gets her period but it comes extremely heavy that she has to change her clothes often. She gets her period not every month but now and then ....im worried because she shouldnt be getting her period anymore what can be the cause of her heavy bleeding? ....her stomach also grows big and feels hard please help I dont know what to do for her anymore ...
5110771 tn?1363746602 after my last child was born, I was just at the ER because I have had my period for about 3-4 weeks now and it wont stop Dr. at ER didn't find anything wrong with me. at the hospital I bleed a lot and a golf ball sized ball of what it looked like a clogged blood. he send me to go see a OBGYN to do follow up and he said he might do a Biopsy on me. I rather not go. he also said it could be Menopause, and everyone I talk to tells me the same thing. has anyone gone thru this already?? DR.