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Avatar n tn Also if you have anxiety is it possible to have a drip in the back of your throat because my head feels dizzy and heavy like there is a brick inside and im scared because i keep getting random sharp pains everywhere throughout my arms, hands, and legs. i have also been feeling weak and tired and i have trouble breathing. I have been to the er and they did a blood test, ekg, xrays, emg, flu and mono test, strep test, ebv, thyroid everything and everything tested out negative.
1200566 tn?1265384652 I just started my period on Tuesday, on Wednesday morning I had to leave work and go home because I was so dizzy and light headed I couldn't keep my head up. My period is a lot heavier than normal and so is the cramping. I was also having hot flashes. I have missed work the rest of the week because I feel dizzy all the time. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis back in 2002 and had one of my ovaries removed. I've been taking birth control pills ever since then and my periods have been normal.
Avatar n tn I'm now going through my first period but I am having lots of blood clogs, heavy cramps, and heavy bleeding. Never in my life has a period been so hard. I wanted to try again for a baby because this all was so unexpected. I have read online about people getting pregnant right away and hoped to be one. But now I truely understand why doctors tell you to wait at least 3 months.
Avatar n tn I feel fine not weak or dizzy. I don't have any clots just straight bleeding. Does anyone know if this is normal? Oh, this is also my first period since I had my son in march.
Avatar n tn Poor you, thats an awful lot of blood! lots of women have a heavy period after childbirth and some womens heavy is light compared to another womans, but this isn't normal for you..it does take months for things to settle down gynacologically after birth. Its good that you feel ok and there are no clots, it doesn't sound like anything to worry about but very annoying!
Avatar f tn So basically I have been bleeding almost non stop since my last period until now when my next period has begun. I am now feeling extremely light headed and dizzy and have had a headache for about 3 days. Im just curious if this is serious and if I need to go to a doctor.
Avatar f tn It was quite light and usually lasted for a week. It was not very comfortable to have two period a month, so I decided to stop pills when the first period started (two weeks before the end of my pill pack). So my periods started as normal, but after three days it started bleeding abnormal. It is lasting now for 11 days and it is very heavy. I have to change my super tampon every two hours with huge clots.
Avatar n tn I've noticed I keep getting dizzy while I'm on my period! It's only my second day on it this month.
Avatar f tn Hi all I had a miscarriage in Feb. one month 3 days later I got a period...However I am experiencing cramps have headaches and was extremly dizzy last night, also having some nauseau..I'm not used to having cramps during my cycle--only before my cycle...In the back of my head It seems like another miscarriage.. Any one experienced this?
Avatar m tn please help!! I got my period friday and it was extremly heavy, way heavier than normal. It lasted all day and then by friday night it was brown and almost gone, saturday morning it was pinkish/brown hardly even there and I havent had it since and its monday. Normally my periods last about 4-5 days. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negadive... i was going to wait a few days and take it again because I didnt do it in the morning, and im thinking it might be to early to tell?
Avatar f tn He said my blood pressure dropped 10 points from laying to sitting and another 10 points from sitting to standing and he thought it was because of my heavy period and said that it should go away when the period stops. He did a CBC to check for anemia The next morning, I woke up and hadn't even lifted my head off the pillow and had the worst pain in my head, like it was going to explode. This went off/on all day. The doctor called yesterday and said the blood work was fine.
Avatar m tn I normally have not-super-heavy periods anyway, so this is only a little lighter than a period. I had super bad cramps for awhile today. I don't think this is implantation bleeding, because I've had that before, and this is definitely more blood. I just don't understand... Why would I be bleeding approx. 8DPO? Could I just have not ovulated and be having an anovulatory bleed? I was super dizzy the first half of today...
Avatar m tn Know that any time you begin a different hormone contraceptive, that there is an 'adjustment' phase. You can have no period, heavy period, light period and/or spotting. Unless it is truly unbearable, I'd give it a couple of cycles to see what 'normal' begins to look like while communicating with your mom the entire time. Her input is valuable here and mom's are meant to help us with this kind of thing. I think they want you to have iron and hence, the discussion of eating meat.
1837563 tn?1339907400 Thank you for replying! I can relate to the sick during the period part, my period is starting today, and ugh!! I got this nasty headache with dizziness...tomorrow is when it starts heavy!
