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Avatar n tn Now, October, i have lots of discharge, stomach pain, a light sore throat at times, and an oh so light spotting slightly before my period. And it hurts if he goes too deep sometimes. Also, I get a heavy pain down there the day before and the first day of my cycle. Now, we were both virgins starting off and i got tested for std's 3 times in march and april, after having sex. Im a little confused=/ i plan on getting a pap soon. could it maybe be cervicitis??
Avatar n tn Now, October, i have lots of discharge, stomach pain, a light sore throat at times, and an oh so light spotting slightly before my period. And it hurts if he goes too deep sometimes. Also, I get a heavy pain down there the day before and the first day of my cycle. Now, we were both virgins starting off and i got tested for std's 3 times in march and april, after having sex. Im a little confused=/ i plan on getting a pap soon. could it maybe be cervicitis??
Avatar f tn My advice to you would be to at least call your OBGYN and speak with a nurse about this, If they were to put you on a medication such as the one that they put me on and it does not work you could have to have many tests done. When it happened to my mother she ended having cervical cancer. I just don't think you should sit around and wait for something to get better when it could be something getting worse..
2042830 tn?1333869167 Other causes could be polycystic ovarian syndrome, diseases of pituitary gland, hormonal imbalance of estrogen and progesterone and uterine abnormalities like fibroid and cervical dysplasia. However endometrial cancer can present before the age of 40 and can present with bleeding from the vagina, including bleeding between periods or spotting/bleeding after menopause, long, heavy, or frequent episodes of vaginal bleeding and severe pelvic cramping.
Avatar n tn I have been going to the doctors for quite some time now with pain which seems like very heavy period pains. i feel like i am bleeding inside but there is no blood, my periods are iregular, sometimes very light other times very heavy. intercourse is very painful and sometimes in bleed afterwards, i have been tested for any stds all (-) which i knew they would be .
Avatar n tn And I had my tubes tied after the last one. Am I too young for pre-menopausal symptoms? Could this be a sign of cervical cancer? Could this be symptoms of a prolapse? I have lots of questions...just hoping someone can help. Thank you so much!
1383543 tn?1279375537 You should talk to your mom about getting some over the counter medicine for your cramps like Midol. You say "constant bleeding", but I'm not sure how long you are talking about. Periods normally last from 3-6 days and should happen every 28-32 days-ish, but every woman is a little different. You can also try a heating pad for cramps. Exercise helps too, even just stretching or some yoga.
Avatar n tn Also, I've recently started having nightsweats, and bleeding after intercourse. I've been reading and it seems a lot like progressed cervical cancer and I'm kind of freaking out. Is this what it sounds like? Or could these symptoms be indicative of a non-cancerous condition? I plan on going to a doctor as soon as possible, but it would help to find other things to give my mind a rest off of cancer. Thank you, in advance, for any advice or help you can offer.
Avatar n tn i hurd as well that because of this its easyer to get cervical cancer and i just wanted to know if thats at all true and possible?
Avatar n tn Hi! I have heavy bleeding during sex on ocassion. The sex is not "rough" nor is it near time for my period. Sometimes there is a sharp pain deep inside during sex. I also have lower abdominal pains and indigestion a lot lately. My family doc couldn't find anything wrong. Thyroid is fine. My gyno did pap (normal), uterine biopsy (normal) and put a chemical on my cervix which he said would stop the bleeding. I had a baby two years ago, this has been happening ever since.
Avatar f tn Now, last Wednesday I when I had my pap, I didn't know it, but my period had started. Since then, my period has been very heavy. I usually have only 5 days. I am still bleeding / spotting and it's still very bright red. Is this normal? During this time, I also have noticed I am extremely tired, I have gained 8 lbs.
2125255 tn?1335207624 Unfortunately, the bloodloss I suffer during my normal periods, while not Menorrhagia-level, has created severe exhaustion and pain to begin with, and with no recent changes to my medication or pills I found that I've had a couple of eight day heavy periods that would abruptly end, and precisely a week after the end date another similarly heavy period would start. There have been a couple instances of large clots that also make appearances.
Avatar n tn I am a 37 year old woman with 2 kids, I have recently started having sex with a partner that's larger than my previous, not long after we start I begin to bleed like starting my period,heavy, I also bleed when I run/jog. I have always had female problems and was told I'd never have kids, I also feel like I have been kicked in the stomach by a horse after sex. Any thoughts?
1995361 tn?1327128289 Honestly I think the heavy, ridiculously long period might be "normal." I know of several women who experienced a very horrible type of period after not having one for several months. Not pleasant obviously, but shouldn't be dangerous. It's more concerning the amount of pain you're in. Is there any possibility that you're having a miscarriage? Have you had sex since November? But my mom once told me that her early (before 3 month) miscarriages were EXTREMELY painful and nauseating.
