Heavy period can i still be pregnant

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Avatar f tn I so wanted to be pregnant. After 33 days of late period, I had cramps on day 32 and 33 on day 34 i had cramps like period pains and then what seems like my period came for days heavy, it was light on day one then deep red at day 2-3, i'm currently on day 4 very mild all most like spotting. Before that i was sure i was pregnant altho I had 3 negative test.
Avatar f tn m afraid the water dripped to my vagina when I washed it away with water but I already had my period it was 2 days late but It was heavy and lasted for almost 5 days it had a lot of clotting. Can i still be pregnant?
Avatar f tn My boyfriend and i had intercourse. We used a condom, and he did not ejaculate. 5 days later I got my period, red, heavy flow. Now I've read that you could still get your period and be pregnant, i'm not sure if that's true. But my stomach has been feeling a bit weird. Bubbly I would describe it as. Cramp like. I have been stressing about it for a few days now, I have thought stress is causing this but I'm not sure.
Avatar f tn I have been having sore breasts for the last two weeks. Urinating a lot and so I thought I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test early on Monday and it came out negative. Then on Wednesday I started having a really bad headache on one side of my head. The left side. And I thought sleeping it out would make it better, which is always the case for me when I have one, but not this time. It's Friday and I still have the headache.
1178497 tn?1264170997 im still a virgin but my bf came on me , 3days later my period came, itz been exactly 1month now and i have been feeling dizzy,sleepy &i threw up once.. could i still get pregnant even of my period came???
Avatar n tn m all confused. Should I still take a test to see if I am? Or am I still pregnant and not knowing it?
Avatar f tn Started my period on 15 Dec & had unprotected sex on 26 Dec, the very same day I spotted &started having pregnancy symptoms. Everyone was convinced I was pregnant especially with the trips I did to the toilet, cravings, sensitive nose & tender nipples. I did 5 pregnancy tests which were all negative &i thought it was because it was before I missed my period, then to my shock on the 12 January I got my periods. Periods came after day 29 and usually they come after 24-26 days.
Avatar n tn It could be implantation bleeding. If it gets heavy then i would assume you werent pregnant. If you did a test and it was neg but still feel you might be do one later..my positive took 10 days to apper.
Avatar f tn You'd have to go back to your doctor to find out.
Avatar n tn Typically you don't bleed (especially heavy) when pregnant. How long have you been on birth control and do you take it properly. It's possible it could just be the hormones in the pill giving you side effects. You can take a pregnancy test two weeks from your last sexual encounter. Unless you want to conceive, be sure to use protection until your back on the pill and at least a week or so after starting it again.
Avatar f tn Though there was no penetration i have the fear that i may be pregnant. This is because i have irregular periods and my last period was 27th January and till date i have no periods. I have done about 8 pregnancy test using the home kit from Feb to May and they always come negative yet i do not know why i feel i am pregnant. Can one get pregnant through heavy petting where the penis is close to the vagina and yet no insertion? If yes, how long will it take to tell if i am pregnant?
3165258 tn?1343922263 was your period heavy or light? Did you test with fmu?
1779643 tn?1314569965 may i be pregnant? i have my tubes tie and i have symptoms have a pregancy : i have a little nausea not alot, i sleep alot, i eat alot , i feel my stomach big and heavy, i feel my legs heavy, but the weird thing is that i still get my period. can some one help me!!!!!!!!!! i have 16 years old with my tubes burned. will i be able to be pregnant?
Avatar f tn so I was on my period a week ago and now I started to bleed again but its really heavy and I am not usually a heavy bleeder.. I don't know whats going on and its freaking me out.. can someone please help me??
877372 tn?1326816560 Also intercourse can cause you to spot when pregnant. I know with my daughter for the first few weeks I cold nt have sex. So I would deff say to take a test tho because the symtpoms you are describing are deff those that you experience with early pregnancy! keep us posted! Good luck hun !
389774 tn?1306441672 i had sex on 12/25 unprotected also but since bleeding in january happened i know i cant be pregnant. can anyone help me?
Avatar f tn I never said it was cool to get pregnant, I was meaning that Times changed and are still changing so its alot of pressure to say no..
Avatar f tn If you got your period than it is very unlikely. People can bleed during pregnancy but it is never their period. However if you think you might still be pregnant get a test and see what it says since it should be accurate by now.
Avatar f tn So, I had sex the 8th of March and the next day took a plan b, then the 12th had unprotected sex again, 1day or 2days after I started my period it was heavy and normal,can I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn you start your CD cycle day from the first day of your period. SO around CD 12-20 depending on YOU is when most woman ovulate and when they are fertile. Sperm can live up to 5 days inside you if you have good cervical mucus, like egg whites, and the egg releases it only lives for 24 hours. So if it was light spotting it sounds like your O or ovulation time. Which you should take 4 days prior and one day after to being your fertile time! For this month that is!
Avatar f tn I had my last period on the 23 of october it was suppose to come on again on the 27th of November but didn't.I took a hpt on the 30th of November it came out negative,( my husband and i are trying to have another child). I got my period on the third of Dec.
Avatar f tn Okay so I want to know if anyone may know if I am pregant or not. In April I had my period for about 3 days when it is usually 7-8 days. Then a week later I had brown spotting for a day or two. Last month my period was a little over a week late and then I had a SUPER light period for 4 days. My periods always last about a week and are very heavy. So I don't know if I can be pregnant or not. Someone please help, it will be much appreciated!