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Avatar m tn I started my period the 13 of June and it has been so heavy i couldn't go 45 minutes without going to the bathroom. i am still on it but its not as heavy, but still not normal..I am 19 a virgin and my periods are normally only 5-7 days..
Avatar f tn has anyone else had this... I'm not sure if I should take it as a pretty lite period or pretty heavy spotting... if anyone has info on this please give me some insight...
Avatar n tn I'm now going through my first period but I am having lots of blood clogs, heavy cramps, and heavy bleeding. Never in my life has a period been so hard. I wanted to try again for a baby because this all was so unexpected. I have read online about people getting pregnant right away and hoped to be one. But now I truely understand why doctors tell you to wait at least 3 months.
Avatar m tn Anyway I have been getting my period but im very confused as its dark brown, it also often has a sour smell off of it so I am sure its not poop, it sometimes has thick bits through it and it also has a quite heavy flow. I was just wondering what this means and is this my period?? Is this normal??
Avatar f tn did you have any blood clogs in the bleeding too?
1020232 tn?1251494896 But then I started bleeding again but not real heavy! Um I had sex sunday the 23rd. I have had cramps for a while but now just got my period. and today i was going to eat something but then it did look good or anything like i wanted it then all of a sudden i didn't umm im confused as what is going on?
Avatar f tn It has lightened my period but never shortened it. I still go the full 7 days. By day 5 it's not even heavy enough for me to put in a tampon comfortably. Should I look into a new birth control pill? Thank you!
Avatar f tn I'm 41 yrs old and my period has lasted over two weeks and my breast have been hurting too my normal period only last 3-4 days I have had a blood clot but haven't had one sense then my question should I be concerned about this please help
Avatar n tn anything is possible. but heavy bleeding when AF is due usually means she has come for her monthly visit. i have a form of hemophilia and do get an implant bleed. but even mine is really light....and trust me i can bleed like someone opened a spicket...LOL. i hope this helped and take care....love, hugs, and baby dust...
Avatar n tn Anyways, her period died down for a few days and she was feeling much better. Then two days ago it started up again and now the clots are back and her period is very heavy again. She called the doctor and he said it was normal and not to worry. I am concerned about her loosing so much blood. Is this really "normal"? They didn't do any cancer tests and my grandma had ovarian cancer. I don't know if I am just being a wory wart, but I am afraid it could be something worse.
Avatar n tn My period started 5 days late just spotting then heavy flow came but its brown. I don't know what to think anymore. My husband and I have been trying to get preg. for a while and taking Clomiphene 50 mg. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of getting pregnant?
Avatar n tn Me n my hubby have been trying for another baby for a month. Well im suppose to start my period on Tues. We had intercourse the day I was ovulating and ive been having white slimmy or slippery discharge and then a while ago I went to the bathroom and had tons of light brown discharge in my pants and when i wipped it was redish-pinkish blood sorda? Anyone know if this is a sign of pregnancy or not cause i never had ney symptoms the 1st time I got pregnant but this that im sorda having now.
Avatar f tn I calculated that if I am pregnant I'm 4 weeks 6 days today. On this Tuesday, 5 days before my expected period and 11 days after my last ovulation and intercourse, which I guess I was 4w 2ds along I had pink spotting which has never happened to me before that so I assumed that was implant bleeding and my suspicion was confirmed by multiple sources on the internet. But the day after I had a normal period like flow, but it was brown.
Avatar f tn Hi there, can ne1 help, yesterday i was feeling a bit sick and woke up with a headache so i took 2paracetamol wothout eating anything then felt quite sick, could that of been becoz i didnt eat nething? today when i was walking around the shops I had a heavy feeling in my stomach and then my back ached a bit. Also the symptoms of my periods have started to come 2 weeks b4 they usually do.Hvae been TTC for 6months. Period should be on the 12th. Im hoping it wont come at all. can ne1 help?
332176 tn?1220545562 If your period is a week away, that means that implantation is most likely just now taking place. Most women do not have symptoms until after they know they are pregnant. To have all of that a week after ovulation is not normal. It is probably just in your head. If you think you are pregnant, and really believe it, you can have symptoms. To have cramps, nausea, and heavy and sore boobs before you miss a period is not likely. I think you maybe overreacting.
Avatar n tn but they told me to come back in a few more weeks. But now i dont know whats wrong because im bleeding heavy. Could i be pregnant or is this my period? PLEASE HELP...im looking forward to pregnancy..
