Heavy period can i still be pregnant

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520191 tn?1355639002 you need to go to the Dr. a lot of the time heavy period can be a miscarriage but sometimes its not. The only way toknow will be a blood test or u/s.
Avatar n tn Yes you can. Sometimes women will bleed almost like a normal flow the first month.
Avatar f tn I so wanted to be pregnant. After 33 days of late period, I had cramps on day 32 and 33 on day 34 i had cramps like period pains and then what seems like my period came for days heavy, it was light on day one then deep red at day 2-3, i'm currently on day 4 very mild all most like spotting. Before that i was sure i was pregnant altho I had 3 negative test.
Avatar n tn I doubt you would be pregnant if all of the tests are coming back negative and you had a heavy period. Its probably the result of coming off of birth control. That can cause your cycles to be irregular with breakthrough bleeding (possibly the bleeding you had in early august). Also, most of the symptoms of pregnancy are very similar to AF symptoms, so the aches and pains you were getting could have just been a sign that your period was on its way.
Avatar f tn 5 days later I got my period, red, heavy flow. Now I've read that you could still get your period and be pregnant, i'm not sure if that's true. But my stomach has been feeling a bit weird. Bubbly I would describe it as. Cramp like. I have been stressing about it for a few days now, I have thought stress is causing this but I'm not sure. I will take a pregnancy test but I'm not sure when would be the best time. I also feel my heartbeat in my stomach, I read it's because of High blood pressure.
Avatar f tn ok thank you and im still hoping that i can be though.
Avatar n tn I was waiting to see how this month went and I'm all confused. Should I still take a test to see if I am? Or am I still pregnant and not knowing it?
Avatar f tn Started my period on 15 Dec & had unprotected sex on 26 Dec, the very same day I spotted &started having pregnancy symptoms. Everyone was convinced I was pregnant especially with the trips I did to the toilet, cravings, sensitive nose & tender nipples. I did 5 pregnancy tests which were all negative &i thought it was because it was before I missed my period, then to my shock on the 12 January I got my periods. Periods came after day 29 and usually they come after 24-26 days.
Avatar f tn You'd have to go back to your doctor to find out.
Avatar f tn YOu could still be pregnant. I have read that there are people that still get periods while they are pregnant. I would take another home pregnancy test though to see if you are still pregnant. It could be that you miscarried. You could also go see the doctor.
Avatar n tn I cannot bring myself to test again, as I do not think I can deal with the upset again. I could even be almost 2 months pregnant and not know it!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP OR GIVE SUGGESTIONS AS TO WHAT TO DO!!!!
Avatar f tn I am on day 2 and still heavy. Can being heavy on my period under theses circumstances mean anything? maybe pregnant? or just hormone changes? Like I said i haven't been this heavy in a while.
Avatar m tn I've been reading around a little bit and i guess that implantation bleeding can be heavy. But im just wondering if it could be implantation bleeding or an early period. I have mild cramps and i and become pretty tired out of no where. But, i have no other symptoms. If anyone could help that would be appreciated! Thank You!
Avatar n tn We have been trying for 7 years and well still hoping. I got a heavy period last week with severe pain. Clinic told me to take a home pregnancy test anyway. I did so yesterday and it came back positive. Is it possible that I am pregnant??? Best of luck to all trying to conceive. My thoughts and hopes are with you.
Avatar n tn can i be 5 weeks pregnant and still have a heavy flow the first months,..i was 2 days late and had a very very faint line on my hpt and now i have a heavy flow ,,i am so confuse i thought i was pregnant i have some of the symptoms,headaches,dizzy,sleepy tired,,pain on my breast especially when im sleep,urinating often, bloated,sometimes cramps,i gain weight.i had 2 very faint hpt and 4 negative hpt.im so confuse can some one explain if you can..
Avatar f tn i have a very heavy period, and it will be six weeks after i delivered my still born baby on may 7th, is it ok? the bleeding did not stopped since monday and did not even get lighter. do i wioll have my period next month in the same time, so i will conceive this month or what?
Avatar n tn I went and purchase a pregnancy test and I took it came back negative and that same day my period came on but I was following heavy for one day so do this mean i can still be pregnant and I just took the pregnancy test too early.
1178497 tn?1264174597 im still a virgin but my bf came on me , 3days later my period came, itz been exactly 1month now and i have been feeling dizzy,sleepy &i threw up once.. could i still get pregnant even of my period came???
Avatar n tn If you were on your period, I doubt you are pregnant. Once your period starts you usually ovulate 14 days from then (if your cycles are 28 days) could be a little less or a little more, just depends. but I really don't think you can get pregnant.
Avatar n tn Typically you don't bleed (especially heavy) when pregnant. How long have you been on birth control and do you take it properly. It's possible it could just be the hormones in the pill giving you side effects. You can take a pregnancy test two weeks from your last sexual encounter. Unless you want to conceive, be sure to use protection until your back on the pill and at least a week or so after starting it again.
Avatar f tn I had unprotexted sex the day I started my period and he ejaculated in me WITHOUT a condom. I had a heavy flow during the 5 days ofmmy period. Can I be pregnant? i'm very scared.. i'm only 17.
Avatar f tn Then on the 6th day it got heavy wit clots I used a pad to soak it up this lasted 3 days. I had no cramps at all. I always get cramps with my period. I also had sex during ovulation (unprotected) should I take a test? Has this happened to anyone?
Avatar f tn ok well now i'm really confused cause i got my period. I'm wondering why i would spot for 5 days before i get my period. is there still a chance that i can be pregnant even though i got my period. i've never had spotting like this before.
Avatar f tn I even fainted two days ago. I also have to go to the bathroom much more often than usual. Can I be pregnant? What are other causes for one day periods like these? I took a pregnancy test last month but it was negative.
3165258 tn?1343925863 was your period heavy or light? Did you test with fmu?