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Avatar n tn I had my baby girl july16, i had my period when i had her and it lasted about 3 weeks. So now i got my period the 27th of august and its a Heavy flow, is that normal after giving birth.
Avatar n tn I'm 18 and for the first couple years of having my period I used to never have a heavy flow but these past couple of months my period has become much heavier then normal. It feels like I need to change my pad so much more then I usually would because I don't want to leak through. Is this normal? If so, does anyone have any suggestions as to help fix or make this situation a little easier to handle?
Avatar n tn Is it normal to have a heavy flow with the painful sometimes chunks of blood or the thick big blood I guess .
Avatar f tn One thing led to another and we ended up having period sex. Normally my flow isn’t very heavy and a reg tampon will do. Before we did it it looked like it was going to finish the next day but afterwards was like something you’d see in a horror movie! (May be exaggerated a little. But there was a lot more blood than normal) like a super tamp barely does the job...
Avatar n tn I haven't been on my period for about 2months now and it's been extremely irregular. My flow has been so heavy that since last four days I've gone through about six tampons and at night I have overflowed my pad. I don't know if this is healthy or not?
Avatar n tn Im a teenager. I have very heavy flow periods & very heavy discharge. It is really aqward. Everytime i stand up after sitting for a long time.. i almost wet myself because the discharge is sooo heavy! Its really embarrassing and when im doin trampolining or athletics at school it always happens. Anyone have any advice!?
Avatar f tn My daughter is 14 yrs old and has a very heavy period. My question is we are going on vacation to the puerto rico and will be out at the beach alot im just concern that she won't be able to go in the water.Do to her period being so heavy and my husband said it wouldn't be a good idea for her to get in the water because of the possibility that sharks might be near by and that the shark will be able to scent a tinny lil drop of blood from miles away and can put her at risk.
Avatar n tn when i woke it was everywhere i mean everywhere and it seems to be constantly flowing just like im weeing when i sit on the toilet it just floods out i feel so grose in the tummy and a litle light headed i spoke to my boss about it and she said that sometimes in early pregnancy you can bleed alot so i did another test and again it came up negative. i have never had a heavy period so its unusual for me. Could i still be pregnant? thankyou..
Avatar f tn Now I havn't had a period since May up until three days ago. The first two days wasnt heavy, but today I had to change my pad 3 times. Which is rare for me, and the pads were completely soaked. I also can feel when a clot passes. Then when I sit on the toilet, more clots pass. Could this be due to the fact that when my periods were long I barely clotted at all? Also, my younger sister had the same problem..long periods..and her gyno said she was fine. O_O Help.
Avatar f tn This isnt a normal period. This is basically medium-heavy spotting. And I'm early... I'm almost never early.
Avatar f tn i started my period on monday morning and my flow is very heavy. usually my flow is not very heavy. is this a possible sign of pregnancy? or just my body cleansing itself?
Avatar f tn on the 5th day i got a heavy period dark red thick and stringy sorry tmi. today is day 6 still heavy I have lost my appetite, bad back pain, constipation, weird period pain thats very unusal and painful at times. feeling sick and extreamly tired all the time, and pain in left ovarary area. I did 2 pregnancy tests on the 3rd missed day and was neg. Symtoms seem to be worstening each day and would like some imput. has anyone experenced this before? Could I be pregnant? What should I do?
Avatar n tn Hi doc.I don't why this days I experience heavy flow and also my days of mensuration?
Avatar f tn I am on day 2 and still heavy. Can being heavy on my period under theses circumstances mean anything? maybe pregnant? or just hormone changes? Like I said i haven't been this heavy in a while.
Avatar f tn right now though im on my period, the first 2 days were really light with hardly any cramps (didnt need to take tylenol or anything) and now its the 3rd day and its really heavy (well, heavy for me, so heavier than it normally is even the first day or two) but i still have no cramps... is it normal that its heavier on the 3rd day? and is it normal that i usually have cramps but this time i hardly feel them even though my period is heavier?
Avatar n tn Typically I am a healthy (overwieght) 41 year old with children - no problems with pregnancy/childbirth. This period is very heavy where sometimes the flow just gushes and includes a very large (ping pong ball sized) clot or more than one. This even woke me up last night and I barely made it to the bathroom on time. Past periods have been heavy and even sometimes painful but never with such large clots or unpredictable flow.
Avatar n tn I started some heavy red spotting yesterday but still don't really have cramps or a heavy flow. I think that I also might get an opk kit. I always do get my period every month but it the heavy bleeding varies between day 29-32 (I think I am still regulating my cycle after being on BCP for 10 years) So at any rate I really want to get pregnant this cycle so I guess I should just try to have sex often. Thanks again for the great advice.
Avatar f tn Flow still heavy. Lots of clots present. I am starting to question if it is just my period or something else. Like early miscarriage.
Avatar f tn small clots heavy flow
Avatar f tn I normally have heavy flows, but my last period I had 1 day of heavy flow followed by spotting and I am not pregnant
Avatar n tn This past month (LMP May 31)I have taken several HPT tests and had an unusual 2 day heavy flow when AF was due and it was accompanied with clotting and to date the worst cramps (as bad as I had when I MC)but it stopped completely - did I have another MC? Before I set myself up for disappointment and buy another HPT is there a chance I could be pregnant even with that extremely Heavy Flow?
Avatar n tn i have been having regular periods since i had my tubal ligation 10 and a half years ago. the first two days of my period are heavy and by the fourth day i am usually through. well this time i was late and i spotted one time one night. the next day nothing. the day after nothing, i spotted that night and by the next morning i had started. i bled heavy for 6 days and then stopped for only one day. after the one day that i stopped, i spotted late that afternoon one time. the next day nothing.
415867 tn?1323369103 I am taking just 500mg of metformin (increase to 1000mg tomorrow and so on) and I took provera to get my period. Usually when i take provera alone my period is pretty heavy and this time around (first timeon metformin) its really light. Like in 4 or more hours it barely covers the tip of a tampon (sorry TMI) has anyone had this on metformin the lighter periods? thanks girls!
7657776 tn?1395887780 The length of the cycle has also changed between heavy flow for 3 days to a normal flow at 10 days. However, this cycle I'm on now has been very strange. I started bleeding on March 8, then it stopped March 9-12, and then started flowing again March 13 and it still hasn't stopped today on the 26th. It hasn't been heavy or particularly painful but the blood isn't fresh, it's very dark/dark brown and looks like old blood. Does anyone know what might cause this?