Avatar f tn It has been very heavy and she is also passing clots. What could this be? She has always had heavy periods but they have never lasted this long - with no let up yet.
Avatar f tn my sister got cervical cancer at 24, my mom at 28. HPV isn't the only cause of cancer so even if she is a virgin, isn't sexually active, or has had the HPV vaccine it's vital to get regular check ups. If cervical cancer is caught early enough it's possible to just remove the cancerous cells and leave the rest of the cervix and uterus intact, allowing a women to still be able to carry a baby.
Avatar n tn As another poster said you could have a problem with your cervix. I am going through treatments right now for cervical cancer and that was my warning sign. Not to scare you at all, but you need to find out what is going on. Good luck.
504411 tn?1224990488 The first was normal. Second one came a few days after the first left and the third period was so heavy I went through 3 18 pack boxes of Super Plus Kotex tampons. There were also clots. I was having to change the tampons every hour. Now, it is May 10 and I started this next months period again. It is extremely heavy, just like the third period last month and I have even larger clots.
Avatar f tn First let me say I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 18 in 1990.The docs said it was so bad I was born with it and it was altered from the norm, mutated.It required me to have 4 surgeries. Those surgeries removed neck muscle. I mention this as Ive been in constant spasm at least since 1994, if not longer. Ive had neck problems documented since 1994 theyve progressed and I am in constant severe pain. With development of always tingling both hands-thumb, pointer & middle finger.
Avatar n tn The discharge started as soon as i started walking out of the hospital and a few days later had a very heavy period (which came on time) Am back to just having yellow-ish, smelly discharge. Thinking of getting antibiotics in case of an infection. Good luck ladies and keep sharing!
Avatar n tn I suggest that you see a doctor as soon as possible. You must see a doctor to slow down the bleeding. If you cannot reach your doctor--go to the nearest emergency room.
Avatar m tn I’m sorry your wife has had to go through this and you along with your wife. The entire area of Paps, HPV and cervical cancer can be confusing. The Pap is a great test but it does have its limitations, there are false positives and false negatives—that is the reason a yearly test was good because over time abnormalities were found (cervical cancer is usually slow growing over 10-15 yrs or more). Now the guidelines have been changed to Pap testing every 2-3 years for the same reason.
Avatar f tn I suffer from this too! I'm constantly worrying and I'm taking tablets for it. I have just experienced a small amount of spotting in between periods (probably down to all the stress or the tablets I'm taking) but of course I think I have cervical cancer! I'm only 20 and have been suffering for about 5 weeks but I've "had" a brain tumour, MS, spinal cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer. I hate being like this and hope with tablets and therapy that I'll be normal again one day!
Avatar f tn I recently had a hysteroscopy/d&c for cervical stenosis. i havent had a period for over a year. I was pregnant last year and had a miscarriage. After 2 d&c to remove tissues from pregnancy. I never got a period. It took them a long time to diagnose stenosis! Sheesh! Now Its been almost 2 weeks since surgery. the Dr put in a catheter in my cervix to keep it from closing up again. I go back in a few days to have it removed.
Avatar f tn So in May when I had my regular period I was having 3 days cramps prior to my period and then period was heavy but got over within 4 days. Now within 10 days after my period I started bleeding again and went to see my OB/GYN who asked me take pills to stop my bleeding.Today is the 3 rd day I started taking pills and bleeding stopped but when I wipe I see some black discharge or pinking discharge. I also have lower back pain and my GP says this is due to my tender back.
Avatar f tn Both were extremely painful. Uterine and cervical cancer run in my family very strong with most having hystorectomy, LEEP or endometrial abrasion done. My question is: my biopsy came back benign on both tests. I want a hystorectomy. My guy oncologists nurse have put me in on the 16th of April for the surgery. I will meet with my doc on 8th to discuss everything. Am I jumping the gun or making the wrong choice?
Avatar n tn I took a pregnancy test two days before my period and it came back negative. Then when i got my period, it was heavy. Could i still be prego?
Avatar n tn I had the Novasure procedure done 5/9/12 after having 2 months of a very heavy non-stop period. I am 47 years old. The doctor gave me 1 valium, 1 vicodin and a shot of tordal in the butt. I was still pretty anxious and nervous. She also gave me 4 shots of lydocane in the cervix, which were very painful. Then the actual novasure procedure was 90 seconds. Recovery was uncomfortable moreso on the day after - when I felt like I was having back labor and nothing I took relieved it.
Avatar f tn The doctor did a Pap smear test on her and told her that she didn't have cancer. But from what I understand, Pap tests are for cervical cancer, not ovarian. The doctor still didn't think that what she was describing was normal, so she had my mom do a mammogram (I don't get how it's related), and today she got a letter saying that there was something in the exam that called for further evaluation and that she should get more tests done.