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1933284 tn?1323361289 Oh and i never really had a heavy period, just a couple of days really light each month starting maybe a month or 6 weeks after removal x
Avatar n tn I had my iud taken out on the 15th of this month which is June and I have been bleeding heavy and cramping am I ovulating now ? Can I have sex like this ?
Avatar f tn Hello, I have the IUD for a long time , But my breast hurts so bad and i missed my period last month , ?? could I be pregnant??
Avatar n tn When I had mine put in, I only spotted for a few days. Are you bleeding heavy or just spotting? If it's heavy, then I would talk to your Dr. again or ask a different Dr. If the bleeding is heavy then I would think you are losing way too much blood. Good luck and I hope the bleeding stops! I know that has to be misserable!
11226391 tn?1416362541 It's the first time I use a method of birth control, the first three months I had painful cramps and heavy bleeding, but then it went away and now I dont have a period. After ten months from the IUD placement now I am experiencing some weight gain, darkening and sensitivity of the nipples and I feel like I may be pregnant again?. Is it possible I am really pregnant though I have the IUD placement?
Avatar f tn I have had the para guard iud for going on a year now and my period seems to last longer and heavier then before the iud .. I'm wondering will it always be this way are will it go back to normal eventually?
Avatar f tn The IUD did not mess with my menstrual cycle and my period was regular every month but it was very very heavy due to the IUD. I highly recommend anyone that is not trying to get pregnant to use the IUD because it worked for me for all those years.
Avatar f tn I had the meraina it's a shorter length then the iud it stopped my period after a few mths and I could feel it a lil during sex but overall I liked it I had it for about 4years after my son took it out and the next mth I was prego. I'm going back on it after this baby :-) the nurse told me with the iud you get a heavy period and more cramps but it's for 10years.
Avatar f tn I have had my IUD for almost 3 years. For the most part it was great hardly any period and the convenience of not having to remember a birth control. But for the last 2 months its been causing me nothing but problems. I have had my period for almost 2 weeks now and its really heavy, lots of cramping. Even pain after sex. So i went to the doctor. She said she couldn't find it and that i would have to have an ultrasound done. My ultrasound isn't for another week.
Avatar n tn I have had the IUD in place for 7 years now and I got my last period on Feb 13th and stopped on Feb 20th. My period was gone for 3 days and I started spotting on Feb 24th until today. Im scared that there will be something wrong with it or I may have become pregnant.
Avatar n tn I had my iud removed July 28,2010 of this year. I spotted lite red on the 28th. I didnt have any spotting on the 29th. I spotted again on the 30th. On the 31st I started bleeding real heavy and clotting real bad. Today August 1st im doing the same. My ? is what day would i count the 1st day of my period. When will be the best time to try the ovulation test? Do I count 14 days from the day I started?
Avatar n tn July 2, 2009 ~ Mirena IUD removed July 2-10 2009 ~ Very very heavy bleeding from Mirena removal August 10, 2009 ~ First AF after Mirena removal, 39 days it took to get it August 10-17 2009 ~ AF normal 7 days for me prior to having Mirena inserted September 2, 2009 ~ Positive OPK ~ 16 days after AF September 13-20, 2009 ~ AF, didn't use OPK's this month October 15-22, 2009 ~ AF, didn't use OPK's this month November 18-25, 2009 ~ AF, didn't use OPK's this month December 20-26, 2009 ~ AF,
Avatar n tn However, i was given two tablets to insert into my vagina and they made me open up and i actually started bleeding again because of it (this was normal as i had just finished my period) Anyways, i got my IUD inserted yesterday, and like i said i know that each girl is different but it hurt alot... a lot a lot! ...
Avatar f tn I just had my IUD REMOVED, after just 1 month of continued bleeding, and vaginal itching I said forget it. I lost confidence in the bedroom due to worring about the odor, and the red sea. I'm wondering did anyone only have it in for a month like me and called it quits? I'm still bleeding heavy too, how long before the bleeding goes away?
147172 tn?1226761778 I really enjoyed my Mirena IUD and didn't have any issues with crmaping or heavy periods. In fact, with the exception of a few days of spotting after insertion, I didn't have a period for over a year after insertion and when it did come back it was very light. Check out the various websites for more information, the only one I am familiar with is www.mirena.
4194487 tn?1370049744 My only complaint was that after they put it in it felt like I was in labor all over again for like two weeks, heavy heavy period, cramps that would knock out the NFL. BUT after my body was use to it I only had to deal with simi heavy periods every month. I had it in for like 2yrs and loved it even with all that. I only took it out to have another child. Which took like 4yrs after it was removed. BUT it could have easily been the father that made it so hard for us to conceive.
Avatar n tn I had my mirena IUD removed last week about two days later I began what I thought was my period, I haven't had one since august so not really sure when it should come, the bleeding is very heavy and has some larger clots. Is this normal after IUD removal or should I be worried?
Avatar n tn I was told that my periods (especially my first one) would be very heavy after an IUD insertion. Before the insertion of the IUD, my periods were pretty regular. This is the time that i would normally have my period - maybe just a few days early this time. Is this light bleeding normal for my first period or am i just experiencing some spotting from the insertion of the IUD?
Avatar m tn I removed my IUD on January 31,2013 and Feb,March,April my period came on time,very heavy period,I had the IUD for 4 year and it was due to come out March of 2014,now we are in May and my period is late,it was due on May 9,2013..ye.me be concerned I took test it was negative...I know it too soon to be take the test..but is it common for you not have for several months after the iud and you not be pregnant?
457438 tn?1302072007 I have inserted Copper T on Last month on 4th day of my monthly period.After period i felt heavy white discharge for couple of days.My monthly period was regular (28days) before insert Coper T. But now its irregular.Yesterday started period ie 21st day after last period and bleeding is comparatively low .Is it normal?.Kindly help..
477732 tn?1222115329 My period was 9 days late, then started really light, the same way they were before I had an IUD. On the IUD they were very heavy, and usually lasted around 4 days. Now, I had 3 days of light bleeding, and then yesterday it got really heavy and painful. And it is the same today, with no sign of letting up. I can't take the pain or pms anymore! And my tummy has been so swollen for almost 2 weeks now, I'm so uncomfortable! Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar f tn Lower abdomen heaviness, frequent urination, heavy and multiple bleeds from vagina, tender breasts etc can be due to the IUD itself, or due to pregnancy or due to pelvic inflammatory disease, and endometriosis. Fibroids as a cause appear to have been ruled out. If pregnancy tests were negative, and the ultrasound did not catch pregnancy, then either it is too early for scans to be positive for pregnancy or there is no pregnancy or pregnancy was missed due to IUD.