689370 tn?1237847747 Since my first radiation I feel light headed and dizzy and feel a slight pressure on my chest that makes if feel 'heavy'. This happens immiately after the treatment and slowly goes away within an hour or two. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn Is this a side effect of clomid? Everytime I stand up I get dizzy. And my period is usually only 5 days. Any insight would be helpful. Oh, and I did get food poisening on the 18th of may.Should I call the md?
Avatar n tn I called my triage nurses line because I have been having these like hot flashes at work when all of a sudden I feel like I'm going to faint I see spots and get really hot, nauseas and dizzy. I run to the bathroom because I think I'll throw up and I just sit there for a minute and it just goes away. I'm on my feet all day but when it happens I'm not working really hard. They told me to come in for an appointment asap and if it happens again go to the e.r.? I scheduled one for the morning.
Avatar n tn Colleen my periods are similar to yours and ive started to note down when I had a period and the flow (whether it was heavy or not). It's good to keep a record. Sounds like you and me are in the same boat and we are going through perimenopause. The lead up to Menopause! I've also started to be extra kind to myself like getting at least 8 hours sleep, walking and eating much better than i was. Believe it or not, it does help you cope with mood swings and life in general.
Avatar f tn I am 23 years old and have been binge drinking for 10 years now, 6 months ago I started having these attacks after drinking..I started having these attacks where I would be dizzy and light headed like I am going to pass out < it happens to me in the worse places, planes, Trains , Underground tubes .. It seems to be the worse when I am drinking.
Avatar m tn first i thought its just a normal period but it has been 7 day and my bleeding is just extremely heavy.. i have to wake up at night to change my pad and a super plus tampon last only for an hour,.. i am 23 and i run college track... i am not able to practice because of all this.. i went to see our doctor and she told me to double up on bc pills and wait till bleeding stops.. and it hasn't stopped yet its been 4 days on double pill.. flow is still heavy..
Avatar n tn what may be causing this? and is this abnormal or just normally heavy period? I'm 41, by the way.
1718214 tn?1309043093 I am not in as much pain as a miscarriage would cause, but just a little back and abdominal discomfort as if it were my period. The same day the bleeding started (yesterday), I was abnormally fatigued, hot, dizzy and short of breath while simply standing up doing my make up but not in any pain what so ever, then about 5 hours later I had a little normal discharge followed by a small amount of blood.
Avatar n tn Hello.I stopped BC pills on Nov 6 2005 the Sunday during my period. Since have gotten periods, but not always same time. Longest was 6 and 3/4 weeks apart, shortest was 4 weeks and 2 days apart (which was last "normal" period-got on June 27). They usually last 3-5 days since stopped pills. I believe I was ovulating on 7/12.Had unprotected sex on 7/13. About a week later I was feeling slight cramping in my lower abdomen and slightly bloated like I couldn't hold in my stomach.
1433698 tn?1283457161 I dont blame you for wondering, it's confusing! When we were ttc there was a month that I swore I had implantation bleeding (light pink blood when wiped) but then sadly enough AF showed up a few days later. Maybe the heavy flow WAS your period but it was just an "off" month? Just a thought. Regardless I would retest in a few days and I hope you get the result that you want!
Avatar m tn after i smoked the hash oil, i started feeling extremely dizzy, nauseated, heavy breathing, and vomiting what im pretty sure was blood. at first i vomited normal yellowish collored vomit, then i began wretching hard, and eventually it was just saliva and blood, or at least thats what it looked like. i really thought i was going to die, and i have no idea why i didnt find a way to get to the hospital immediately. i left the room so none of my friends know about me vomiting blood.
Avatar n tn Helloo, Right I Was Due To Come on my period the begining on april and i had the symptoms of being pregnant but the other day i had quite i bit of pinkish blood in my pants and then later on in the day it got really light and then stayed as little spots of blood, it carried on for 2 days and whilst that was happening i felt great, but my normal period is really bad i suffer with bad stomach cramps and cant hardly walk and is very heavy when im on my period.
Avatar n tn However, lately I have been getting headaches along with dizziness after heavy cardio exercise, and they are becoming more common and increasing in intensity. After exercise, I will see bright spots in my eyes (if I close them), and headaches on the side and above my eyes. Furthermore I become very sensitive to light and my vision will get blurry. I also feel dizziness and loses attention easily, but this seems to get better if I constantly eat something.
Avatar n tn it started off as brownish discharge then it turned into a really light period and got heavier. My normal period is really heavy but this time it is aot lighter. i have been really sleepy latly whish isnt normal for me. and i go to the bathroom every few minutes. Could i be pregnant and having implantation bleeding?