Avatar n tn Does anyone know what this is? I have had this heavy yellowish discharge for months and it has this really gross smell, like dirty socks. When I am doing yoga or other forms of exercise I feel it coming out and it feels really gross, but the smell is the worst part. I have not been sexually active in years, but I will be going to visit a guy in a couple of months that I have been in a long distance relationship with and I do not want to be intimate with him with this going on!
Avatar n tn i have also just weaned my son but am not sure what us causing the bleeding. I too had my period already about a week and a half ago...it ws heavy and lasted about 5 days. Now it has come back and is very haeavy again...I feel weak too...if it doesn't go away in a few days I am going to call the doc...I think its mostly because of my thyroid....definitely ask to have urs checked out ...its an easy blood test.
1677547 tn?1304488366 I am going onto 3wks now since I have my period and it varies from heavy to light but always with blood clots. This is the first time this has happened to me, I have noticed that after being married to my husband for 1year and 5months my period has become very weird and at times would go on for more than a week and then I wouldn't have my period for nearly 2months or more!! What is happening to me??
Avatar f tn But it never came But on the 15th of Jan I started bleeding and it lasted for about 12 hours give or take started off with some brown spotting about 4 hours later it was pretty heavy and had some clots and I had Cramp. Its is now the 26ths and Still no period. I tested yesterday I got a faint line that looked more like an evaporation line, it appeared within recommended Time frame. So that I am alittle confused on. Can I have confused my period and ovulation period and ended up getting prego?
177019 tn?1258153791 I miscarried the end of dec and let nature take its course with no d&c... It was a VERY heavy period durring the miscarriage and now my first period since has been the same. So it may be nothing to worrie about, i was told i may experience alot ofbreakthru bleeding/ spotting in the first few cycles when your body get back to normal. did your doc do a hcg count on you every week to make sure you levels went down to zero?
Avatar n tn Sometimes we can have PVC's and not feel them; other times they'll come with a heavy thud and a quick flush/rush to the head and chest. A lot depends on where in the cycle the premature signal hits. The devices like ICD's or pacemakers are battery run. So the more it's used, the sooner it needs to be replaced - just like a flashlight. If you use it all night during a storm, it will need batteries by the next day. If you are having PVC's I don't know of any way to stop them.
Avatar n tn I always do get my period every month but it the heavy bleeding varies between day 29-32 (I think I am still regulating my cycle after being on BCP for 10 years) So at any rate I really want to get pregnant this cycle so I guess I should just try to have sex often. Thanks again for the great advice.
1438752 tn?1284343047 About mid 2013, I took a pregnancy test because my period ended up being about a week late, when it normally is like clockwork. After that, it went back to normal, until about two months ago, when my periods, while still right on time, became heavier than usual. I'm talking spotting one day, straight to bleeding so heavy the next day that I'm afraid to leave the house. I can actually feel blood gushing out of my vagina onto my pad while I'm walking around at work.
Avatar n tn Helloo, Right I Was Due To Come on my period the begining on april and i had the symptoms of being pregnant but the other day i had quite i bit of pinkish blood in my pants and then later on in the day it got really light and then stayed as little spots of blood, it carried on for 2 days and whilst that was happening i felt great, but my normal period is really bad i suffer with bad stomach cramps and cant hardly walk and is very heavy when im on my period.
Avatar n tn it started off as brownish discharge then it turned into a really light period and got heavier. My normal period is really heavy but this time it is aot lighter. i have been really sleepy latly whish isnt normal for me. and i go to the bathroom every few minutes. Could i be pregnant and having implantation bleeding?
1845839 tn?1322194796 It could be implantation bleeding. You might wanna take a test.
12446964 tn?1425527425 I've also had pelvic pain lately not associating with time of period, feeling like blatter spasms but possibly from uterus I guess. My urologist has suggested possibly internal cystitis, however my UTI bacteria is gone and also the internal cystitis symptoms are gone. Just the vaginal soreness is HORRIBLE. The doctors are still not completely sure what vaginal infection I have down there, however, whatever it is bad.
Avatar n tn The fact that the blood is brown means that it is old blood. I started bleeding bright red worse than a period when I was 5 weeks along and it continued almost everyday until week 10. What happened was that the sac had detached a little from uterine lining and that was causing all the bleeding. My daughter is now 3 1/2 months old. Now if you do end up miscarrying you can start trying as soon as you feel ready unless a doctor gives you a medical reason for waiting.